Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Easter Decorating - Part 11 - (and a bit of a home tour)

Hello, Dear Friends, I wanted to share 
the rest of my Easter decorating before 
the holiday was over, so I am back again today! 

This post is photo-heavy, so grab a cuppa 
and maybe a little snack :)

The unsettled weather gave us a beautiful rainbow
last night just before the sun set. 

Today we have a clear view of Mt. Rainier, 
but you can see the sky still has clouds, 
although the sun is hazily shining through. 

I might go outside and work in the gardens today, 
if all goes well. 

I clipped some forsythia and sweet box
from the garden to fill my vintage basket vase. 

The rabbit is terra-cotta. 

I framed a dear greeting card from my daughter
a few years ago. 
It is a little work of art, made from 
tiny cut papers. You can't see it, 
but the eggs have glittered decorations. 

A wider view - can you see the little lamb
on the glass egg? 

The heart of my kitchen. 

My table doubles as a large work station
for baking and cooking prep, as I have very little counter space :) 

My vintage stove at the end. 

I've always admired those kitchens 
that have nothing on the counters 
and no clutter. 

But this is a hard-working, hand-built little kitchen, 
and I like things within reach. 

 Looking the other way......

Through the green door......
My cupboard that houses my 
pressed glass collection on top
and my cookbook collection
in the doors below, which is 
already overflowing onto the shelves! 

The sign on my wall. 
I've shown this before.....

A little herd of sheep from Kathy's blog Etsy shop.....
safely out of reach from Kai :)
and a pressed glass egg. 

The egg plate and footed dish were my Mother's
wedding gifts in 1953. 

My hand-built hutch (by someone named Bruce
or E Ruce, in 1964), across from the daybed. 
It was in a tiny cottage we rented in the 
late 70's when we lived in Oregon. 
The landlord gave it to us when we moved
in exchange for all the upgrades we made to the 
tiny cottage :) 

I later added the curtains and the decoupaged doors. 

My remaining lamb is safely living up here now :)

The Beatrix Potter book - The Tale of Jemima  Puddle-Duck. 

Don't you love the name, 'Jemima' ? 
And who doesn't love a puddle-duck! :)

This sweet box held a decorated egg :)

It's the center one. Two birds on a rose stem <3
The colored eggs are sidewalk chalk! 
I love the dusky colors......

Vintage flocked bunnies
on my entry table. 

My sweet Sis sent me the vintage table runner
all the way from New Hampshire :)

Sweet vintage style postcards are 
actually from new scrapbook paper. 

Painted wooden eggs and a sweet bunny box 
from my daughter's childhood on my end table. 
The round brass box on the dictionaries is a vintage compass. 

My little settee gets the bunny treatment, too :)

I sewed these when my children were small. 

My Mom made this little bunny
for my children when small. 

Complete with paper 'cabbage' and 
hand-sewn carrots :)

Tucked behind the settee is my 
indoor garden. 

You CAN put all your eggs 
in one basket :)

I love the picket fence baskets. 
Another childhood relic. 

I have a few indoor blooms for spring. 

Indoor and outdoor blooms 
to make me smile :)

Weenie Baby loves to photo-bomb! 

I hope that you enjoyed my little house tour 
and my Easter decorations, dear friends. 

I am making some sweet gifts and 
baking something special 
for Easter and I will share those 
with you later. 

I am going outside for the day, 
but I will catch up with you all tonight. 



  1. Oh my goodness, your home is so, so charming. I absolutely love your sweet kitchen. Thank you for sharing. Easter Blessings ♥ Teri

  2. Your home looks so springy and happy and so ready for Easter!! Love all of the little vintage look touches!! The wood in your kitchen is just beautiful!! xo

    ~ Wendy

  3. You look so ready for Easter. I always love seeing your decor.

  4. Your sweet home looks all the more sweet with the addition of your bunnies and eggs. It's so hard to put them away after Easter, isn't it? I am going to try making a new to me Italian Easter cookie this week!

  5. Beautiful decorations but your first two pics are amazing! Easter has gotten away with me, I have not gotten my stuff out. Thanks for sharing.

  6. You have the best views! I am crazy over your settee. Cute decor for Easter.

  7. I just finished reading both parts of your Easter decor posts. I enjoy seeing how you use sentimental items around your house. Those are the best! Have a wonderful Easter with your family!

  8. Your beautiful rainbow photo reminds me of the rainbow I saw the other day. I have a window on either side of the fireplace. Out of one window I saw the end of the rainbow and was so excited to see the other end of the rainbow out of the other window! If my photos came out I will show you in my next post. Thanks for sharing some of your lovely home with us. I hope you and your family have a wonderful Easter celebration. xx

  9. Dear Karen,
    your easter Decoration is so lovely! Thank you for sharing wonderful pictures!
    Happy Easterdays to you and all your family!
    Love and hugs and blessings,
    Claudia xoxo

  10. Lovely Easter decorations and you are gifted in decorations. Beautiful rainbow and mountain view. Have a Happy Easter!

  11. Oh, if everyone in the world ate a cupcake or two, there would be very little argy bargy. =) Your home looks like a scrumptious Easter treat, Karen. Love your beautiful handmade kitchen and your stove...oh your stove....I am in love. Yes, Jemima is a most beautiful name. Your home is filled with whimsy and pure delight. Have the most wonderful Easter, lovely lady.

  12. Very pretty!! I am one of those with things on their benches in the kitchen, who wish that I could arrange things out to look pretty like you do, but really prefer to have them clear! So it is always difficult for met to get the balance right. Love your glass eggs hanging from the light too, I forgot to say before! Happy Easter!

  13. So many pretty blooms to admire. I love your cozy kitchen with the vintage stove. It must make baking and cooking a pleasant chore. Delightful tour.
    xx Beca

  14. How pretty it all is, inside and out! I love your style. Those glass eggs are wonderful.

    That rainbow was so vivid and stunning.

    Happy Easter week ~ FlowerLady

  15. Hello, pretty Easter decorations. I love the cute sheep and bunnies. Your home looks lovely! Happy Easter to you and your family!

  16. Sweet friend, I felt like I stepped into an Easter Wonderland! Everything is beautiful! And those little sheep are just too cute.

    Thank you for sharing your loveliness with us. I enjoyed your photos while sipping on my coffee. Hugs to you! And have a blessed Easter!

  17. Your home is so beautiful with each item having a special meaning. The way you have designed your home to go with your treasures looks lovely. I'm happy to hear that the beloved sheep have a new home out of reach from adorable Kai! Blessings to you dear Karen, Pat

  18. Wonderful decorating, Karen! I just love your pressed glass. Some lovely eggs! I saw something where you can dye real eggs by boiling them wrapped in a piece of printed silk fabric. The design transfers. Really pretty! I'd like to try that sometime.

  19. I always like my visits to Portland Oregon and seeing all the Mt's Like Mt Hood Mt Rainier
    I can just feel the cool damp air

  20. That rainbow is so beautiful and I love the shot of the hummingbird on the feeder too! You're decorations are delightful and how precious are those sheep made my Kathy! Love them :-) I enjoyed looking through all your pictures, have a lovely day!
    Thank you for my well wishes :-)


  21. So many wonderful items you've decorated with. I tend to confine my decorating just to the living and dining room areas. - Loved the rainbow & the view of Mt. Rainier.

  22. I have always enjoyed your little room off the kitchen. So many wonderful things to look at. I made a pair of bunnies years ago, but I never made a little pinafore and pocket to put some little bun-buns. So sweet!

  23. You have so many sweet Easter and spring decorations. And some unique ones too. I didn't put as many out this year at first then the weeks flew by and here we are just days away from Easter. Oh well. There is next year. I wish you a blessed Easter and hope you enjoy the company of family. xx Pam

  24. Karen, I love the way you embrace your home with decorations. I love every nook and cranny. And I absolutely love the little bunnies you sewed. I spy baby bunnies in the mama bunny's apron! Too cute!

  25. Beautiful rainbow, they are always so fun to see. The card your daughter made is so cute, so special to get those handmade items from our kids! Love all the bunnies. I am with you I like to have what I use every day to be handy and ready to use, not all put away, I know it looks more clean that way but I think it is more homey with stuff on the counters.

  26. Wishing you a Happy Easter. Your Easter decorations look wonderful as does the stripy sky by Mount Ranier. x

  27. Thanks for your nice guiding to your wonderful home. I felt as if I were in your rooms.

  28. Hello dearest Karen, your kitchen is full of charm, and so are your Easter decorations. I think very special Easter gifts will be baked in your kitchen. :)
    Wishing you all a most blessed and happy Easter! xx

  29. What a lovely home, and your pictures are wonderful.

    Hugs Diane

  30. Karen, your kitchen is so charming. Love that stove! Like you, I think clear countertops would be lovely but it's a working kitchen and I need to have things at hand.

  31. Hello Karen,
    That looks very cozy with all these creations.
    You are totally ready for Eastern. So nice.

    Greetings, Marco

  32. Hello, A lovely home filled with such treasures and the memories that come with it all. Your home just has a sense of peace and you can tell it is a happy place. I did not do much decorating myself this year. But I love Bunnies...
    thank you for coming to visit me at my blog, I always think now how did she find me? Blogging is difficult at times, but I must say it can just be a sweet comment that helps us plug along.
    Your view from your home is amazing!
    Blessings to you and yours xo Roxy

  33. It's like coming home when I dropped by.. you do things so sweet and perfect-O and it's all so welcoming.. I bet your sweetheart dislikes leaving - and you children and grandbabys... for you make it truly a home...HUgs

  34. Love it all karen! That photo of the mountain & the light...gorgeous. your house looks like what I used to do for holidays! My favorite is the pair of soft sculpture bunnues.

  35. I so loved my tour of your Easter decor filled home, Karen! You have such sweet touches and treasured items from the past, which remind me of your sweet nature. I'm like you, and like to have my necessary things on my kitchen counters, too, within reach. In your previous post, I had to show my son the cute rock that's painted into a bunny. He said, "What a great idea!" Thank you for sharing your home with us. Happy Easter blessings to you and your family.

  36. I always enjoy seeing the lovelies in your home, Karen.

    Happy Easter to you, dear one.


  37. Thank you for sharing all your pretty Easter decorations. I have always admired your lovely home. Happy Easter :)

  38. My visits to your blog are like a big warm hug! Your home is every bit as charming as you are Karen. So delightfully decorated with love and creativity.

    I saw a stove like that recently and thought how wonderful it would be to have one like that, and here it is! I've often wondered if there was a down side to having a vintage stove. Are there any issues with its function? I assume they're not self cleaning, but that's a small price to pay for such wonderful style!

    Happy Easter to you!

    1. Hi Doreen, Thanks for stopping by and for your sweet comments :) To answer your question - I haven't had an issue with mine at all, except for what you mentioned - having to clean it the old-fashioned way. But a little oven cleaner and lots of paper towels and a scrubby pad seems to work just fine. We've only had to replace the oven element twice. My hubby goes to a salvage store to find them. Anyway, maybe I am just fortunate that mine has been problem-free. Wishing you a Happy Easter, too! xx

  39. Okay, this was Easter Decorating Part 2 -- I thought it was part 11 -- eleven!! I thought wow I've missed a lot of posts and Karen sure is decorating!! But I guess you could have made it 11 parts as there are so many lovely things here to share! I have eggs hanging from my chandelier too. And I love all the vintage Easter cards and decor. And Beatrix Potter's Jemima Puddleduck is a favorite too. So much beauty here, with the rainbow and all the flowers! Have a Happy Easter and the Lord's blessings on you. xo Deborah

  40. Wow!!!
    your decorations are so delightful and show your love for life and you family .
    i loved the frame of card from your daughter ,lovely way to store the memories!
    your egg basket ,kitchen decorations and herd of sheep are so beautiful my friend.
    loved your cupboard ,and amazing kitchen.

    your window gives a soothing views!
    thank you for sharing the colors of your rainbow as since long time have not seen one.
    have happy Easter my dear

  41. Thanks for inviting us into your home, Karen. I really enjoyed myself, with a cup of tea as instructed, looking around and admiring all your decorations. Happy Easter!

  42. I always enjoy your views of Mt. Rainer and it was lovely and clear in your post today.

    I did sit with a cuppa as I read it and enjoyed all of your wonderful photographs within this post. Your home looks so lovely.

    Wishing you an especially Happy Easter

    All the best Jan

  43. Dear Karen,

    Thank you for inviting us into your beautiful home and showing us your wonderful Easter decorations.
    I love your sweet bunnies you made and the vintage touches, also Beatrix Potter and the tales of Peter Rabbit have always been favourites of mine.
    Happy Easter to you and your family

  44. Wishing you a beautiful Easter, and Maine is Warm and Sunny, Happy Happy
    Day, Yvonne


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