Wednesday, April 19, 2017

A Spring, Country Drive

Hello, sweet friends, come along with me
and we will take a country drive 
along the back-roads of my little world, 
here in Washington State. 

The fields are lush and green, and the 
flowering trees are simply lovely, 
as we travel along, singing happy songs,
slightly out of tune with the radio :)

We wait so long for these sweet spring days, 
during the dark and cold winter. 

Seeing the flowers blooming, and hearing 
the birds singing, lightens the weary heart, 
and gives us hope for happier days to come.

"To be overcome by the fragrance of flowers
is a delectable form of defeat."
-Beverly Nichols-

It is like a magical world! 

Cotton Candy trees! 

"The breath of flowers is far sweeter in the air...
than in the hand."
-Francis Bacon-

I drive along with a smile on my face. 

It's easy to forget your worries on a lovely spring day. 

Flowers beyond reach are sacred to God. 
-Indian proverb-

I think of all those who planted these beautiful trees, 
knowing they might have to wait years 
to enjoy the results. 

It is like planting tangible hope. 

Trees like these might be planted as gifts, 
marking special occasions, 
or the celebration of a new garden. 

Perhaps planted for a child, 
or in commemoration of a loved one, now gone. 

Or simply to add beauty to the lives of the planter..... 

And all those who have the pleasure of passing by. 

Imagine the happy horses who call this their home! 
Or the enchanted walkers, strolling along the sidewalk. 

I wonder if the trees, themselves, know how beautiful they are? 

Are they vain in their beauty? 

Do they evoke envy from their plainer sisters? 

Surely they are gifts to be treasured. 

Can you see the bird on the wire?

Asking so little. 

Just a bit of sunshine, rain and warmth 
to provide us with beauty, nectar and delicious fruit. 

And what of the wild divas, living their lives 
unnoticed for most of the year, only 
to bashfully display their beauty for 
the lucky few who discover them hiding in 
sylvan glades? Who planted them? 
Are they tended by fairies and gnomes?

We'll never know the secrets they withhold from us, 
but we can be thankful for a world that 
gifts us with these beauties of springtime. 

We are home, dear friends, with the wild plum 
to grace our entry.

Thank you for coming along with me! 


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  1. Wow!!!

    i am LOST in your MAGICAL WORLD my dear friend!
    how sweet of you to made my day by taking us with you such a glorious drive!
    your land is piece of heaven .
    you displayed whole beauty of it amazingly !
    how can some one not be so grateful and overwhelmed by looking such magnificent view all around .
    i was able to listen you happy songs on the way my friend.
    Generous kindred souls planted them to last forever in your heart

  2. Cotton candy trees, such an apt description. I always want to freeze this time of year. It is so beautiful for such a short time. We bloggers certainly make the most of it with our photos to share. Thank you Karen you have certainly started my day well :). B x

  3. OH can't wait to see a flower on my pear, plum and cherry trees. Jist tiny green buds on lilacs so far. Thanks for comment on my blog. I had a bitter sweet Easter Daughter left Mondy moved to Florida. Alone now and sad.. yvonne

  4. Gorgeous Karen! Cherry trees and forsythias ❤︎

  5. Your photos are filled with amazing beauty. I am completely out of tune when singing and never mind. haha
    Thanks for visiting my blog.

  6. Absolutely gorgeous! Our good God created all that beauty for us! Do we know how loved we are to receive such a gift?!

  7. Hello, I love all the flowering trees. It is a beautiful time of the year seeing all the lovely blossoms. Lovely images and post. Happy Wednesday, enjoy your day!

  8. Dear Karen ... such a beautiful ride through the country. Spring is such a precious time of the year. God's beauty abounds. Have a blessed spring day. Hugs ♥ Teri

  9. I love your country drives! So thank you for sharing with us! xoxo

  10. We couldn't live without Spring in our countryside ... to watch the trees in bloom is such a heartwarming image, always and everywhere !

    With utmost gratitude for sharing your touching post,
    I'm sending blessings of joy to you

    XOXO Dany

  11. What a lovely drive. I used to enjoy those with my husband and miss him so. Our trees in Oregon are flowering and it is wonderful!

  12. Wow, how wonderful is that??? What are the ink flowering trees? My favorite photos are #4 and #8. How lovely is your driveway entry with that wild plum.

    Happy Spring to you ~ FlowerLady

    1. Hi Lorraine - thank you for your sweet visit! To answer your question - the pink trees are 'purple plum'. They have purple leaves! They are an ornamental plum, so no fruit, though. Hope you are enjoying a lovely week, my dear. Hugs xxoo Karen

  13. Just so beautiful!
    I loved seeing them.
    One of my most favorite things to do is drive around and look at the beauty around me.
    It brings me great joy.
    You live in a beautiful area!

  14. It was great taking this drive with you. your post reminds me of the poem... I think that I shall never see a poem as lovely as a tree...

  15. It is certainly beautiful there in the spring, Karen! I hope to see blossoming trees here soon, too!

  16. Spring...what a beautiful season it is! Thank you so much Karen, for sharing your lovely piece of heaven with all of us :0) mari

  17. Gorgeous images!! This is tree season and it could not be more beautiful than in your neck of the woods!!

  18. Karen, the trees in your photographs are glorious! I love to look at flowering trees. Sadly, the blooms don't stay very long. Still, long enough to fill our hearts with beauty.

  19. Perfect! Glad you took us along. Gorgeous colors.

  20. Beautiful Karen, oh I think you have a lot more flowering trees in your area then I have around here, that is fabulous, I could almost smell all the wonderful blooming trees :)

  21. Thanking for taking us through your lovely country side. The blooming trees are stunning! Thank you for commenting on the clouds - in North. California I see them much more frequent than in Southern Cal. where I lived for 3 decades:) So I'm like a little kid in a candy store!

  22. Karen, the Pink blossom trees are gracing your country roads! The flowers have already come and gone here. The winds and rain have scattered them to the ground and blowing in the wind. They come early in northern California. The pictures with the Pink blossoms next to the white fence are just lovely. I smiled when you said you wonder if they know how beautiful they are. That's a good question. : )

    A happy rest of the week to you, Karen, and I love going on walks with you.


  23. I have read 2 posts...your Easter prep was gorgeous...your children's homes are must be bursting with pride.
    Your drive was magical...I hope to see some of this beauty on our way to the cottage on Friday.
    Enjoy the rest of your week...
    Linda :o)

  24. Wow! Beautiful! What a lovely drive surrounded by these flowering trees. With such beauty, I wouldn't want to stay indoors.

  25. Hi Karen, what a beautiful time of year where you live! I love all of the trees blooming! Thanks for sharing this.
    Enjoy the week.

  26. wow!! pink!! Impress pictures, what a beautiful home, thank you.
    Thanks for visiting my blog ;-)))

    Greetings from Germany

  27. My spirit is soaring as I enjoyed this drive with you.
    The Spring season is a most special one.

    All the best Jan

  28. A drive in the country on a spring day you can't do better than that.

  29. Gorgeous! I am thrilled with the blossoms around us, too, and will hope to post some photos...soon :) xx

  30. Those pictures put a smile on my face. Blossoming trees are such a wonder!

  31. Such a beautiful time of year for a drive. Lovely blossoming trees!


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