Wednesday, July 16, 2014

A Sweet Journey

Hello, Dear Friends - Where does the time go? 
It is racing along and we are enjoying every moment
of these lovely summer days. 

Thank you for coming along with me 
as we take another country drive. 

Today we are going to visit with my two daughters. 
We have important pre-wedding plans
to discuss, (my youngest son is marrying his sweetheart this summer)
and it has been a while since we've been together, 
just 'the girls'. 

It is a beautiful morning for the long drive over
and the scent of fresh cut hay is in the air. 

We've had a long, dry spell,
with record breaking high temperatures.

It's been 'hotter than blue blazes', as my Grandmother Beatrice used to say.

Perfect for haying. 

Half of this newly cut field waits to be baled,
the other half is loaded and ready to go. 
The chain link fence runs along a dirt access road.

As we take a sharp turn,
we see the pumpkin patch neatly growing
at this beautiful farm

This farm hosts a harvest festival each fall,
complete with corn maze, U-pick pumpkins,
hay rides, and farm products and crafts.

A Mother and foal stand belly deep in lush pasture
 behind a sturdy barbed wire fence.
This is part of a large wetland pasture
frequented by elk in the spring and fall
on their annual migrations to and from the highlands. .

The rusty tin on the outbuildings reminds me of the stories
my Mother told of her summers spent
with her Scottish Immigrant Grandmother.

Her Grandmother lived on a farm in Vermont with a rusty tin roof.
Hearing the rain on the roof of her Grandmother's cottage
was my Mother's favorite childhood memory.

Well, maybe next to eating her Grandmother's home-made donuts!

We are alone on this newly blacktopped country road
 as we leave the foothills behind.

A gal could get a lead foot on a road like this....
Sweet hay scented breezes blowing our hair, long straightaway,

Deep blue horizon.......

But I know that 'Dead Man's Corner' is up ahead.
This innocent little farm road
takes a complete left bend.

Around a 10 mph turn, we see the last of the farmlands.

We stop for my youngest daughter, Jennie
 at her home near the lake
and then we continue on together another 15 miles
over busy roads and highways. 

Then back to the country again.
A Mother and her calf find a shady refuge from the summer heat.

We arrive at our destination - daughter Heather's -
to this welcoming oasis!

A beautiful table set for three.

A perfect summer meal of fresh fruit, quiche, and a refreshing citronella.

Served with smiles.
Heather on the left and sister Jennie.
Two sisters that shared a tiny cottage bedroom
growing up,
and still remain on speaking terms :)


The time flies by while we enjoy our delicious meal,
 catch up with each other's lives
and synchronize plans for happy events to come.

All too soon it's time to make the journey home,

although, there is never enough time spent together
 to satisfy a Mother's heart.

So with a wistful sigh I say goodbye
 and head towards home in the late afternoon sun,
carrying along lovely new memories,
and an armload of rustling bridesmaid dresses to alter :)

The setting sun paints lavender brushstrokes
across the face of Mt. Rainier,

leaving long shadows behind, as we travel closer to home.

We turn here, across from fields of gold.

Open the gate....

Safely home.

I hope you are enjoying these lovely summer days with family and friends.
Thank you for coming along on this sweet journey.

"The mountains are calling and I must go."
- John Muir -

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  1. The mountains are calling indeed...we are currently heading to Wyoming with the beans! Look at that gorgeous assortment of blooms behind your girls!!! They are so pretty Karen and how exciting that you have a wedding soon!!! Good times!!!! And you gave me a chuckle when you mentioned that you could really fly on that newly paved road!! Stay cool friend! Beautiful shots and tell your daughter that her home is stunning!!! Nicole xo

  2. Enjoyed your post! It has been hot here as well. : )

  3. i know that was a special day. such lovely daughters you have. and gaining a daughter-in-law, too. :) loved the scenes - especially the fresh bales of hay!

  4. I always enjoy my ride along the country roads with you, my friend. What a pleasure it was so see your beautiful daughters. I know you all had a wonderful time together and now off to sewing for you!!

  5. Lazy hazy summer days, well only a couple of months away.
    Lunch looks good and your daughters are lovely.

  6. You have a scenic travel to and from visiting with the girls - and so exciting to be planning a wedding (I'm not to that point with my kids - but can appreciate the excitement). Thanks for taking us along on this beautiful trip.

  7. Love these days of exploration with you, and your daughters are so lovely. Wonderful to have a girls day. Beautiful photos along the way!

  8. Looks like a very special visit with your daughters.

  9. I see a daughter who has learned the art of hospitality from her mama.
    Isn't traveling beautiful yet familiar roads grand? I rarely tire of driving from here to my brother's house in Virginia through the foothills of the Appalachians and across the Potomac River.
    Vacation Bible School every evening this week. Even an adult class on the Art of Marriage which is being well attended. Excellent video presentation. Powerful.
    Oh. And we even get a snack break! LOL!

  10. I love my boys, but I'm a little jealous of you having daughters. Boys just don't TALK and make pretty table settings:)

  11. Thanks for that wonderful ride in the country! It was so nice to have the lunch with your daughters too!

  12. What a beautiful garden your daughter has and what a lovely lunch she prepared!! I hope that you all had a great planning and talking gathering! xx

  13. Oh really know how to take someone on a scenic country drive. I felt as if I was right there. So so wonderful!! So much excitement in store with matrimony on the horizon :)

  14. What a lovely day with your beautiful daughters! Perfect!

  15. Thanks for sharing your day with us- beautiful country and a good visit with your girls. You are blessed!

  16. Beautiful country drive! What a fun time for the family, planing your son's wedding. Your daughters are beautiful. I always enjoy seeing your gorgeous mountain views! Enjoy your evening and weekend ahead.

  17. What a wonderful day you must have had and 2 very beautiful daughters. The scenery is awesome and I love the bales of hay in the field.

  18. Dearest Karen,
    Guess I have to write my comment again... we did have a short disconnection from our satellite internet and might have lost my composition.
    What a fun trip you took us on again and even more special where you were heading towards. So special from daughter Heather to invite her sister along with their Mom to join for a special alfresco lunch together. Quite suprising you show Manchego cheese, a favorite of our boss Agustín, in Mexico City who is born in Spain. We enjoyed it many times with him and his wife, together with Pan Arabe and Membrillo marmelade.
    Fond memories came back to mind by your photo.
    You too collected some more fond memories and captured them forever on photo.

  19. How lovely your son is getting married. Can't wait to see pictures! I like your yummy summer meal and the scenic views on your country drive. Your daughters are very pretty. You are blessed with a very special family and home, Karen. Thank you for your sweet comments while I was away. xo

  20. Beautiful country scenery and another great drive. Thanks for the invite to ride along. I thoroughly enjoyed every bit of it.

    Mt Rainier is so gorgeous.

  21. i enjoyed my tour and lunch, yum!!

  22. Wonderful photo, looks like a perfect day with her ​​beautiful daughters!

  23. Hi! Dear Karen, SO sorry for my belated comment, my friend. I DID also enjoy the views from your trip. Mt. Rainier looks fantastic; haha, I've wished to see Mt. Fuji but not yet. Oh, your daughters are so beautiful and you must be a happy mother♡♡♡

    Sending you Lots of Love and Hugs from Japan, xoxo Miyako*

  24. A lovely country drive! Thank you for bringing us along. :)

  25. I posted a comment - not sure if you got it or not!!

  26. Wondering what part of Vermont was home to your g-grandmother [?] We are 'born and raised' Vermonters, transplanted for 12 years [1998-2010] to WY and now retired to south-central KY.

  27. My favorite photos today are 5 and 6 -- but I enjoy all of them - love seeing your country side roads.. they bring a lot of enjoyment...Your daughters are beautiful just like time join with them put the camera on a timer and slip in between them..wink!

  28. What a lovely, lovely afternoon visit. The luncheon looks delicious. The scenes of the farmland around you, in spite of record heat, looks so inviting! Sweet smiles on the lovely ladies!


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