Wednesday, October 26, 2016

The Last of the Flowers

Hello, friends, as October comes to an end, 
so have most of my flowers. 

All except a few hardy blooms, such as 
these winter pansies. 

A few calibrachoa are still blooming, too. 

Let's take a look around and see what else 
is blooming here at my home in the foothills
of Washington State.

We've had one of the wettest October's on record, 
but this day is full of beautiful sunshine. 

I have swept the deck of fallen leaves.......

An everyday task this time of year. 

I try not to think of the leaves I need to rake on the ground! 

My two helpers, Whitey Bear and Kai. 

Every breeze sends the wind-chimes 
singing and brings the leaves falling down. 

But for now, the sun is shining and the air is still. 

It does get cool at night now, but not 
enough for frost. 
Daytime temperatures are still mild, 
55-65 degrees. 

You can see the begonia are still blooming. 
Kai is always on alert. 

These are double begonia and I wish I bought more
of them last spring. They have been blooming 
non-stop since May. 

I will be sure to look for more next year. 

Japanese maple is losing her beautiful leaves. 

A pot of redwood sorrel sits on the rail. 

I've had this plant for many years. 
I bring it in for winter. 

Can you see the blossom?

So tiny and delicate. 

A stink bug rests on a leaf in the sunshine. 

White impatiens bloom among the chocolate mint. 

More white impatiens are blooming
on the window ledge. 

You can see the hummingbird feeder and a few 
stray leaves. The lilac has already lost her leaves. 

Just blooming away.....
You can see the skylight in my living room
through the window :)

Surprisingly the bees have been visiting the 
feeders these last few weeks, much to the dismay of 
the hummingbirds. 

I've set out extra feeders everywhere to give the birds
a better chance. 

The Anna's hummingbirds stay year-round. 
The Rufous hummingbirds have already left. 

There is one last rose blooming in the garden. 

This weekend the ceramic bird bath will be put away. 

One last Nikko blue hydrangea blooms behind. 

Nikko blue turns lovely colors this time of year. 

I gather the beautiful blooms for baskets and vases. 

Hydrangea and crab-apple by the birdbath. 

One last foxglove :)

I've finished sweeping the deck for now. 

White alyssum, and bacopa still bloom on 
the old baker's rack. 

The fairies have packed up and left their pan garden. 

The pineapple sage is ready for harvest. 
I was hoping it would bloom, but the growing season
is not long enough. 

Beautiful fall colors. 

Mt. Rainier is hidden in the mountain clouds. 

Viburnum turns a rosy hue. 

Winter Pansies wait to be potted. 

Happy little faces. 

Just waiting for me to find time. 

 The hydrangea gathered for my table :)

Kai waits by the door. 
There's a cat on the other side. 
They like to play together. 

Ling Ling ready for play......

Time to sweep the deck again! 

I hope you enjoyed visiting my flowers, 
dear friends! 


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  1. You still have wondrous beauty in your garden and beyond. The changing of the guard so to speak as fall quietly turns to winter. Lovely!

  2. I always enjoy your pics, It's amazing how we can share images from countries so distant.
    Thanks a lot


  3. Your winter pansies look lovely! But they are a no, no here! Would not survive in the snow and frost. Your two dogs are so eager garden helpers <3 Cute!

  4. Your flowers and plants in your garden are still beautiful even at this time. You have a lovely deck and a beautiful garden. Plus such beautiful view and scenery from your deck! Its wonderful to have your furry friends playing around and enjoy the cool air.

  5. The color of the leaves is wonderful!!!
    In few days I'm flying to NYC hope to find Central park with these colors!!

  6. Wow - your view is beautiful!!! I think I could just sit and gaze for hours. Nice catch of the hummingbird! I guess it's time to start thinking about being warm and cozy indoors...

  7. What a gorgeous deck you have, I love the Fall and in Maine I am doing the same stuff, just planted spring bulbs. I enjoy working outside as long as there is sun. Been blowing leave for days. Have to get them bagged up.
    You have a sweet cat and two pretty dogs. yvonne

  8. Beautiful despite the change in season, you have such amazing views.

  9. Still a lot of colour. You must be a little colder than us. Our maple is still turning colour. Love your humming birds. Such a beautiful place. . B x

  10. leaves, natures "free" decorations...i just try to enjoy them here as i would never be able to keep up!! your pansies are really beautiful, a little inspiration for me, maybe today i will go and purchase some. the hubs outed all of my vinca's!!!!

    i love your deck, it's such a beautiful spot with a spectacular view!!!

  11. What a lovely display of Fall. The view from your deck is beautiful. That must be one of your favorite spots. Lovely blooms and the photos are a treat too. :)
    xx Beca

  12. You sure do have a lot of blooms still going. Love the Hydrangea...always wanted them but they won't last through winter here. Love the view and the fall colors. Lot to enjoy from the deck.

  13. It all looks beautiful. Those leaves though, I expect you are out there every five minutes! Still it's all part of the charm and it doesn't really matter if the deck can't be seen! x

  14. Dear Karen, my friend, it looks wonderful and you still have many flowers around! Kay always is watching everything, and Ling Ling is like our cat ...hunting autumn leaves ;O)
    Wishing you a wonderful rest of the week, sending much Love and hugs and blessings, Claudia xo

  15. I enjoyed seeing your still blooming flowers Karen. You are fortunate to live in such a climate to enjoy their blooms this late in the season. Mine are done. I still have the fuchsia and geraniums to dump out and have been waiting for a warmer day than we've had so far this week. I still have a few annuals blooming. The trees are quite bare now. The views from your deck are so pretty. Have a great day!

  16. I will have to remember the double begonia's for next year. I love a flower that blooms all season, like current favorite. I need to start bringing in the garden décor and the fairies!

  17. You still have some beautiful blooms to enjoy Karen. My favourite has to be your gorgeous hydrangea. spectacular!
    Whitey Bear and Kai always look so adorable.
    Enjoy what remains of October and enjoy your week :)x

  18. Hello, lovely friend! How are you?

    It was such a joy to visit you this morning and scroll through your beautiful pictures. You live in such a charming and enchanting place. My flowers have been long gone and all the leaves have fallen to the ground...which my son loves for making leaf piles :)

    Have a glorious day! Hugs!

  19. ... The most beautiful, you mean, just because they're the last before the Winter sleep !

    Thanks most sincerely for another stunning post abot the charming place you live in, dearest Karen !

    Hope you're having a lovely day, today,
    I'm sending blessings of joy on your days to come, sweet friend

    Xx Dany

  20. All so pretty- I do envy the gorgeous view from your deck...I would love to be able to see that from mine. Instead I have a pond that is slowly going dry.:(
    Have a wonderful day!

  21. I am glad I do not have to rake leaves! Sad to say good bye but the colors of fall are gorgeous.

  22. Your hardy blooms are looking quite lovely ♥

  23. What a wonderful assortment of autumn images! I miss the colors as there is no dramatic transition from summer to autumn in Florida.

  24. Dear Karen,

    Your last blooms before winter are so special and you really appreciate seeing them put on a pretty show. Pansies are one of my favourites and I too love their happy smiling faces.
    Also love the autumn leaves and they can be a lot of work raking and clearing them up.
    Hope you are enjoying the week

  25. Your home and gardens are really beautiful, Karen.

  26. The seasons come and the seasons go ... we enjoy the many colours, and look forward to the next.
    I always think winter pansies look so cheerful.

    Enjoy the remainder of your week, I have a feeling there will be yet more leaves to rake up - it's that time of year!

    All the best Jan

  27. What a beautiful post about flowers, Karen. I do believe that flowers are the magic in our lives. That Japanese maple is so pretty. And I always wondered why they are called impatiens, as they look like delicate, lovely, and patient flowers haha. It must be a sight for you to see the amazing hummingbirds. And the red rose made my night, thank you. Roses are such sturdy flowers that withstand the harshest of weather.

    Love that little sun wind chime. :)


  28. Yes I can feel a bit sad when I see all my summerflowers, well its time to throw them away now and say welcome to fall (and soon winter!!)
    Beautiful pictures you show us...
    Warm hug from Titti

  29. well said such hard blooms thorough the winter keep the eyes joint with spring 's smile sprinkling over the golden heart of fall

  30. Beautiful colours Karen...
    Are you bringing your Begonia in for the Winter?
    I bring a couple in...they do quite well...
    Love your delicate and happy...
    Thanks for all your lovely comments about my Sons wedding...
    Enjoy your day...wet and windy here...
    Linda :o)

    1. Hi Linda, always love when you stop by! I will have to try saving them - thanks for the tip! We are finally getting a break in the rain today. Hugs xo Karen

    2. Good luck!
      Are you on Instagram?
      Look me up if you are.....
      Happy weekend!

  31. Karen it looks to me as if you still have so much color around your house, and your flowers are still so beautiful! Soon though, winter will come

  32. The fall colors are looking fantastic, love the double begonia's I have not seen them around here. Your maple is such a pretty color, looks great on your deck, sounds like those leaves keep you quite busy this time of year. Our wind chime out on our deck has been really ringing here the last few days, it is so pretty to listen too. Our hummingbirds have gone for this season, I sure miss watching them!

  33. Hello Karen, fall looks like such a wonderful time of year in your area where you live. Especially with the farms and the mountains. I would love to sketch a picture or do a painting! I hope you have a lovely weekend.
    Julie xo

  34. Beautiful pictures and flowers.

  35. Karen, drinking my morning coffee and taking a few minutes at the computer...I really loved this post of the end of the Fall flowers! My favorite shots were the first one and the two with the birdbath! Gorgeous! Yes, we are OR bound, at last! Well, in five 1/2 weeks! :-) So much to do! We found the most wonderful house, and it was so funny...I wanted more square footage so every time I saw that house listed on Zillow I would go "Oh I love where this house is sitting...too bad it isn't big enough!" But it kept popping up. Houses we were interested in would get snatched away almost immediately, but I kept seeing this house listed as available. It did disappear for about a month but came back. Finally, I opened it up and looked at it. No, the square footage was not what we wanted BUT we were grabbed by the fact that it has over an acre, and an amazing deck, as well as the two car garage which was necessary. I started feeling like we could make this house work. We found out that someone almost bought it during that four months, but backed out because they wanted to put an underground something where some water lines were, and that wasn't going to work for them. That's why it had disappeared & then come back. I realize now God kept saying "Here it you go!" and I kept ignoring it. Yet, when we decided we wanted this house, another one we had bid on before (and our bid wasn't accepted) suddenly was being offered at a cheaper price and we could have said, "Ok, now they will take our bid" but I realized I didn't really want that other house, I wanted THIS house. That's when I knew God had been trying to tell us that all along! :-) It's 50 minutes from our kids and in an amazing community with a knock-it-out-of-the-ballpark HOA (so many amenities!) The house is small, but wonderful and we will put in a storage shed, and have other plans. I can't wait to sit on my deck and watch the sun come up! And it's very close (though on a ridge, so above it) to the Deschutes River. I am very excited.

    Renting was never an option by the way, because we need a house-to-house move. I can't lift and move boxes and need the boxes to all be unloaded into the rooms they go in for unpacking. Had our stuff gone into storage, everything would get jumbled up and it would be a mess moving in. This move is going to be pretty hard on us because of our physical limitations but thankfully our daughter will fly back to help us drive the cars there, and we will have professionals drive the truck. Can't wait! Just wish it wasn't going to be winter when we drive up, but that can't be helped. Maybe we will have good weather. Keep us in your prayers!

    Thanks for all your encouraging words! Have an awesome week!

    1. Hi Marie, so glad to get this happy message! Yes, I do believe you were certainly prompted to take a closer look at this house. Sometimes we need that little push from above :) I love smaller houses, myself, especially now that I am getting older. Houses take a lot of work.......So glad that you will have some land to enjoy, too. There is nothing like having your very own little piece of Heaven here on Earth to call your own. My children like to vacation in the area where you will be living. They took a river raft trip down the Deschutes a couple of years ago, and no - they didn't tell me until afterwards! Same thing when they went sky-diving. I suppose it's better not to know some things - :) I am so happy for you and also that your daughter will be helping and that you will be close to her and your grandson. Sending you prayers for a safe journey, my friend. Hugs and blessings xx Karen

  36. Oh, you still have such beautiful flowers !!
    I admire your wonderful terrace !!

  37. You have so many fall flowers even now. I love those happy winter pansies, and was sad to see my pansies finally finished. Your cute pups look quite content to sit out on that deck and enjoy time outdoors with you. You have such pretty planters for all your potted plants, and I really like those drawers. That view gets me every time you share it here on your blog. I could be happy on your deck through all the seasons ;)

  38. Dearest Karen,
    What a lovely Birthday posting this was!
    Enjoy your deck and the beautiful garden with its fall colors.

  39. Hi Karen, it's so sad to see the flowers go away for another year but you do have some beautiful ones remaining still. I could hear your wind chimes as you spoke about them, I love that sound. I love your cat's name, how cute! We had some bees in the hummingbird feeder a few days ago, I have yet to put them away for the winter. I hope you have a wonderful weekend, Kelly.

  40. October flowers are appreciated so much because we know they won't last long and will soon disappear into a duller landscape. You have lots of pretty summer remnants in your garden yet. I really like your blue ceramic birdbath.

  41. Your garden is beautiful, even in October. I'm quite partial to petunias and yours are lovely.

  42. Lovely images....they say it all!
    Happy November!


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