Tuesday, April 16, 2013

My Own Little World

Sometimes when the world gets too crazy, I retreat to my sewing room. 

This is my quiet refuge from the cares of the world. 

A world of my own, where I can create to my heart's desire. 

This small room used to be the bedroom of my two Dear Daughters. 

Where the morning and evening sun shines in, hidden away in it's own upstairs corner. 

A quiet room overlooking the gardens and the forest beyond. 

Where I keep treasured photographs and small collections gathered over many years. 

I discovered my love of sewing as a young girl in Home Economics class. 

My Mother bought a sewing machine and I haven't stopped sewing since. 

Always on the kitchen table, later in my own bedroom and finally, after my children grew up, my own sewing room, where the echos of my children's laughter lingers and memories are stored in these now quiet walls. 

My own quiet refuge. Not that my life is not quiet all the time, but with a husband and a house full of pets, I still need to have my own little space, off limits to dirty paws and coffee spilling spouses. 

Surrounded by Victorian Art of children with ponies (my former life), and with the large kitchen table where I  served all of our family meals converted to a craft table, I am happy as a singing bird. 

Here I have fabric all laid out, ready for pattern placement and cutting. 

Can you see Ling Ling taking a nap on the back of the futon? 

She keeps me company so I allow her to stay. 

This is what I am sewing, a new bathrobe and drawstring pajamas
made from discount sheets used for yard goods. 

I have selected this vintage pattern to use as my pajama top. 

I love to collect vintage patterns. 

They can be adapted and repurposed in interesting ways. 

I take time to finish the seams with pinking shears to keep the fabric from fraying. 

And finally after days of cutting and sewing, here is my finished robe. 

Made with lovely patterned sheets. 

And coordinating pajamas, also made with sheets. 

Drawstring waist and floaty top. That spells comfort to me. 

Perfectly coordinated and displayed on my Painted Vintage Hanger.

I am pleased with the results, so am inspired to make another set of pajamas from these discount Rose patterned, Rachel Ashwell - Shabby Chic sheets. 

Do you have a special activity and place to escape from the cares of the world? 

I want to take this moment to thank you, Dear Friends for stopping by my little corner of the world and for your Dear Friendship. 

I wish you sweet blessings. 



  1. You are an artist, Karen. My mother also sew very well but unfortunately this is not one of my skills.

    Marina from Jerez

  2. Dearest Karen, you let us entry in your private room , your own space and I feel like I know you since time ago. I'm truly impressed with your talent in sewing! I don't believe you can make so beautiful pajamas by yourself! Incredible ! I used to embroider but now I have no patience and no time. Thank you for sharing and kisses from me !

  3. Karen, you always have a calming presence to your posts. I love your "retreat" room and oh my, your new robe and pj's are so lovely....Who would ever have thought discount sheets....they look more like a high end lingerie shop...

    I do have a room I retreat to and I call it my studio...I love doing so many different kinds of handwork that it is filled to the brim with yarn, fiber, spinning wheel, sewing machine, and I will end there. Yours is so neat, I am feeling the urge to clean mine. I really need to get rid of lots of stuff but just don't like taking the time to do so....

    I hope you have a wonderful week...

  4. I can't believe you made all that out of sheets! You really are talented with the sewing machine. I've always wanted to learn how to sew; it seems like such a lost art.

    To escape the cares of the world, I go outside in the woods. That always clears my mind. Then I spend some time with my animals and all is well :)

  5. Karen, I second Marina - you are an artist! Those are beautiful creations. Where did you find the sheets? I love your sewing room. I'd love to have such a room myself - perhaps someday. I also love how close you are to those gorgeous evergreen trees. You must feel like a bird in its nest up there!

  6. my office is also my drawing room and also where i take most of my bird photos from. it doubles as a guest room if i have family visiting.

    i LOVE the robe. i need a robe like that! :)

  7. Where do I begin! That sewing room is simply wonderful!!! It looks like you are in a tree house with all of the gorgeous views of the forest. I'm glad you now have your own place for your passion. I want my girls to learn how to sew. I am not very good but was always interested in sewing as my grandmother was very good at it. Our machine broke when I was in middle school so I never got further than pillows! Ha maybe my beans and I can learn together! The fact that you can make such an outstanding robe and pajamas is inspiration to me! Great work....and you made them out of sheets!! Awesome!!!!!

  8. Oh, even your sewing room is pretty and clever, mine is just a room full of storage and work things - nothing fancy and certainly no photos and pretties - I do love your room so much. The robe and pajamas came out wonderfully.

    When I want to retreat I like to go to the ocean - and when I can't retreat away from home - I choose my new deck. Even though it is in the front yard, we are surrounded with trees on three sides and very little traffic - so it is lovely and peaceful. I also like to spend time in my piano room - such peace in there.

  9. Wow! Absolutely amazing talent and such a beautiful room. You are so lucky to have such a place to retreat to that contains so many fantastic memories and somewhere to create. A gorgeous post my lovely. Take care. Chel x

  10. What a lovely room to be able to disappear to. And wonderful robe and pajamas. What talents you have, my dear. So enjoy seeing your special place.

  11. Hello Karen,

    This post really touching my heart! And you're room is one of my dreams. 13 years ago my mom stopped sewing when both my parents become parents for the orphans. I just found myself like my mom that sewing is a passion and last week she decided to get sewing again, and we both checking the old sewing machine.

    She said that she allowsme to have sewing class after graduate. Yes!!! I'm so excited :) and plan to have little corner for the sewing studio.

    Thanks for sharing and inspiring me.

  12. Beautiful room and you are one talented lady! Those jammies look so comfy. :)

  13. Good evening, Karen! Reading your post, I mused about my dear, late mother who was a very talented seamstress -as are you. A beautiful result is all in the details, isn't it? Thank you for this lovely post. xxoo, m

  14. The robe and PJ's look so comfy. I always admire people who can sew. Unfortunately my experience in Home Economics did not produce any sewing skills.

  15. Dearest Karen,
    Lovely post and you show us such a perfect robe and pajamas!
    Since I've been paralyzed I have not done much of sewing any more. That used to get done in the laundry room where I have my table and the sewing machines set up. I still use them for mending things, right away as they get out of the laundry; if needed.
    My office is a room for my writing and working on my photos. Downstairs living room is my room for scanning old slides... Kitchen is another room where I love to bake; after supper when the house is quiet and Pieter has gone to bed with his NOOK. Or else the garden is a quiet escape.
    It is good for having a place where we can do whatever we love to do!
    You are a very talented lady and you manage to live frugal, surrounding yourself with pretty things. Ling Ling is spoiled but she is a beauty! Her photo is right next to this comment box...
    Hugs to you,

    PS my Amaretti cookies have cooled down enough by now...

  16. Hello Karen.
    Nice pictures you show. Nice to have a place you can call "their own."
    Nice to be able to sew on the machine - unfortunately nothing I can. Wish you a good Wednesday :) Hugs Hanne Bente

  17. It's nice to have a place to retreat to isn't it? I like retreating to the woods for a little alone time with nature when the world gets too crazy.

  18. Oh Karen, your sewing room is so dreamy...I can see why you like to retreat there :) And your robe and pajamas are beautiful! You did an amazing job.

    Hugs to you,

  19. You are so gifted-- right now I am busy learning more about photography and sketching - now my sketching has taken a back seat to long I'll be doing some more that soon.. I LOVE the Rob and PJ's style and color too..Mighty fine job --

  20. What a lovely room. And how great that you can sew so well. I have never learned to sew properly. I'm not sure I would have the patience to make clothing anyway. You did a wonderful job on the robe and pjs.

    I like to read books and magazines, but mostly (unfortunately) I tend to watch movies after the kids go to bed. By then I've lost my ability to focus. ;)

  21. Those jammies look so comfortable - and pretty! I love to sew, but I am not very good at it. To unwind, I usually knit or crochet. I seem to do better when there is no machine involved! <3

  22. Somehow I missed this wonderful post of yours. What a sweet sewing room! It looks so cozy and relaxing. I like that you chose some vintage fabric and a vintage pattern to make your sleep set. I haven't done any garment sewing in years. I used to own a sewing and alterations business and got quite sick of it:) But I think this summer I may try making a blouse. I've seen some cute patterns on the web.
    Have a great weekend, Cindy

  23. Oh, Karen, what a lovely refuge from the cares of this world! It's a beautiful sewing room, with windows looking out on your gorgeous place! And the pjs and robe are just perfect and so creative being made from the old sheets!


Thank you for stopping by! Your comments are important to me and are very much appreciated. xx Karen

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