Wednesday, April 15, 2015

A lovely Morning

I woke up to a rosy dawn and clearing skies
after some cold and stormy days. 

Can you see the fresh snow in the mountains? 

This is what I have been looking at for days. 

Pretty dramatic....but very cold
with wind and hail. 

I had this brief glimpse of Mt. Rainier
this morning, after days of being hidden, 
 but already the clouds 
have obscured it once again. 

It's not quite warm enough to spend the day
in the garden, but I still have plenty to do 

I still have my little house guests, Peanut (shown here)
and her sister, Weenie Baby,
but there may be some developments 
with my daughter Jennie's house-hunting.

I'll keep you posted..... 

What with those two and this guy, Whitey, 
plus two cats and a cockatiel, 
daily vacuuming is a must. 

Whitey is starting to shed....
Actually, I also have to dry-mop in between! 

I love the sunbeams shining through
the windows! 

Morning is my favorite time of day. 
Each day holds new promise. 

Later, I will cook a Marinara sauce
from scratch for Ramblin' Man's

It is a favorite of his :)

My Ramblin' Man has been gone for days
but he is coming home tonight. 

I've used this time to put things in order
after my busy weeks hosting Easter
and baby shower plans. 

This wine rack was used at the shower for the punch. 
I've re-purposed it into a plant stand
by the window. 

It comes in handy for parties! 
My stone bird collection....
I found the quail at the garden show this year. 
It always takes me a few days to regroup
after parties.....
I have put off working in the gardens, 
so that is on the agenda for this week. 

Everything is blooming and growing - 
the trees are leafing out and 
the weeds are, too! 

Although there are pretty scenes everywhere....
Here Ajuga and Forget-Me-Not make 
a lovely pairing in my garden by the rose arbor. 

I have done a little sewing....
a new pillow. 

The large one is my newest addition. 

The crocheted table cloth I used was a thrifty find. 

All of these were fashioned from vintage
crochet and made into sweet pillows
by me. 

I will tend to my indoor garden today, too. 

This is tucked into the corner behind
the settee. 

I have always loved houseplants. 

Some of these plants are over 20 years old!

I love African Violets....

My sweet blog friend, Mariette, offered 
her technique for multiplying them in a comment
 on a previous post. 

Simply cut off a leaf, put it into 
potting soil,(African Violet potting soil, preferably)
hold in place with a hair pin
and cover with half of a plastic 2 liter soda bottle. 

Thank you, Mariette, I will try this! 

To keep them blooming, I use fertilizer
specifically for African Violets
and always keep them moist. 

I step outside to sweep the front entrance
and shake a few rugs. 

I bought 3 new Columbine at the market
last weekend. There is a beautiful 
garden section there and I always 
come home with something new.....

I bought the lidded tin for my pantry, 
and when loading everything, I tucked 
the Columbine into the tin for transport. 

I liked this arrangement so much, 
I think I will keep it this way! 

I guess I need to buy another tin! 

This Bleeding Heart came home with me last week! 

You can see the Bumble Bees like it! 

I do love Columbine! 

They remind me of party pinwheels! 

Well, I guess I had better get back to work - 
the washer is done, the sheets need drying, 
and the floors need attending to. 

Then I need to start that sauce....
I will be glad to see my Ramblin' Man
again. It has been very quiet here. 

Thank you, Dear Friends for stopping by today! 
I hope your day is filled with a sunbeam or two. 


'My friend is one whom I can associate with 
my choicest thoughts.'

- Thoreau -


  1. the columbine are gorgeous! i like your crocheted pillows. and the pink sky is a great way to start the day!

  2. Another lovely visit, dear Karen.
    your columbines are beautiful. They are the state flower where we live and you're not supposed to pick them. We have then all around our area where we live, probable because we are at 8,000 feet, they like it cooler.
    Bleeding hearts are one of my favorites, they are precious to look at.
    You certainly have a gorgeous garden.

    Enjoy having your Rambling man home.

    Blessings, Debbie

  3. Your gardens seem to mirror mine, maybe that is because we live in the same region of the U.S. ?

    I have been busy too getting many things done while my husband has been away. Home tonight though. A good dinner together, quiet and peaceful time reading, and tomorrow we'll garden together. God so so good to us !

    Love your blog.

  4. I always enjoy my visits to your blog, Karen...your photos are so lovely! You certainly have a green thumb...your plants and flowers are beautiful. I really love the flowers in the galvanized bucket, too...

  5. Karen, you have such an assortment of flowers in your garden. I especially love those forget-me-nots. Peanut looks so cute just sitting there on your couch. The crocheted pillow you made is lovely, and the smaller one next to it. There's that sweet little angel with the bird, I just love her. You are always busy around your home cleaning and making it a special place for your family. It's getting warmer here, so I've been outside a lot with nature, and taking in all its beauty.

    Have a splendid week, Karen.


  6. Dear Karen,
    wonderful pictures from the morning sun! So beautiful!
    I love your Columbines, they are georgeous, I have some in my little garden too :O) So sweet, you still have your little house guests with you!
    The afrivan Violets are lovely too, I had lots in my first flat and always multiplyed them, it really is very easy :O)
    Your crotchet pillow cases are wonderful!
    Thank you for another wonderful post, my dear friend!
    Wishing you a beautiful rest of the week, sending love and hugs and blessings,

  7. Oh, Karen, your home and your garden are so very beautiful... as are "your" mountains too!
    Have a lovely weekend!

  8. There's something so good about being home and watching the sun stream in !
    Your newest cushion cover is so beautiful and all those flowers are bursting with joy for spring!
    Enjoy your day!

  9. I always love the beauty in your home and garden. Looks so cozy and the signs of spring are amazing . I am loving the flowers in Texas too! Gorgeous! also what an amazing thing to be able to see the beauty of the mountain when it decides to come out. Stunning scenery!

  10. I hope you have a great time with Ramblin Man! Your indoor garden is beautiful! I don't remember seeing it before, although I expect you have shared it! Everything is looking so pretty, especially your new columbines, !! xx

  11. Dear Karen
    What a lovely post. You catch the morningliht so wonderful...

    Well done, Karen!


  12. Beautiful post dear Karen! I always love seeing your mountain...and photos of your beautiful home. It's so welcoming and warm. I know anyone that visits must feel right at home. That morning light is so pretty.

    I'm so impressed by your plants!!! I have trouble keeping 5 or 6 pretty healthy indoors. Lol I may try to work on increasing the total around here - but we'll see how the current batch continues to do.

    Hope you and your hubby have a wonderful & cozy catch up dinner. xoxo

  13. Dear Karen
    You are very lucky living in such beautiful place!
    I love your posts...I had lots of African VioleteI put them artificial light and the bloomimg was amazing!

  14. Your columbines look beautiful Karen! Hope the wind and the cold will make room again for warmer spring weather. Lovely photo's of your home too!

    Have a happy weekend!

    Madelief x

  15. I never tire of seeing Mt. Rainier :) You always capture the most beautiful images of the mountain and sky.

    Your Columbines are simply lovely, my friend! I love the colors you chose. And ALL of your pillows are stunning! You have inspired me to make some :)

    Enjoy the upcoming weekend, dear Karen. Hugs!

  16. I love the sun streaming into your home, Karen! I also love your delight in simple things, much like my own thoughts. I'm sure your Ramblin' Man was thankful to be home and to enjoy your marinara sauce.

  17. Beautiful home and love the flowers everywhere. And I thought I had a lot! Amazing that some of those are 20+ years!

  18. I have just had a lovely start to my day, reading your post which was indeed like a little ray of sunshine, your mountains are spectacular. I'm impressed with all that you do, but an absolute gasp moment was keeping a pot plant for 20 years, that's so impressive! But I won't hold you up any longer, you've got sauce to make and I've got packing to do, so bye for now!
    Wren x

  19. What a sweet post, Karen! I love seeing your home and garden. You make us feel as if we are right there visiting with you. I really like those pillows you made and it gave me the idea to do the same thing. I have some lace put away and it would be much better to actually see it:)
    Columbines are my favorite flower. They look so pretty in your tin. Have a great evening with your sweetie!

  20. Dearest Karen,
    What a lovely collection of photos and insights into your peaceful but very romantic lifestyle.
    You know how to create beauty around you and even add your own creations for doing so.
    Thanks for the mention and it surely works with African violets.
    For all those plants available in your region, I do envy you but I quite well realize that the climate here is of no use for them. How those forget-me-nots are standing TALL. Waving at me... love them and thanks for sharing yours!

  21. I am just so dang jealous over that beautiful African Violet. I bought me one, dropped it coming into the apartment and broke all the leaves off one side. But, what's left is doing nicely.

  22. Your home and gardens are just amazing and so beautiful.

  23. I just woke up this morning to a wonderful sunrise with lot's of pinks, such a wonderful pretty way to wake up. I just love the pillows you made, such a great way to repurpose, such a pretty touch.

  24. Beautiful photos, as always. Your sweet, positive attitude and lovely photos always brightens my day! I am happy to have a blogger friend like you, Karen! Enjoy your weekend!


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