Monday, May 1, 2017

Happy May Day!

Paint Monthly

Hello, Dear Friends, and Happy May Day! 

I've wandered out to the gardens to pick 
some sweet May Day baskets 
just for you! 

Painting by J. O. Banks

The white viburnum fills the whole 
room with its wonderful scent. 

The first bloom of the white camellia fills 
one whole basket! 

With forget-me-not......

And the lovely scented candy-tuft. 

A tiny basket holds periwinkle. 

When I was a little girl, I would walk two miles 
with my younger sister to a little gift shop
 to buy presents for our Mother. 

The gift shop was run by a sweet, elderly lady, 
in the front, sun-room of her little cottage.
It was filled with figurines, tiny vases, and flowery teacups - 
just the sort of shop a young girl would love. 

The long driveway was bordered by large mulberry
trees. Under the trees was a carpet of periwinkle. 

Painting by Charles Gregory

In springtime this was magical, with rose-colored 
mulberry blooms over a sea of blue periwinkle.

Painting by Henry J. Johnstone

To this day, I can remember how enchanted
I was, and vowed to always have periwinkle 
in my garden. 

I was grown, with children of my own, 
with my dear Mother on 
a shopping trip to a favorite antique shop,
when I found the tiny ceramic basket 
filled with periwinkle, now. 

Over the weekend, I was with my own dear Daughter, 
Heather, searching for new vintage treasures, 
and making new memories to carry on. 

I found this lovely tablecloth, which 
will always remind me of our special time together. 

Sweet, sentimental things :) 

I also filled my tiny green basket with yellow violas. 

In the language of flowers, they stand for 'thoughts'. 

Thoughts of dear memories, thoughts of loved ones, 
now gone, and thoughts of sweet friends. 

Periwinkle stands for 'early friendships'. 


"Another May new buds and flowers shall bring:
Ah! Why has happiness no second spring?"

- Charlotte Smith -

Painting by Arthur John Elsley

Wishing you sweet thoughts, lovely memories, and beautiful dreams 
in the magical month of May, Dear Friends! 


Unknown artist

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  1. What a beautiful post Karen. Thank you for joining Paint Monthly. Flowers are so special and those paintings say so much. B x

  2. Karen, I was just thinking of you before finding this post at the top of my blogroll! Thanks so much for taking the time to publish this delightful collection of photos. I am not familiar with any of the paintings but am particularly smitten with the Elsley painting with the lamb, children and flowers. I can't remember if I told you, but I linked to your post with the photo of your Salmon Berry flowers in my last post because your post helped me identify what we saw near one of our ponds :) I admire that you can identify so many flowers, and thank you for sharing them. I love the lace tablecloth you found with your daughter and you have inspired me to go dig out a lace cloth for my table for at least a little while until my granddaughters decide they want to paint at the table! xxxxxx

  3. What a beautiful, beautiful post! I love these memories of years gone by. I was filled with May Day memories this morning, too....ones of picking May flowers with my cousins in the woods. It was so wonderful. xo Diana

  4. The colours in your kitchen are so lovely for spring, Karen. So welcoming and fresh. And I would love to hang that John Elsley painting in my home. Thank you for sharing such gorgeous paintings."Happy May". xo

  5. Love the warm, beautiful atmosphere you've created for us! Wow. Everything, Karen, is super.

  6. Liebe Karen,
    das ist wieder ein ganz wundervoller Post. Mit gefällt die Mischung aus Eindrücken von Deinem gemütlichen Zuhause, die schön arangierten Blüten, Deine liebevollen Erzählungen und diese wunderschönen, stimmigen Gemälde...Alles ist so stimmungsvoll!
    Alles Liebe

  7. I love your sweet May Day baskets. What a lovely tradition, sadly gone out of vogue, but definitely worth bringing back! Your paintings add such a beautiful old-fashioned touch to your post. Happy May Day Karen! xo Deborah

  8. Love your sweet, May Day baskets. Beautiful! I also enjoyed your childhood memories.

  9. Dear Karen ... Such a sweet posting. Happy May Day ♥ Teri

  10. Your house Karen, looks just so inviting as always. I had totally forgotten about May Day. We used to make may baskets when i was a little girl and then deliver them to houses , ringing the bell and running away. such fun!

  11. dear Karen,

    Thank you for sharing your beautiful May flowers with us, each of the little posies are so very sweet.
    Love how you and your mother and now you and your daughter were able to find treasures and make special memories of your times together. These time are very precious and I have done sort of things with my Mother and now my daughter too.
    Hope you have a happy week

  12. Karen, Happy May Day! Love all your little flower arrangements. No flowers today for me. Rain & Thunder & more Rain. Perhaps tomorrow? I love "searching for new vintage treasures, and making new memories to carry on. " ♥

  13. So beautiful post..

    i'm following you..

    Will you please follow me back?

    Please visit:

    1. Hello Krishna, Thank-you for your kind comments. I am already your follower! I will put you on my blog roll so I don't miss a post :) xx Karen

  14. Happy May Day Karen! Such a lovely post!

  15. Happy May Day to you! What lovely memories of May day. Is that fritillary in one of the basket pots?

    1. Hello, Ellen, thank you for your sweet visit! Yes, but they are faux! When I saw them at the craft store, I thought they were so pretty. I really need to try planting some of these! xx Karen

  16. The chosen paintings are so lovely and pretty, so is the sepia color scheme in your photos.... Wishing you a beautiful May!

  17. Dear KAren, my dear friend, what a lovely and warm Post for saying Hello to May! Love those vintage photos ...and your flowers from the garden are wonderful!
    Wishing you a happy, lovely and joyful mayweek,
    sending Love and hugs and blessings, Claudia xoxo

  18. Mini flowers in mini vases speak volumes. Your new tablecloth is the perfect backdrop.

    Keep creating those memories with your daughters...I know I am!

    Happy May Day, Karen!

    Jane x

  19. Karen, this post is so cute, and your flowers look so delicate.

  20. Beautiful images Karen and I can just imagine the wonderful scent from your gorgeous blooms!
    On May day my mother would send me outside to bathe my face in the morning dew!
    Have a wonderful month of May :)x

  21. Thank you so much for this beautiful post....lovely flowers and paintings!

  22. Such a beautiful post, so uplifting in so many ways.

  23. Hello Karen and happy May! I love your table filled with beautiful flowers. It reminds me of when my sisters and I would pick flowers from our yard to bring to the teachers at school. Thanks for this sweet post.
    Have a wonderful week.

  24. Dear, dear Karen ~ It is always a joy to visit your sweet home. This post was filled with peace, love, beauty and gentleness. Thank you.

    Love & hugs ~ FlowerLady

  25. Thank yu!
    I miss my children being small and together we made May baskets and they rode their ponies into the countryside and put the baskets on farmers porches.

  26. Truly stunning this post of yours, darling Karen, your decorations are wonderful and the vintage touch you gave it with the paintings you've chosen makes it even much more precious !

    In the hope you've enjoyed a lovely May Day
    I'm sending blessings to you

    XOXO Dany

  27. Oh Karen, the paintings on here are wonderful, and I smiled when I saw that last one because it reminds me of my sister's kids, as she has two sons and a daughter. She lost one of her sons, so I will pass this picture on to her. Flowers are definitely the magic in our lives. I can just see the field of periwinkle you passed through. What a special story you shared when you walked two miles with your sister to buy presents for your mother. Your table cloth is lovely, and it reminds me of the table cloth my mom had on her table all those years. How nice you got to spend time with Heather this weekend.

    Happy May to you, Karen. May you have special days that fill you with joy.


  28. Lots of beautiful things here!! Love the paintings, the basket you got your mom is so adorable! Those tulips are out of this world lovely!!! Wish a lovely month of May to you!!!

  29. A lovely post.
    Sending my good wishes for a wonderful month of May.

    All the best Jan

  30. What a beautiful post, from your lovely baskets of flowers to the pretty and nostalgic paintings and quotes. You have given me a new appreciation for Periwinkle with your lovely story. It fills the whole front of my house and another patch around the back. I have always loved the flower but never picked it!

  31. This comment has been removed by the author.

  32. What a sweet tale of you walking 2 miles for presents for your Mother, that's gorgeous! I love periwinkle too and I love fresh flowers in my house. The only thing I have to work out in Thailand the water heats up so much it turns very grubby, the other day I was thinking what on earth is that horrible pong, it was my sunflowers in a vase!!!! The water they were drinking absolutely stank! I think I will just have to enjoy my flowers in the house through your blog!
    Have a great week
    Wren x

  33. I loved reading your memories of days gone by and then new ones with your Heather. The small flower-filled baskets are so dear, Karen, and I can just about smell their lovely fragrance. The paintings are soooo sweet and so perfectly interspersed throughout your post.
    Happy May to you, in your beautiful area! xx

  34. Karen, your posts and photos are always beautiful, but this is especially so! Both the sentiment and photos are wonderful. The Violas against the gorgeous green, wow. I love having things I can connect to happy memories. Thanks for sharing some of yours. :)

  35. What a wonderful, whimsical post Karen. It makes me think of my great grandma's rock garden filled with pansies. To this day, I can't look at a pansy without seeing a sweet little face in it. I love that you're making those memories with your daughter. xoxo

    ~ Wendy

  36. I love your tablecloth, that must have taken someone ages to make. It is so cold here, it doesn't feel like May. Wishing you and your family a happy May making many more memories. x

  37. I'm so late to pick up my May basket! but thank you so much. They're all lovely. Our Spring Beauties were abundant in the ditches and now they're gone. Daffodils are in full bloom. We're quite a ways behind you, I think. I enjoyed all the paintings, my favorite being the daydreaming girl by Johnstone. Your home always looks so pretty, Karen. I hope you're having a good day. It's sunny and beautiful here, so I mucked out the little garden pond, cleaned out the stream, and got it going for another season. It feels so good to work outdoors! xo

  38. Your baskets are beautiful and so unique, don't you just love how things we buy when we are with others brings back such great memories, how special to have had that with your mother and now with your daughter :) Oh how wonderful your home must smell with all the fragrance from the flowers!!

  39. This is such an endearing, sweet post Karen. Your memories and tales of your mother are so lovely to read, and it's wonderful you ar emaking memories for your daughter as well.


  40. Sweet May Day baskets and memories of special times shared. A sweetly scented basket of posies surely brightens the room!

  41. What a refreshing post. I wish I could safely use my vintage vases and pitchers for flowers--several of my cats are determined to upset bouquets and nibble on petals.

  42. Dearest Karen,
    You have created a lovely May Day post here!
    Love the white camellias and also your other spring blossoms.
    What a find that table cloth; enjoy!


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