Friday, July 3, 2015

Happy Independence Day!

Happy Independence Day, Dear Friends! 

This is the day we celebrate 
what freedom means to all of us
here in America! 

Except for our beloved Native Americans, 
most Americans can trace their 
ancestry to those seeking freedom
and sanctuary from all over the world. 

In honor of our country's freedoms, 
I have added five patriotic 
touches here and there. 

Come inside......

My Dear Father made the 'Watermelon Man' 

The cherries are Washington State grown. 

When Ramblin' Man and I were newly married,
we rented a tiny cottage in the middle of a cherry orchard
in the Willamette Valley of Oregon. 

It was a magical place, not only in the springtime
when the cherry trees were in bloom, 
but also when the cherries were ripe. 

The farmer gave us one tree to harvest
in exchange for watching the orchard. 

This little tree had the most 
delicious cherries we have ever tasted,
before or since. 

We began our family in that little cottage
and every time I buy cherries, 
we are reminded of that special time
in our lives. 

Craft store flags in a galvanized bucket
of baby's breath make the 3rd patriotic scene.

The grain sack pillows 
have red stripes. 

Step out onto the deck and I will show 
you my 'Kitchen Garden'
decorated for the 4th. 

Here some 'kitchen' drawers
have been planted with sweet alyssum
and red verbena. 

These are heat lovers. 
It has been dangerously hot
and dry here in Washington State, 
and we are under constant fire watch. 

We have had no measurable rain
since early May and it has 
been in the 90's all week. 

We will be staying home on 
the holiday to keep watch 
on our pets and home,
so I wanted to make things festive. 

Our own private celebration :)

I painted all the pots with exterior 
porch paint one hot afternoon :)

My baker's rack has a blue enamel 
teakettle planter. 
I used it on my stove until 
a large, heavy herb jar fell onto it 
from a shelf above and left a big round chip! 

Oh, I was upset, 
as I loved that chubby teakettle - 
 it was a gift
from my daughter.

But I can continue to enjoy
this kettle's portly charms in 
my 'kitchen garden'. 

The octagonal window 
illuminates the stair landing inside. 

Both the plant stand and cast iron
medallion were found at 
a local vintage market a few years ago. 

Patriotic flowers in red, white, 

And blue. 

I planted 'Crystal Blue' lobelia 
in a blue ceramic pot. 

My basket of miniature roses 
provides a few fireworks! 

The cheery red verbena reminds 
 me of fireworks, too! 

These are newly planted, so 
 are not in full bloom yet, 
but when they are, I will 
give you a peek! 

As long as I keep these well-watered, 
they don't seem to mind the heat. 

When the sweet alyssum are in full
bloom, the air will be filled
with their honey scent. 

I have one more patriotic scene to show you. 

Let's step down off the deck
and around to the side of the house.....

Here it is shady and cool and 
I can grow impatiens on the 
ledge below the living room window. 

The pots become wonderfully mossy
here after a few years. 

I love red flowers against our chocolate
colored house. 

We can see these bright beauties from 
inside, too! 

I thought they would look so festive
with a few little flags. 

The Mr. has taken a few days 
off from his rambling ways, so 
we are going to enjoy a simple

I hope you all have a wonderful 4th, 
my friends! 


  1. Happy 4th July, looks like you are celebrating in style.

  2. Happy 4th july, and a stay-cation is a nice way to celebrate it! I love your pot plant display, it looks really lovely!

  3. Hello, what a lovely home. The decorations and plants are beautiful. Our weather is the opposite of yours here on the east coast. We are having cooler temps and rain. Have a happy 4th of July weekend!

  4. Everything looks so beautiful. Especially love the drawers used as planters. And the watermelon man made by your dad. I sure hope there won't be any fires and that some showers will come your way. It's always hot here (currently 122 degrees, and no chance of rain at all until winter time arrives at the end of the year. Have a good staycation.

  5. Love the painted pots -such a pretty color with the bright flowers! I hope you get some cooling rain soon. We have had too much here in IN. Happy 4th to you and your hubby!

  6. A very stylish staycation your décor is a real delight. Hope you have a wonderful celebration.

  7. It's all so pretty. Have a sweet staycation.


  8. Happy 4th July. Your decorations look beautiful. Joan at

  9. Happy Independence Day, my friend! I enjoyed my tour both inside and outside your home, with all your patriotic touches. I loved hearing the memory of the cherry tree and the cottage when you first came to Washington. Enjoy your staycation with you sweetheart.

  10. Karen, everything looks so festive around your home and deck with red, white, and blue. I didn't put many decorations out this year cause I didn't find any cute ones in the stores at all. Love your flowered pots on the side of the house. Hope you and your husband have a nice Fourth of July at home tonight. We usually go up on the hill and watch the fireworks later in the evening.

    Enjoy the day!


  11. Hi Karen and A Very Happy Fourth of July to you! What a great post, lovely memories and wonderfully decorated for this special day.

  12. Dearest Karen,
    Happy ending of your 4th of July! Sounds like you had a very peaceful and quiet but meaningful day with fond memories of loved ones.
    We had potluck lunch with friends at their home near the rive and got so lucky for pulling it off before the heavy thunder with rain started. Our flags got soaked... but it was a great day.
    Sending you hugs and lots of joy with your beautiful plants and outdoors. Happy Staycation together!

  13. My sweet friend, your home is such a beautiful place and your red, white, and blue adds such lovely charm :)

    I hope you had a blessed 4th of July, dear Karen. Big hugs to you!

  14. Go USA! I hope your holiday was great and there is rain somewhere in your future. I love you kitchen garden, practical but oh so pretty!

  15. Lovely pictures decoration about independance day,wish you a happy independance day.greeting from Belgium

  16. Your independence day decorations are wonderful and your garden looks lovely. Hope you had a wonderful day:)

  17. Have a wonderful 'stay-cation' Karen ~ Oh your porch flowers in tin pots look so beautiful ... I would also stay at home in the summer and spent vacation enjoying the flowers and the growth, and the amazing view!
    Your story on your small cottage house with cherries is lovely ... Blessings to you & yours,

  18. Karen, your grand children are going to have such wonderful memories of grandma's house. They will LOVE going to visit your place!
    As we all do.
    :) m & jb

  19. Dear Karen, your are always creating a very lovely atmosphere in your home. Hope you had a wonderful day!
    All my best

  20. Dear Karen, hope you had a happy 4th July!!

  21. Hope you had a nice 4th of July. Your home looks so inviting and your outdoor bakers rack and planters are so nice. I have an old enamel teapot, blue outside. I need to get plants in it. Get out the drill and drill a few holes in it to let the water come thru. We stayed home since we were gone for hours at the rodeo the evening of 3rd. Nice to be out of the heat we are experiencing here. High 90s is too hot to be out in it very long. Have a good week!!

  22. Happy belated 4th July! I am not surprised you are having a stay cation with that beautiful view! I love your flags in the pots - so patriotic xx

  23. I love all of your patriotic touches! So pretty. I especially love the bakers rack and all of your pretty pots all matching. Love it!! And that charming ledge with all the impatiens and flags is beyond adorable. LOve love love it!!!

    Hope you get some much needed rain SOON! Patriotic blessings to you xoxo

  24. Hope you enjoyed a nice relaxing 4th, I so wish we could send you some of the rain we are getting, Your flowers look great on that stand, and how neat to have a ledge there to put your plants on to enjoy on the inside and outside of the house!

  25. I hope you had a wonderful and relaxing staycation. Thanks for sharing your patriotic decor and beautiful plants. I wish I could keep mine looking this good with the drought we're having here.

  26. Hi dear friend ,, su casa es maravillosa , sobretodo ese jardín con esas floridas macetas ,,,que tengas un buen comienzo de semana

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