Thursday, April 18, 2013

A Lovely Drive

Recently we took a rainy day drive. 

Sometimes when life gets the best of you, it is nice to just start the ignition and escape. 

Even if it is only to tour the countryside. 

So come along with me and we will take a little ramble.

The fields are very lush and green now. 

And very wet. 

This is a large cattle farm. 

The cattle must be staying dry inside one of those very large barns. 

This time of year, the fields get fertilized with a putrid mix of fish fertilizer. 

It is not unusual to see flocks of sea-gulls lured by the scent. 

The rest of us keep the windows rolled up! 

As we come into a hilly area, we find this charming little farm. 

Here we see cattle and sheep grazing.

And one black sheep! My kind of fellow!  

You can see that some of the trees are starting to leaf out. 

This little forest consists of tall Cottonwood, Western Red Cedar, and the smaller Alder trees, still bare. 

We take a turn and come across this small former mill pond, complete with pump. 

The faucet looks new, so I suspect it must be used for something. 

To fill Fire Tanker Trucks, maybe? 

Many rural properties are not on water lines and rely on wells. 

When a fire hits, Tanker Trucks are the only reliable source of water. 

Further along we come to a Christmas Tree Farm. 

This area was once filled with such farms. 

But the popularity of artificial trees has caused them to dwindle, although there are still a few left. 

We cross the road and come upon this beautiful barn. 

Once a large dairy farm, now an event destination. 

You can see tables being set up in back. 

Due to the traffic (yes, traffic!) I could not get a better shot, and raindrops have blurred my lens. 

I love the green roof and shutters. 

The whole farm was fenced in with this gorgeous fence along large trees. This is a Silver Fir, one of the largest growing trees in the Pacific North West.

This beautiful river runs alongside the farm. 

Many large farms that once housed Dairy Cows, now are used in other ways, such as pumpkin farms, herb farms, flower farms, event destinations and even breweries. 

There is a burgeoning business in Artisan Beer on this side of the Cascade Mountains and Wineries on the Eastern Side of the State where it is hot and dry. 

It is wonderful to see these noble old farms preserved for future generations and used in creative ways. 

We leave the hills behind and come back into the open fields. 

This farm boasts a fancy boat next to it's barnyard! 

Here is another charming little barn. 

We have a very large Scandinavian population here and the style of these barns reflects that heritage. 

Happy little hens scratching in a lush barnyard. 

A pair of matching Llamas patiently waiting out the rains showers. 

A Magnificent Big Leaf Maple, just starting to leaf out, overlooks lush farmland. 

Another former Dairy Farm converted to a Pumpkin Farm. 

Every fall these fields are filled with pumpkins and corn mazes and many families having a wonderful time. 

In the summer the farm hosts a Medieval Fair. 

 We pass the beautiful farm and get a lovely surprise - a double rainbow! 

Our reward for braving the rain. 

Further along as we head for home, we pass these Miniature Donkeys - Mascots of a local Equine Veterinarian Clinic. 

Is there anything cuter than a Miniature Donkey? 

We drive through our little town and pass the Historical Society Museum. 

In the summer, these flower boxes are filled with lovely cascading flowers. 

Across the street we have a beautiful building to host weddings and other special events. 

Once an antique shop where I bought many pieces of furniture that I still have. 

The 'city' bought it a few years ago and restored it into the lovely building it is now. 

But we must leave the little town behind and head back home. 

The rain is coming down hard and we have chores to do. 

We climb our mountain road and we see Roosevelt Elk crossing ahead of us. 

A mother and her calf. 

The rest of the herd hides in the forest until we pass. 

We get almost home until I spy some Skunk Cabbage in this little wetlands. 

Stop the truck! 

I must get a picture! 

I carefully make my way trying not to step on the wild flowers....

And my foot gets caught on a vine and down I go! 

Luckily the ground was soft, and also very wet. I am soaked, but my camera is dry, held up high as I land on my knees. 

My foot scratched and bleeding from the thorny vine, 

but I am triumphant! 

I have a blurry shot of Skunk Cabbage! 

I turn and look and The Mr. is laughing so hard it makes me mad. 

No laughing! You Skunk! 


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I want to take this moment to thank you Dear Friends for your sweet and kind Condolences for Champ's benefactress, Joy. 

And for your wonderful stories of how you escape from the cares of the world. 

Your comments are better than anything I could write and they are what makes this blog what it is. 

A place to share friendship and thoughts. 

Thank you for being there! 



  1. beautiful countryside. nice fences!

  2. Hey you!!! I missed your last post so I have to jump back. As for getting away and your beautiful drive I am so in need of that right now. Preserving those gorgeous barns is so heart warming. I love that they have turned them into something new!!! Your part of the world is awesome!!!

  3. Definitely a lovely drive! My favorites are the chickens (of course) and llamas :) And the Christmas tree farm is neat! Too bad there aren't more of them.

  4. What a beautiful drive. I enjoyed the farms, the barns, the animals. All of it. Thanks for sharing.

  5. What a pretty drive - definitely a nice way to spend a rainy afternoon! I love that double rainbow, too - that must be good luck or something like that, right?

  6. Karen, What a beautiful drive. So much to see close to home for you. Look at that rainbow!!!! And, personally, I love the picture of the fence in all its dark soaked beauty. I can see your hubby laughing in the car....wait till the next time HE gets hit in the head with a frying pan-we'll see who's laughing then! xo Diana

  7. I enjoyed your country drive, it fun to see the countryside of another country without the plane trip. Men they always laugh when we fall over then they are concerned if we are hurt as a second thought. Lovely barns.

  8. Lovely country you live in - even on a rainy day.

  9. Oh what beautiful country-side to wander in and admire all that abounds in your area. I'm sorry, I giggled too at your telling of the skunk cabbage!!

  10. Great scenes that you captured! Beautiful countryside!

  11. Thanks for taking us along on your lovely drive. You live in such a beautiful part of the country! Love the double rainbow! Laughing at you trying to get the picture of the Skunk Cabbage.

  12. Dearest Karen,
    Interesting ride with you again... The fish fertilizer makes sense as there must be plenty in your area. Those elks crossing the road was a bonus (at least for us; you might get used to it...) and the skunk cabbage was something else. Your husband is just MEAN by laughing his head off. But he probably could not help himself and we ALL would have done the same if it was him going down the very same way.
    Lovely area!

  13. You are truly blessed to live in such an area. What amazing beauty you see on your drives. :)

  14. Awww...look at the cute Llamas :) Your drives are always delightful and I love the way you capture things. Sorry to hear about your fall and scratched foot, but so glad you felt triumphant in the end :) Have a great weekend!


  15. My internet has been down then my lap top crashed == thank goodness we had a PC software guy working here as one our team members for this resort and he had me up and running in two three day - it was a bad bad crash too lost a few things so I've had to do some looking to find you again - now you are in my address book -- now I need to check back on the post I've missed.. Can't miss your post they bring to much joy in my life..

  16. Even in the rain this was a lovely drive!
    I really like the red barns with all their details and the dairy ones as well.
    Llamas and elk all on the same drive - pretty neat.

    So sorry to hear about the loss of your dear friend.

  17. A very lovely drive! Thanks for taking us along and showing us a part of your world. Cindy

  18. What an amazing many wonderful things to see and enjoy! How great the area re-uses older building to new purpose! Love the way the farmyards, barns and buildings look. And the moose! Sorry you fell, getting that picture! But, is that yellow thing the skunk cabbage? I've never known what one you can tell your hubby this was an important educational post!

  19. I miss the vastness of Canada and I get some that feel in your photos, although I know it is US. Love all the animal photos in this post. Llamas are very cute. Have a great weekend, Karen.

  20. Even on a rainy day the countryside around your looks beautiful!

    Happy weekend Karen,

    Madelief x

  21. Love your drives! They are always so pretty! Love the red barn, big silo, and rainbow the most!

  22. What a beautiful drive on a rainy day and all the wonderful things you saw; gorgeous barns, wonderful animals and even a laugh but the rainbow topped it off......

    I am so sorry about your friend. I have been away and had read the post so I will go and read it now.....


  23. Beautiful photos, you do wonders with the camera back home.
    I love it here!
    A big kiss and beautiful week for you!


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