Saturday, July 19, 2014

Luscious Berries

The berries are starting to ripen!
One of the first and the most delicious
are the wild black raspberries.

Let's take a little walk in the garden
where these luscious berries grow. 

It is early morning and the haze
 from our devastating forest fires drift over the pass.

We have had record breaking high temperatures
and it has been very dry.

We stop to visit 'Angel Face,' a floribunda rose
 with a heavenly fragrance
and a lovely lavender hue.

We think of all those displaced by natural disasters,
war, famine, and poverty,
and we say a prayer of mercy and compassion.

'Nearly Wild' blooms nearby,
both along the rose arch in my commemorative garden.

This fragrant rose is also a floribunda and stays short and sweet.

The hydrangea are coming into full bloom now.
This one is very old and started out pink.

Now it has slowly been reverting to delicate shades of lavender and rose.

Both on the same plant which resides in an equally ancient half whiskey barrel.

All are growing in my commemorative garden,
along with my succulent Bird Bath Planter,
which is still growing beautifully after 3 hot summers
 and 2 very wet winters.

The plants sit on a thick bed of gravel, for good drainage,
and I fertilize with tomato fertilizer.

They seem to love it.
(I read that tip in a book on succulent growing)

I did promise you berries, so here they are!
These beautiful and wild black raspberries
decided they liked growing among my roses and herbs
at the base of my deck.

Who was I to argue?

Especially with such delicious offerings! 

Every year I wait with anticipation for these jewels of nature.

Delicate and sweet they are perfect to sprinkle
over Greek yogurt with a little cinnamon or nutmeg.

Whole grain crackers are a perfect accompaniment.

Have a bite!
Oh, such sweet delight!

A little cream for your tea?

This pretty little blown glass creamer was my Dear Mother's.

Every Sunday after church, when I was a child,
we went out for donuts, hot chocolate, and the Sunday paper.
We would eat the donuts overlooking a nearby lake in the center of town.

Then we would drive to my Mother's favorite shop
where my Father would buy her a little treasure.

This creamer was one such treasure.

When my Father wanted to 'move West' to follow his dreams,
my Mother left all that she knew to go with him.

She left her parents, 6 sisters,
1 brother, their families,
 and all their friends for the unknown.

This little creamer was always kept on her kitchen window sill
to capture the light and remind her of the life she left behind.

Now it is mine and the memories live on.

Now it is my little treasure. 

Another treasure that I found in a thrift store is this wonderfully illustrated book.

Filled with information about growing,
harvesting and cooking with all types of berries,
 cultivated and wild, and illustrated by the author,
 it is a lovely book.

Blue Stellar Jay feathers gathered in the garden, mark the pages.

I call this 'Still Life with Fuchsia' :)
The tiny blue bottle (which was also my Mother's)
 is embossed with 'Bromoseltzer -
 Emerson Drug Co. - Baltimore, MD'

My blue dishes are a combination of modern (Ballard Designs),
and vintage (Bauer, Franciscan Ware).

I have been collecting blue pottery for years.

But all good things must come to an end.....

Thank you for sharing the harvest with me!

Sweet, simple gatherings shared with Dear Friends.

I am sorry if I haven't been around to visit as often lately.

I am surrounded in clouds of chiffon and lace,

sewing for the wedding.

But whenever I need a little break,
a little inspiration,
a sweet friend,

I will stop over for a visit.


'If instead of a gem, or even a flower,
we should cast the gift of rich thought
into the heart of a friend,
that would be giving as the angels give.'
- George MacDonald -

'If a man could mount to Heaven
 and survey the mighty universe,
his admiration of its beauties
would be much diminished unless
he had someone to share in his pleasure.'
- Cicero -


  1. My dear Karen, those berries have me smacking my lips together :) Thank you for a lovely post - you bring joy and sunshine to so many, including me.

    I always enjoy seeing your blossoms, sweet friend. Take care and enjoy your weekend! Much love to you!

  2. What a delightful post, Karen! I enjoyed every bit of it. Have a wonderful weekend.

  3. I love the time when berries ripen. But my favourite part of your post was the story behind your creamer.

  4. The berries look delicious. I hope that you are enjoying the wedding preparations. xx

  5. Hi Karen,
    I remember Bromoseltzer in the deep blue bottles. And that illustration of the Black Raspberry that is in that book is So lovely. Have always been a fan of botanical prints.

    I have a green Fiestaware bowl that my mother would make Cherry jello in when I was very little. I would sit on the stairs with a spoon and the bowl carefully cradled in my little three year old arms and scarf that delicious jello right down. Sigh. Memories...

  6. Karen posts that beautiful, that calming effect it has on me ... the deep blue horizon photos convey calm and relachamento.
    Participate harvesting, cream of his mother! Beautiful story, with a depth, a prayer ... The details of your home fascinate me, always everything with much care. Raspberries or blackberries do well to health and are beautiful, what a blessing spoon at home.
    A big kiss and a beautiful week to you dear friend!

  7. yummy berries! good luck with the sewing! yikes! i loved the gray-day photo! wow!

  8. Fresh picked berries are so delicious!

  9. My fingers are crossed that the weather lets up for you all....I will pray for cooler temperatures and rain for your part of the world. How outstanding that those berries grow so abundantly for you right there!!! You are so right! Nothing sweeter! I was so touched by that story of your mom. How nerve racking that must have been to leave her whole family behind. Your creamer and the story it holds is beautiful! Good luck with the dresses! I can't wait to see them! Nicole xo

  10. Your creamer is a treasure! I am just starting to get a few berries...of course they never make it to the house lol! Have fun with all that chiffon...

  11. We love raspberries around here too! We used to have lots of wild black ones, but with changing sun patterns they have kind of died out. But I planted some reds in our garden and have been eating those. Yum! That book looks like a real treasure. Good luck with the sewing!

  12. Oh、Dearest Karen;Beautiful post and I LOVE the title ”Luscious Berries”♡♡♡ Let me confess that I didn't know the word 'luscious' p;) Beautiful flowers with wonderful pictures you showed us, my friend♬♬♬ And I truly impressed by the great quotes. Yes, Good Luck with the sewing☆☆☆

    Sending you Lots of Love and Hugs from Japan, xoxo Miyako*

  13. Dearest Karen,
    What a treat those wild black raspberries! They must be so good with the Greek yogurt.
    Just read on FB that my 2nd cousin and boyfriend also landed safe back in Sydney, Australia so all must be safe home by now! What a scare that must have been for them to be booked on the flight the day after! And so lucky. The entire Dutch people are grieving as everyone has somehow a connection, friend, colleague or relative that died in this shot down plane. There are no words for it...

  14. Oh Karen, I wish I could join you for some berries and tea! I'd love some cream in my tea, please. Thank you for the joy of visiting your beautiful yard, before you picked the berries.
    Have fun with all that chiffon!

  15. What a lovely post Karen! I enjoyed seeing all your flowers and those yummy-looking berries. that was a sweet story about your afternoons after church with your family. Your table looks very homey and cozy, and the blue creamer is a treasure.

  16. The blue creamer is beautiful and a treasure indeed! Thanks for taking us for a virtual walk around the garden. Was lovely!

  17. A beautiful and interesting post Karen.
    What a big wrench that was for your mother leaving all her siblings behind.
    Did you all go back for annual visits?

    Oh those black raspberries look soooo delicious!

    Seeing your lovely garden is a bonus - I'm very fond of roses and hydrangeas too Karen, they're such good standbys in the garden!

  18. Dear Shane,
    Thank you for stopping by for your sweet visit! Yes, it was difficult for my Mother to leave it all behind and unfortunately she couldn't visit as often as she liked with 4 daughters still at home (I was married by then) and it being nearly 3000 miles away, but she was an excellent letter writer and so were the rest of her family and they kept in touch often - that way, sending photographs and bits of news. She was often very lonely, but we lived close by and tried to make up for it and with 5 daughters, we made sure she was never alone. xo Karen

  19. Hi Karen! I enjoyed having a peek into your pretty garden. I'm always struck by how lush it can be in your part of the country even when it is dry for you. I think it's wonderful that you have berries every year.The girls are so lucky to have you working on the sewing! Especially during a busy summer. So nice to have a visit from you.

  20. Your raspberries look delicious, it's no wonder you look forward to them every year. Such a sweet story about your mom's creamer; you're so lucky to have it and so blessed to have all the memories that go along with it.

  21. A truly delightful post Karen, one I have thoroughly enjoyed reading, and also looking at each and every photo.

    Thank you so much for your sweet comments on my Father-in-Law's D-Day trip to Normandy. I know it will give him great pleasure reading them.

  22. Hi Karen, What a lovely post as always... those raspberries look yummy...& your sweet mothers creamer is delightful....Thank you for sharing this with us.... Hugs May x x

  23. Have been thinking about you with all of the news about the forest fires. I am praying that these are far away from you, and that smoke over the ridge of a distant mountain is the closest that it will be. Your post is lovely as always.

  24. Karen,
    Your hydrangeas are so pretty. You know, I never gave much thought to this flower until many of my blog friends showed them at their homes, and I noticed how lovely they are. The berries look yummy, and I smiled when I saw the Greek yogurt, berries, and crackers because I am part Greek myself. I love the little blue bottle that belonged to your mother. Things like this are great treasures to me, especially ones that are passed on to us from our dear ones. I loved the story of the creamer and that your dad used to go to your Mother's favorite shop on Sundays and buy her a gift. How sweet is that? What a great post this is, and I truly enjoyed every bit of it. :~)


  25. Oh where do I start Karen? The berries with the yoghurt look delicious, and I bet they were lovely and warm. I have never thought of putting these on crackers so will need to give this a go. It's wonderful to have such gorgeous memories in items that we keep which are reminders to us every time we pick them up. Take care xx

  26. Dear Karen,

    You are a legend of life, because you can create great moments by your harmony.

    Yannis Politopoulos

  27. What a lovely walk through your garden, Karen, so soothing. The berries look yummy. As always, I like your creative table settings. I enjoy blue pottery, too. Good luck with the wedding preparations! xo

  28. Those berries looks so delicious, Karen!
    And your hydrangeas are thriving and so beautiful! I'd love to join you for a cup of tea ... I enjoy mine also with some milk ... That's just making it perfect!

  29. What beautiful photos, and those black raspberries! I've never heard of such a thing. Your roses are just gorgeous. I enjoy knowing the names of roses, it gives them even more personality than they have to begin with.

  30. Today I show hydrangeas in my blog too!

  31. Hi Karen,

    Beautiful berries, roses and hydrangeas - really a lovely sign of summer.
    Hope that you are enjoying the weekend

  32. I love to visit your beautiful corner of the world ;) The blue creamer is so pretty! My mother loved blue anything too, but particularly blue glassware. We always had blue glasses to drink from, and when they got broken (we were a bit hard on dishes), she would buy another set. I have her last set of blue glasses. I do love that shade of aqua on your other dishes, such a soft shade with a very vintage feel. Your garden is beautiful, especially the roses, but I would hate to see forest fire smoke rising over the hills (I thought at first it was a beautiful photo of mist over the mountains). The black raspberries look delicious ... I saw a few in the woods on our recent camping trip, but didn't stop to pick any (left them for the bears). Thank you for your kind comments on my blog about my dad Karen. It has given me great peace of mind to finally have him in a caring home. I've been away this week, but my sister sent me emails during my absence to say he's been settling in very well. I think he's finally happy. Wendy x

  33. Dear Mrs Karen,
    I'm so happy that finally today I can visit your lovely world here. I just wanted to say thank you - I met Sean :) I havent sent yet the rewards...I still arrange them. it's always lovely things around you include your berries garden...the foods also look tasty. and thanks for sharing your mother's treasures.
    Praying for you often Mrs. Karen.
    Love you!


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