Thursday, April 27, 2017

Inspired by a Beautiful Planner

Hello, sweet friends, I hope you are enjoying 
your week!
I've been very busy lately - babysitting
for my little 6 mos. old grandson two days a week,
(and sometimes on the weekend for either of my grandsons),
trying to get the gardens tended in between the rain showers,
and also doing a bit of spring cleaning and organizing
in between.

Clearly, I need a plan, and like magic,
help has arrived!  

I recently won a beautiful planner 
in a generous give-away from Gina,
who writes one of my favorite blogs,
 With Twigs and Branches!

I was so excited!

The planner came with all these delightful goodies
and a lovely hand-made card from sweet Gina.

There was washi-tape, stickers, lots of printed cards,
stamps, to-do lists, a separate blank journal
and a decal for the front of the planner.

I was immediately inspired!

The planner was divided by month with
blank monthly, weekly and daily organizing pages.

There were pockets on the inside for stashing
notes, and bits of decorative 'scrap',
and slots for notepads and the little journal.

The name of the company that produces this line
is called, 'Carpe Diem' - Seize the Day!
I did a search and found some wonderful inspiration
using this product line, which I posted on my Pinterest
board under 'Planner and Scrapbook Ideas'.
You can find the link on my side-bar.

I've never tried scrapbooking,
but now I am smitten!

The first thing I did was apply the decal to the planner.

Of course I needed a place to keep my new planner,
so I converted my enamel-top farm table
into my planning desk.

My vintage photo holder keeps the pretty card 'scraps' handy.

Aren't they so cute?

I cleaned out the little drawer, lined it with
pretty paper and stashed my new supplies,
along with some things I had on hand.

Then I filled up the pockets and slots in the
binder with all my new pretties.

The blank journal slides under the pocket flap.
The pockets are fun places to hold cute graphics.

Love the 'messy hair...don't care' quote :)

A 'To Do' notepad with binder holes
comes in handy!

It fits perfectly in the top slot.
I had the little flowers on hand
that I saved from some gift wrapping.

Do you save pretty little things, just 'because'?

Sheets of little stickers fit nicely in the flap.
These are used to decorate the calendar pages.

Gina also included a pretty tote!
Weenie Baby approves!

It's the perfect size for sheets of scrapbook paper
ready for snipping.

I had so much fun setting up my little space.

I even made a cushion for my vintage folding chair!

A gal's gotta have a comfy seat when she is
setting down to plan her life!

I simply used a linen dish towel, folded and cut to size,
and sewn on two sides.
I inserted 3 layers of quilt batting......

I then sewed the open side shut and used a button to anchor
the batting on both sides.

I had the dishtowel left over from
 making my banner a few years ago.
The fabric is heavy and substantial, without being bulky.

Kai loves to look through the glass.
(I've pulled the curtain over his pet door
and he waits to come inside :)

Now I have a sweet little space to organize my life!

Whitey Bear rests on his dog bed.

My three little companions always keep me company :)

 When I did my grocery shopping this week,
I stopped at my local craft store (Ben Franklin),
to see if they carried the Carpe Diem line and guess what -
they did! I found these adorable page clips and flags.

I had these blank tags on hand,
and wanted to 'dress them up',
so I brushed on some watercolors......

I then stamped them with my new stamp from Gina.


Want to see my first decorated pages?

I started with the calendar for May.
I had so much fun......
I put all the page clips on the last page of the planner
to keep them handy.

I can't wait to start my daily and weekly pages!
I will be sure to share them with you regularly.
Do any of you keep a planner or a scrapbook?
Thank-you, Gina for your wonderful give-away!
I'm having lots of fun with it!

Be sure to visit Gina's sweet blog,
With Twigs and Branches, dear friends.
I know you will love her.



  1. Oh Karen! You have started down a slippery slope! I have been scrapbooking for 20 years and just got into the planner "thing", and there is never an end to the cute stuff you want to buy. And ideas to try. But it is so fun! I really like those tags you made. Now I want to do that too....ha! Congrats on winning that sweet give away!

  2. What a great gift from Gina! I have to admit, a new planner will make you want to get organized in every way. I love that you set up your own space with that cute table. I think you are going to find a lot of ways to escape there! All the goodies that came with your planner are so inspiring. I know a lot of gals like to embellish their planners, journals, bibles...etc. Sort of like doodling on our notebooks in high school!!! Makes it personal.

    My sisters are pro's at scrapbooking and one has been featured in craft magazines. I tried but lacked the creativity for that type of thing. I have a huge box of stamps to show for it!!

    Love your post, Karen. You inspire me to get organized!!

    Jane x

  3. hahaha....I love the quote about house cleaning not killing you, but why take the chance. Too cute!

    Your planner is simply delightful and I can see why you are smitten. What fun you will have. Gina is an absolute sweetheart and I know you will enjoy the many gifts she blessed you with.

    Happy weekend, my friend. Hugs!

  4. Scrap booking becomes a passion and addictive very quickly, I love to record visits and such with my Grandchildren. Such a generous giveaway. Loved the cushion and ingenious of you to use a teatowel to make it. Have a great weekend.

  5. Hello, what a lovely gift. I like the planner and all your cute ideas. I like your pretty little space. Weenie Dog and Kai are cuties. You are a great crafter! Happy Friday, enjoy your weekend!

  6. What a gorgeous giveaway win, Karen! Addicted to planners, stickers and to-do lists, I of course love everything in this post. <3 (And will post something about journaling soon.) Have fun!
    In your home, there's a wonderful feeling of spring. Have a sunny weekend and a happy May! xx

  7. Gina is such a sweetheart and sends the best pressies! Look what you've done already! I love you May layout and little desk and chair. You're going to really enjoy working on this. I've kept journals for years and try to get more creative...but usually just write in mine. Enjoy your day...decorate it for FUN! Hugs, Diane

  8. Isn't Gina just the sweetest, Karen? We have so many lovely friends here in our blogging community, don't we? Your giveaway presents from Gina are just the best and definitely gave you so much inspiration already. Enjoy you new treasures and happy Friday to you! xx

  9. I love your new planner! And, your new space you set up looks so cozy and inspiring. I've never done scrapbooking but it looks like a lot of fun. And who couldn't use a way to organize your daily life? Have fun dear Karen and enjoy your weekend, Pat xx

  10. I'm sure you had such a fun, I also enjoyed these works of yours together with you, Dearest Karen!

    Wishing you the best of weekends ahead,
    I'm sending blessings of joy to you

    XOXO Dany

  11. What a nice gift from your blog friend, Karen. You're all set and organized. A planner is definitely a good way to remember special birthdays and events. Every year I get a Mary Engelbreit one. I really like those paper clips, and the mint color of your planner is perfect for Spring. Scrapbooking was really IN years ago, and me and the girls went to town making our whimsical scrapbooks. It's so much fun, I think you'll enjoy it. Your table and folding chair with the new cushion you made is so charming. Our blog friends give us so much inspiration, and I'm glad you got inspiration from this special friend. I just have to say that YOU and your blog have both inspired this girl, Karen. : )


  12. Now I know why I have not seen a post pop up from you for a few days, Karen! Your new planner is a generous gift that will keep on giving as you continue to put it to good use. You inspire me! I love your new creative space...framed in springy green like the new growth of leaves on the trees around us. For seven years I sold Creative Memories products and started scrapbooking, although I have never had the type of planner you now have. I still have scrapbook supplies I am trying to put to good use, and currently I have a little two year planning calendar I carry around in my purse to encourage me to be more organized. Happy weekend! xx [ I am going to check out the new to me blog!]

  13. Karen, I love your planner station! I can imagine sitting there and losing track of time, planning, drinking coffee, and looking out your gorgeous windows. LOVE seeing a picture of the pups ~ especially Weenie Baby who I hope is cheering up. So happy you are happy with your planner. xo

  14. What a beautiful gift Karen. Your home is looking beautiful with the fresh green accessories and glad Weenie Baby has found a cosy couch. I love your tote bag too.
    Have a great weekend :)

  15. Pretty cute planner!! Love that vintage foldable chair! Beautiful things in this post!! Wishing a wonderful weekend.

  16. What a great planner! I like your new work area, too.

  17. The generous gift from your friend gave you lots of fun as you set up your charming work space. The organiser and accessories look very attractive. At the moment I'm organising old family photos into new albums. Whilst browsing in the craft and photography section of local stores I've seen so many pretty items. I love notebooks and jotters too and it's hard to choose which to purchase. It's a help when you have a brand and a theme that you love. Wishing you a relaxing day whatever you're doing.

  18. Oh what gorgeous gifts you received from lovely Gina. Love that little nook where you sit and plan your day. Love the little fold up chair...cute as cute cushion you have stitched, Karen.

  19. What a lovely uplifting post. I loved reading it. I might even get around to scrapbooking some of my treasured bits and bobs now that you have inspired me

  20. What a wonderful gift! I do NOT have the gift of organization and I can see this would be most helpful! Wonderful ideas. Have a great weekend.

  21. Oh, look at the beautiful color of your planner! That would inspire me right away. I love all the little do-dads you got with it and the tote is adorable. How fun that you had that sweet little table to make your work station.

  22. You are certainly being kept busy with the little ones, so lovely to spend time with them, many special memories to cherish.

    That's a very nice gift and I love your new work space.

    Sending my good wishes for a Happy May.

    All the best Jan

  23. How wonderful, Karen!! I love your new little work nook!! You did a great job with the planner. You can find little tags and things sometimes at the little dollar days section in Target. It's usually when you first walk into the store. I can never make it past there without dropping at least one thing into my cart. : ) Have a beautiful rest of your weekend!! xo

    ~ Wendy

  24. How fun to have that time with your sweet grandbabies!
    Great that you won the planner, it looks like it went to the perfect person, you have done some fun stuff with it and so neat that you even found more things at Ben's to go with it!
    Have fun creating and planning :)

  25. I like the fabric of your bunting and chair cover. What a beautiful spot for your planning table! Perhaps if I get myself such a pretty planner it will inspire more neatness on my desk!

  26. Hope you have fun making lots of lovely plans!

  27. First off, I DO REMEMBER Danny Kaye!
    Now, love this idea, great gift.
    And babysitting your grandson/s can definitely take up your time. A GOOD TIME

  28. What a lovely package. I like it all the more because it inspired you to be so creative.


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