Tuesday, March 5, 2019

Wearin' O' the Green

Hello, Dear Friends, can you believe it is already March?
Here in Washington State, we are having
clear, but cold weather, with a mournful wind
that kicks up as the sun sets,
reminding us that Old Man Winter is in no hurry
to pack his bags and head south.

Soon, it will be spring, (I keep telling myself)
so to celebrate the coming change in seasons
and to honor my Irish roots for St. Patrick's Day,
I have given my kitchen a happy little make-over. 
A bit of Wearin' O' the Green!

I've unpacked my green depression glass
and a few other sweet treasures,
in anticipation of spring. 
And shamrocks for St. Patrick's Day.
The teacup and saucer were a recent birthday gift
from a dear one. 

Vintage potholders and green canning jars
always make me smile :)
I found the needlework, years ago,
at a flea market with my dear Mom.
I miss those happy times together, but the
message reminds me to bless each new day.

I have a collection of vintage aprons in different colors
to match my many decorating moods.
This one has sweet embroidery on the pockets
and hemline and hangs on my pantry door,
waiting for the next baking session. 
Speaking of baking.....I was
mixing some streusel for an apple cake,
when all of a sudden, I heard a loud 'Pop!'
and the streusel went flying!
 The pastry blender broke!
The dogs and I played duck and cover.....
I've never found the little bolt
that popped off, but I did hear it hit the wall. 
Things like that always seem to happen to me :)

I sewed a sweet curtain for my kitchen window
 out of 3 dish towels and some rick-rack. 

I found these shamrock mugs last year.

I have four - two for each side of my shelves. 

The stove shelves are Wearin' the Green, too.
The potholders and green teapot were
gifts from dear loved ones.
I found the green enamel refrigerator dishes
years ago. The sweet painting was a flea-market find. 

The vintage potholder/doily has crocheted
flowers all around.
So much work went into this humble
little kitchen accessory!
I love the Art Nouveau style of the vase
that I found at a flea market two years ago.

My painted and stenciled kitchen cart
shows off Depression era bowls
and a flour sifter.
If only they could talk.......
My parents were born during the Great Depression
 and told me amazing stories
of how they all survived.
Their struggles, and those of my Irish/Scots
ancestors, endear them to my heart.
I appreciate the sacrifices and obstacles
they had to overcome to give
their children and descendants a
better life.
Now that I am older and have studied the
history of my Scots/Irish ancestors, I realize how many
hurdles they had to overcome.

I made some pillows for my kitchen daybed
 to match my kitchen window.
Dish toweling is so nice to work with.
It's already hemmed and the fabric has a
nice, homespun weave.
I found the 'Irish Crochet' pillows at my
favorite thrifty store. 

A sweet Irish scene.

A thrift store 'painting' and flowers in a
vintage coffee can bring in the green.
The doily is a pot-holder :)

My captured gnome waits for spring
on my green enamel-top table.
I keep a basket for my garden gloves,
twine and clippers, here by the door
to the deck.
The sweet garden theme tea-towels were
a gift from a dear friend who is also the co-grandmother
of our 3 little grandsons. 
Printed are 'Tools of the trade', 'Going out shoes'
and 'Plants are my buds' :)

Kai waits for me to come outside.
The day warms up nicely in the sunshine,
but as soon as the sun sets, it becomes
frigid once more.

Whitey prefers the comfort of his cushy bed.
(Which you can't see under all his thick fur!
He likes to sleep with his head hanging off :)
He's my sweet old boy.

I set up an impromptu potting station
and planted some 'glacier' pansies
in painted clay pots.
I used exterior porch paint on the pots,
and they have weathered through a couple of years
so far. I put them on a plant stand
that I can see from my living room. 

The sunsets have been beautiful on 
sherbet covered Mt. Rainier. 

Sunshine is a rare commodity here in 
the Pacific Northwest this time of year, 
so I am enjoying every sunny day. 

Today I am sharing with:
Let's Add Sprinkles: Keep in Touch

Keep In Touch Tuesday LInk Party

Thank you for visiting, Dear Friends. 
I always enjoy your company. 
And thank you so much for your wonderful,
interesting comments on my last post. 
I so wish we could all gather together 
with our books over a nice cup of tea. 
We are all certainly kindred spirits. 

Wearin' O' the Green

O Paddy dear, and did ye hear the news that's goin' round?
The shamrock is by law forbid to grow on Irish ground!
No more Saint Patrick's Day we'll keep, his color can't be seen
For there's a cruel law ag'in the Wearin' o' the Green."
I met with Napper Tandy, and he took me by the hand
And he said, "How's poor old Ireland, and how does she stand?"
"She's the most distressful country that ever yet was seen
For they're hanging men and women there for the Wearin' o' the Green."
"So if the color we must wear be England's cruel red
Let it remind us of the blood that Irishmen have shed
And pull the shamrock from your hat, and throw it on the sod
But never fear, 'twill take root there, though underfoot 'tis trod.
When laws can stop the blades of grass from growin' as they grow
And when the leaves in summer-time their color dare not show
Then I will change the color too I wear in my caubeen
But till that day, please God, I'll stick to the Wearin' o' the Green.


  1. it is wonderful to know your heritage. Yes your ancestors had to endure so much. The quality of light is changing in your photos... and all the green is a welcome respite from the brown, mixed with tall snow I see daily here. Your pups are as cozy as your home. Lovely vistas everywhere you look. LeeAnna

  2. Wow you certainly have a lovely collection of green don't you, I love the crocheted and embroidery items you have, and love your collection of hand me downs from family. Lovely work on the curtains and your pillows. The sunsets are always gorgeous when they have pretty pinks in them!

  3. Your beautifully decorated home has been an inspiration to me once again.

    Those sunset pics at the end and especially the last one are just stunning.

    Happy March ~ FlowerLady

  4. Hi Karen! I love seeing how you change up your colors for the season or holiday. I'm thinking this may be my favorite! Your special touches add such warmth and character to your home. That thrift store painting takes me away to Ireland, when my late beloved and I visited. Of course I love your mountain photos....ahhhh the beauty out your window. Thanks for sharing. 💚☘️💚

  5. Wonderful pictures and post Karen, yes it is snowing here. Really when will it end, I am so ready for a nice warm Spring day. I laughed about the pastry blend, I had that same thing happen a few years ago. One side just snapped off while I was using it.

    Stay warm

    Hugs Diane

  6. Hello Karen I've been catching up on your posts, I see I've missed a couple while you've been stuck in the snow. I loved your photos of the dog's in the snow and the Apple muffin recipe. Good job you have all those books to keep you entertained while your husband is so busy working and the weather is bad. Luckily Spring has arrived here although it's still a bit chilly but the flowers are out and looking cheerful. Your house looks quite different when it's decorated in green, a refreshing change to mark the season. Have fun x

  7. Hello! I just wanted to say hi! I found your blog with Susan Branch (you left a message with a link to you blog)...I think I'll seat confortably at the end of the day and will read as much as a I can of your blog, because I really do like what I'm seeing!
    Have a lovely day!
    Christel Johanna

  8. Good job you and the dogs survived. How was the streusel? hopefully the apple cake got baked! haha.
    Green and white always look so fresh, your sewing is wonderful and add a pop of daffodils and you certainly look already for Spring!
    Happy days!
    Wren x

  9. Hello, I like all your greens, lovely decorations! Your apple cake sounds yummy. Love your sweet pups. The mountain view and sky are beautiful. Wishing you an early Happy St. Patrick's Day! Enjoy your day!

  10. Karen, I love your collections. And your green depression glass along with all your other touches of green looks so fresh and springy!

  11. Karen,
    This post took my breath away!!! I LOVE your collection of green depression glass!! And all the other green accents that you have added to your home!! Not only does it scream St. Patrick's Day but it also screams Spring!!! Everything looks so fresh and so charming as always!! Those photos of the mountain are simply astounding!!! Thanks so much for stopping by!! I am getting a bit tired of the snow but it helps that I do not have to drive to work in it anymore....

  12. Karen, I am so happy to see you have a bit of sunshine! The dogs must be so happy to bask in its warmth!! I love all your green depression glass items. So beautiful. You must sit on your lovely daybed and just sigh with contentment! xo

  13. Well, I was all happy and smiley looking at your beautiful green depression glass and other wonderful green decor and thinking it couldn't get any better. Then I saw the sunset on the mountain.Overwhelmed with its beauty.

    Thank you so much for coming over to my blog. You do leave some of the most wonderful comments!

  14. Hello Karen! The fresh Irish green makes spring even happier. :)
    Love everything green in your home and the cute dogs and your flowers and the sunshine...
    Have a lovely weekend! xx

  15. Delicate and beautiful decoration. Green is such a soft and calm color that it reminds us that spring is coming.
    Your house is wonderful.
    Thank you so much for celebrating my daughter's birthday with me.
    A tight hug
    Divagar Sobre Tudo um Pouco

  16. Love all your green glass...quite a collection!
    We are snowbound here in a Southern Ontario....after our nice month in Florida...
    Visit from granddaughter #2 today...cute as a button💕
    Enjoy the rest of your weekend...

  17. I love all the bright fresh green Karen! I have Irish heritage too - but don’t know as much about it as the other side of my family (Polish - with a little Russian & Czech on that side). But I know from dna tests on my mom’s side we have a fair amount of Irish & that my great grandparents came from Wales.
    You do each season so beautifully. You have the sweetest coziest kitchen always. And I’m absolutely dreaming of digging in the dirt while still being buried under snow here. ::sigh:: Yes, spring will come ;) Blessings & top ‘o the mornin to ye! Xoxo

  18. Hello Karen, it was delightful to see your new kitchen with its charming green trimmings. You've paid a beautiful tribute to your heritage. It's really sweet to see the curtains you made out of the kitchen towels, don't they add such a pretty touch to the window. Flowers in the coffee cannister and those doilies. So lovely to see what you've done for this season - I'm always in awe when I see what you've shared.
    It must've been an awful shock when that bolt came away! It sounds as though it didn't, fortunately, shatter anything or you would've have noticed, so that was something.
    Cheers now, have a really great week :D) xx

  19. The depression glass looks so pretty! Mt. Rainier looks majestic.

  20. It's nice to see all the green lovelies on your kitchen hutch, Karen. You have so many pretty things....the cups, tea pot, pot holders, canning jars. And the depression glass is gorgeous. The apple cake sounds Yummy with a cup of coffee, as it's still cold here, but seeing signs of Spring. Your deck looks so charming with those purple pansies. The sunset is beautiful on Mount Rainier with its pink and purple colors. Your dog sure looks comfy lying there soaking in the sun. Spring will be there soon, Karen. Enjoy! And Happy St. Patrick's Day. How wonderful to have Irish roots. : )


  21. How pretty and welcoming your home looks. I love all the details, the green accents and the new kitchen curtain. Wish I could come over for tea and conversation.

  22. 'Wearin' of the Green' was in the old Golden Book of Songs which was a constant on my mother's piano when I was learning to play.
    I love the freshness of your spring green touches--reminding me that somewhere in the current muddle I have a small collection of green-handled vintage kitchen tools. Perhaps I should find a spot to display them.
    My attempts to stitch ric-rac in place have always been frustrating--it wants to wiggle out of place!

  23. I do like all your greens, lovely photographs you've shared and the ones showing the sunsets on Mt. Rainier are gorgeous.

    Happy Spring Wishes.

    All the best Jan

  24. Hi!Your home is absolutely beautiful...Your post always makes me happy!Wonderful greens!Hugs!

  25. I felt sure I had commented on this lovely post …
    I enjoyed all of your photographs especially the beautiful sunsets on Mt. Rainier.

    Enjoy these last few days of March.
    My good wishes.

    All the best Jan

  26. Wonderful flowers. Green is very beautiful colour. Have a happy week. Hugs.

  27. I am a little late with the reading of your beautiful post singing a sweet Irish song...somehow I missed the notification. Not to worry, I have finally strolled through your beautiful home drinking in all the pretty vignettes. I did smile at the pretty vase of Daffodils sitting next to the pretty curtain. How glorious your home is, being warmed by the warm springtime sun.

  28. Just ran across your blog. It is beautiful. Love the green..and your kitchen is so sweet and warm. Especially love your kitchen sofa..looks so cozy, and your unique coffee table. Your furbabies and the mountain view are beautiful. Yes..you are blessed. Thank you for sharing..lovely blog.

  29. I am enchanted with your adorable and cozy home in green!!!Such fabulous details...Wonderful green glass collection,beautiful crocheted pillows,pretty curtains and apron,lovely pot-holders,everything is so charming and inspiring(I begun a crocheted pot-holder collection,only two at the moment!LOL!)...I just love visiting your treasured home,always make me smile!Have a blessed Sunday,dear Karen!P.S.I also love that cross stitch framed "Glory in each morning",so cute.


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