Monday, April 6, 2015

A Family Celebration

Hello, Dear Friends, I finally have 
a bit of free time after my week of 
being the 'Domestic Diva' for spring cleaning,
and 'Hostess with the Mostess'
for Easter Dinner. 

I think I have 'The Mostess' aches and pains, 
because today I am resting with my 
heating pad plastered on my back! 

I love celebrating the holidays, though, 
and this lovely holiday of spring's resurrection 
is particularly special. 

I hope all of you who celebrate Easter had a 
very blessed day. 

So come inside, won't you?  

My little cottage has no entry vestibule, 
you open the door and there you are! 

You can see the treadle sewing machine
where I am sitting right now. 

It doubles as a sewing machine/desk. 
Yes, I still sew with it when I want 
to spend time with my Mr. in the evenings. 

I found these little watering cans
and thought they would make 
great Easter Basket Favors. 

My antique English buffet doubles as a
serving station when I entertain. 

I love colored glass - especially blue and green.....

A view of my rose arbor. 

Some vintage glazed pots with moss, glass eggs and flowers. 

It was a beautiful, sunny day. 

Can you see Weenie Baby on the deck? 
She can go in and out through the pet door
to a small pen in the yard. 

Having the large deck expands my tiny cottage's
footprint and opens it up to the outdoors. 

There is fresh snow in the mountains
and a flush of new growth on the trees. 

Spring can be very fickle here.

I set the table for 9 of us. 

The 'raggedy' chick went home with my eldest daughter, Heather. 

She has allergies to 'real' pets, so we try to 
find 'almost real' pets for her. 

She doesn't know what she is missing....
my cat just upchucked a hairball
on a laundry basket full of newly
washed vintage linens. 

I baked these for dessert. 

They are mini-cheesecake 'nests' with toasted coconut
on top. You can find the recipe Here

On the menu:
Baked ham with apricot glaze
Rice pilaf
 Green Salad 
Broccoli in cheese sauce
Deviled Eggs 
Sweet potato/quinoa rounds for appetizers

Also, Peach nectar Mimosa's, 
wine and artisan beer. 

It was a collaborative effort 
with everyone bringing a dish. 

The family - from left - new Mother and Father to be, Erica and son Gabe, 
Jen and son Dustin, Eric and daughter Heather, 
and daughter Jennie. 

It has been a while since we have all been together - 
since Christmas - although I have seen them separately. 

I can't tell you how wonderful it was to have them all together, again. 

We also celebrated my Ramblin' Man's birthday. 

He loves having his whole family together, 
although after blowing out his candles
we hesitated to eat our cakes. :)

But not for long.....they were very good! 

I received this sweet basket as a gift. <3

One for the 'Birthday Guy', too! 

And a new hydrangea for the garden. 

Today the house is so quiet. 
Even the pets are melancholy. 
( I have 3 dogs sleeping at my feet)

But the happy memories linger. 
(And I don't have to cook tonight - 
there are leftovers :)

The dishes are washed and ready to be put away, 
the washer is sloshing about, 
and I have a day to relax until the next
celebration - a baby shower this weekend! 

I will be cooking and crafting once more....

Speaking of crafting, I remade these napkin holders...

This is what they originally looked like. 

When I can find napkin 
rings in quantity for my large family, 
I snap them up. 

These were found at my favorite vintage shop
for next to nothing and I knew I could 
make them pretty. 

So I sanded and painted and wrapped them in ribbon
and glued on pretty buttons that I had in my stash. 

I knew they would be perfect for Easter. 

The eyelet lace napkins were also a thrifty find. 

I was so excited to find 11 of them in perfect condition! 

We have had a few showers today 
but when the sun comes out it quickly 
warms up. 

My 'captured' Angel's potted azalea
bloomed for Easter. 

Pale blushing pink. 

I also found a new urn for my 'dirty' angel vignette. 
They really need a good bath! 

And my wildflower garden's new narcissus are in full bloom. 

And a little surprise - a bright red tulip! 

I remember the 'different' bulb when I was planting
last fall and wondered what it would be! 

I think red tulips are on the list for this coming fall -
won't that be pretty? 
Although...I don't know if they will survive the squirrels....

I hope you had a lovely and blessed Easter, 
my friends! 

Thank you for stopping by and sharing 
this sweet celebration with me! 


  1. Hi Karen, it looks like you had a wonderful Easter and thanks for sharing all of those lovely photos of your day! Your garden is just beautiful as is the deck! Hope you have a nice week!
    Julie xo

  2. Love that view out onto your rose garden!!! It is stunning!!!! And your home is beautifully brilliant as are those watering cans for favors! I have to check out that recipe for those mini cheesecakes....they are adorable!!! Wishing you so much fun at the shower!!! Happy week you!! Nicole xo

  3. Thank you for sharing your lovely cottage Easter with us. It's beautiful. Those mini cheesecakes look irresistible. I laughed out loud when reading about the cat...and only because I could so identify with that tale. Yet we love them. :-) Hope you have a nice week.

  4. Your cottage is so welcoming, Karen, and I know,you had a blessed Easter and a wondeful birthday for your Ramblin' Man. Your meal sounded perfect and your table so pretty. The happy faces around the table was the best!

  5. What a lovely family you have, Karen! I know just how you feel having them all together. We miss not having our oldest here for some of our gatherings:(
    Anyway your home looks so pretty for Easter and the garden is really green and springy! I hope your back is better soon. Sounds like it needs to be with more work/play to come. Take care and take lots of pics of the shower.

  6. You really made it nice with all of your special touches. You have a beautiful family....look at all of the happy faces! I'm glad you got to spend it together! Sweet hugs my friend. Enjoy your week, Diane

  7. Your Easter gathering with your dear family looked to be wonderful. Everyone is so happy in the photo, lovely.
    Everyone gobbled up your beautiful cakes!
    I always enjoy strolling through your back yard garden, it is just heavenly, Karen.
    Soon I will be out playing in our yard too. This is a year when the snow has melted much earlier than usual. Our winter was very mild, not good. We may have a very hot and dry summer.

    I trust you had a restful time off?
    Blessings, Debbie

  8. Your gathering looked lovely...a wonderful gathering of family! You put so much love into your decorations, Karen, and I know your family can feel it!
    I love the beautiful views into your yard...

  9. Dear Karen,
    it lookes, like you had a lovely and wonderful and happy Eastertime, your Eastertable looked great and you decorated with so much Love! i like this tiny wateringcans with the eatsereggs :O)
    Have a great week,
    sending Love and hugs and blessings,
    Claudia xo

  10. Dearest Karen,
    Lovely table and a happy Easter and Birthday celebration together. There often is a pay-back time for over doing certain things like thorough cleaning. But you will manage to get well soon.
    Love the sweet personal touches that you always manage to add!

  11. Dear Karen
    Thanks for the tour. Your home is very beautiful and cozy.
    Love exhibition at the the English buffet.
    It is a wonderful peek over the fence to your wildflowers
    and daffodils!

    Wishing you a great week!


  12. Belated Happy Easter!! It looks and sounds as though you had a great time! All of your decorations are so pretty. We have trouble with Mr Squirrel eating bulbs too! Hope that your back is better soon, enjoy the rest in the meantime! xx

  13. Wonderful pictures Karen xxx

  14. What a lovely post, so many gorgeous photos... Looks like you and your lovely family had a wonderful Easter! I love the idea using the cute watering cans as Easter Baskets. Your yard and house are just beautiful, lovely views.. Have a happy week ahead!

  15. Beautiful photos. It looks like your celebration with family was wonderful, and the cottage and yard look so inviting. I can't believe how green it is.

  16. You have such a beautiful view from your deck. Happy Birthday to the Ramblin' Man!

  17. Thank you, Karen for sharing your special Easter family celebration...and birthday party. Beautiful pictures!!!

  18. Dearest Karen, how beautiful your home is cozy.
    Everything is prepared so lovingly. Your children are sure
    very much like home to mom and dad and be pampered.
    Thank you for sharing these beautiful photos with us here.
    Greetings from Germany

  19. Beautiful photos of your Easter weekend. I would feel right at home in your home. It is so comfortable looking to me. I laughed out loud about what the cat did. Oh dear. Glad we don't have one. :) Your outside views are gorgeous and I can't get over all the green grass and leaves! It's very pretty there with the flowers blooming too. I hope you have a wonderful week. Blessings. Pam

  20. Oh, what a wonderful post. Filled with beauty, love and happiness! Great! The decorations, the garden, the hous! Everything is absolutely adorable.
    Nature is far futher at your place - so I also see your post as a big promise to me.
    All my best to you and yours

  21. Look´s like you have had a lovely Easter...It´s always so nice visiting your blog!
    Have a great week, take care.

  22. Thank you for sharing your wonderful home, beautiful family, and joyous celebration! So fun to get a peek!! I love the watering can favors - adorable idea. And your napkin rings so pretty - you are a crafting master!!

    Everything looks so incredibly green there. I could stare at your gardens all day as I crave green right now! Your yard in colors looks like the green I picture Ireland to hold! Lol

    How fun to anticipate the baby shower! More Spring new beginnings. Go rest up that back now and God bless. xoxo

  23. Each photo is such a treat to see. Such a beautiful home with the most marvelous decorative touches. Love the family photos and I thank you so much for sharing them. A belated Happy Birthday to the birthday boy :)

  24. Super idea with the watering cans and rings.. My...everything looked perfectO...
    Love dropping in.. Glad your children were with you and your sweetheart - and just think not to long from now you will nee a highchair for the grands... Can you put some icy-hot on those sore muscles...wink!

  25. Joli post !J'aime beaucoup venir visiter ton blog, le plaisir est bien là!
    Belle journée à toi !
    (je viens te voir de mon 4 ème blog, si tu veux viens t'y inscrire, merci!)

    Very nice post, I love to visit your blog, it's a pleasure !
    Have a nice day !
    (I just see you from my 4th blog, if you want to just register you there, thank you!)

  26. What a lovely post about your family Easter celebration!

    It is a real treat to see all of the beauty that surrounds you inside and out.

    Have a wonderful spring ~ FlowerLady

    P.S. I love the patina on your 'dirty angels'.

  27. Wow, there is so much going on here. No wonder you are on that heating pad with aches and pains. I hope where you rest takes in that view - so beautiful. I'm glad the whole family could get together. We have one on deployment in the navy and another had to work (she's a nurse.) It is hard getting everyone together at one time.

  28. What a beautiful post! I loved every inch of it as I scrolled down! So glad you visited me so that I could come here and visit you. I am a new follower! Love your cozy cottage and your style!

  29. Greetings from Virginia! This is my first visit to your lovely blog. Looks like you had a delightful Easter in every way.I envy all the outdoor green you have...pretty much everything is still brown here. But, spring cometh! Visiting from Roses of Inspiration.

  30. How wonderful to have your children all together, I know the older they get the harder that is. You have a lovely home and your table setting was beautiful! What a wonderful garden and view you have from your home to, looks so peaceful!

  31. So many beautiful details in your home. At every turn, around every corner. I loved the table. Oh my, to have one like that. Glad your children got to be with you for the Easter celebration.And, Happy belated birthday to the Ramblin' Man.

  32. Such a beautiful thing to have your children together for Easter dinner. Your menu sounds delicious.I love when there are enough leftovers to avoid cooking the next day.

  33. Karen, What fun to visit your home this morning. I enjoyed see all the nooks and crannies. Mmmm... those wooden napkin rings looks so familiar. I must have had some at one time, except they evening went to the goodwill store. Didn't think of re-crafting them -- yours look so perfect for Easter (and any whimsical tea party or baby showery).

    Wishing you a beautiful day...

  34. As always, your posts are a delight, my friend :) It looks like you had a beautiful Easter celebration with your precious loved ones. Happy belated Birthday to your Ramblin Man :)

    Your home looks so lovely and sweet for Easter and the wooden napkin rings turned out lovely! When I saw your crystal coasters I smiled.... I have the same ones or at least some that are very similar to yours.

    Thank you, dear friend, for sharing with Roses of Inspiration. Hugs to you!

  35. I enjoyed seeing your cottage all ready for spring and Easter. I'm in love with your Enlish buffet.

  36. So much beauty in this post, beginning with your lovely family. It looks like the perfect get-together. Your house is just so charming. And I'm always so impressed with your creativity. You make it sound so easy, painting and refurbishing things, but it wouldn't be for me! Happy spring, Karen, and happy belated birthday to your husband.

  37. Beautiful post and photos! You have a lovely blog. :)

  38. Love your wonderful post about your decorating and the Easter/birthday celebration at the cottage! Well, I can understand you being exhausted! :-) You did so much, and it was all wonderful! Loved the napkin rings! I didn't decorate hardly at all, and we had a brunch here after church which wasn't that hard to make, but I am still recovering! I get exhausted so easily, and also am having back issues right now. Of course, we also had the boys Monday night (like we always do so the kids can go to Foster Care class) right after and I think it was both things together that did me in. They were so cute, they were rolling around in my sandy back yard, wrestling, and then dragged all that in the house! I still haven't done the floors, though I had to vacuum the bathroom immediately and clean out the tub! :-) I am just happy they are getting along so well. It isn't easy for my grandson to share his family with his cousin now that the cousin has come to live with them...after being the only child for 13 years. There have been some adjustments all around.

    But, I digress....your photos are beautiful! Glad you are back!

  39. I meant to tell you...the first photo of your gorgeous front door took my breath away! Love that green glass!!!!


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