Thursday, July 31, 2014

A Garden Bridal Shower

Over the weekend my daughters, 
 Heather and Jennie (with a little help from me) 
hosted an outdoor bridal shower
in Heather's garden. 

They are bridesmaids in the upcoming wedding
of my son Dustin and his sweetheart, Jen. 

It was a beautiful day and before the guests arrived, 
I was able to sneak a few photos. 

The theme was 'rustic romantic'. 

Wooden crates, burlap, crocheted lace, and pink roses. 

Simple place settings...

Canning jar 'glasses'.....

Carnation garlands....

Cork label holders and blueberry ice cubes...

Corseted wine.....

Martini glass mint holder.....

Special seat for the guest of honor...

Paper lanterns...

And parasols. 

Most everything gathered or handcrafted from things already on hand. 

The beautiful bride to be is about to arrive.....

She surveys her kingdom - princess for the day. 

Her 'crown' awaits...

A sweet smile.

On the menu - tea sandwiches, scones.....

Quiche and...

'salad' - veggies in ranch dressing cups. 

Fruit salad with lime yogurt sauce to begin the meal. 

Sweet cupcakes to end it. 

Games were played....

'Guess the age in the photo of the bride to be',
'What's in your purse?',
and 'Name what the bride to be is wearing'.....
(after she leaves the garden room!)

Gift bags for the winners. 

Guests were asked to write the 'perfect date night' 
on wooden sticks for the guest of honor to take home. 

Gifts were opened...

Favors given...

And all too soon the day was over. 

It was a beautiful day for a beautiful bride to be. 

With many blessings for a beautiful life. 


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  1. I am not kidding you when I say that this is one of the prettiest showers I have ever seen! Every single detail was thoughtful and beautiful! From the lanterns to the flowers to the goodness! It was all just so stunning! How blessed you all are to have one another and this joyous occasion to look forward to!! What an exciting time for the bride and groom to be! Wishing you a wonderful week Karen! Nicole xo

  2. What a lovely garden party! The bride to be must have been very flattered and happy. Your daughters are beautiful.

  3. Wow how beautiful! Yes I agree I love all the details and it looks like it was a wonderful day! You all did a great job and congrats! Enjoy your week.

  4. All I can say is stunning! Loved the beautiful and pretty details of this gorgeous bridal shower.Your daughters are beautiful. Have a nice weekend.

  5. So beautiful!!!!! Everything was prepared with so much care and love, and thought! Your daughters must have worked for ages on this to decide on all the details and then to actually prepare it all, the garlands of flowers are so pretty! What a wonderful occasion. Your daughters garden is beautiful as well!! I like the date night sticks idea, what a lovely thing for the bride to keep! xx

  6. Wow! Sensational! An enormous amount of effort has gone into this party. This bride is one very lucky girl to have such wonderful friends. Lovely. Lovely.

  7. I love all of these wonderful pictures! Those cupcakes look delicious!!

  8. Oh Karen this is absolutely beautiful your daughters put together the perfect shower I actually may borrow some of your ideas if you do not mind. A perfect setting for the perfect event. Congratulations to your daughter. Hug B.

  9. What a romantically beautiful setting! Wow! I love this style, and now know what to call it ;) The bride to be must've been so thrilled with the effort and creativity that your daughters and you poured into this day. Beautiful roses, paper lanterns/parasols and all that lace and burlap together is wonderful! This is a day you will all remember with great fondness, and a special way to welcome your new daughter into the family ... lucky girl!! Enjoy the rest of the week Karen, Wendy x

  10. All so very pretty! A very special day, and I'm sure everyone enjoyed it immensely!

  11. Hola Beatrice querida ! Que linda celebración , te felicito por la decoración con esas hermosas borlas !,, que tenga un óptimo comienzo de semana

  12. what a wonderful day to bring the young lady into your fold. :) i love the roses in the wooden boxes. so pretty.

  13. So very beautiful! What a perfect shower and I adore the decor.

  14. oh wow this bridal shower looks amazing, I love all the dainty and cute decors! and you guys all look so lovely!

  15. Oh Karen, I think I just swooned! Everything is incredibly beautiful and absolutely perfect! Each sweet detail is truly amazing :)

    And of course the bride-to-be is simply lovely. Hugs to you, my friend!

  16. Everything looked so beautiful and creative! I'm sure the bride to be loved every minute of it.

  17. This is just beautiful! It looks like the most wonderful day! So many special details, the food looks amazing (as do your daughters and DIL to be). Such a PERFECT day! Thanks for sharing, Karen!

  18. Dearest Karen,
    A perfect day it was with everything looking so romantic in this semi-outdoor setting. LOVELY roses and yummy food.
    Fond memories forever.

  19. Dear Karen,

    The bridal shower looks like a great success! What a delightful day you must have had. Your daughters and daughter in law look beautiful!

    Wishing you a happy week!

    Madelief x

  20. Hi Karen, everything looked just about perfect, what a gorgeous bridal shower you all put on for your daughter-in-law to be. She must have been thrilled. I know I would have been. Absolutely perfect, delightful, charming!

  21. How beautiful! Everything looks so lovely! Your daughter has the perfect yard for entertaining.

  22. What perfect bridal shower! Everything looks so charming, with all your wonderful decorative touches! I wish the young couple every happiness! I wish I could have been there for the shower to join you all!

    Oops, m,eant to say mt. Rainier...don't don't why Mt. Hood popped into my head! Also, meant to say something about your Western tanager...I would love the see one here!

  23. Hello dear Karen

    I love the french theme for the bridal shower - so romantic!
    Everything looks perfect, the bride-to-be looked overwhelmed.

    Your girls are gorgeous!


  24. Well that was certainly a beautiful setting for a lovely bride to be shower! My favorite touch was the cluster of parasols. Beautiful!

  25. Such a beautiful shower Karen! So glad it was a nice day for such a beautiful outdoor setting. Love the parasols, paper lanterns, flowers, yummy food . . . all the details. You've made some wonderful memories. The girls are lovely.

  26. Karen, what a lovely bridal shower for your precious daughter in law to be. Every detail in that shower was gorgeous! I love a garden party.
    Blessings for the happy couple.
    Joy to you! Debbie

  27. Wow; I never seen western bridal shower and this post is quite a treat for me, Karen. I was really impressed by the paper parasols and lanterns; I thought there is slight Japanese atmosphere♡♡♡ I truly loved this post and please let me quote Tex's comment; "wonderful day to bring the young lady into your fold" ♪♪♪

    Sending you Lots of Love and Hugs from Japan, xoxo Miyako*

  28. Such a stunning set up! I love all the little touches - paper lanterns, umbrellas, roses and oh that carnation garland turned out so well. Looks like a perfect bridal shower, I'm sure it was a ton of fun for the bride to be and all the guests. Well done!

  29. Such a stunning beautiful site to see... I adore it all the roses, lanterns, umbrella's ....simply Gorgeous...WOW...the bride to be is so Beautiful....Hugs May x x

  30. Ah, Karen, you and your daughters have truly been blessed with the Gift of Hospitality.
    xxoo, m & jb

  31. Oh Karen,
    Thank you for letting us enjoy the shower for the bride to be! The food, the decorations, the favors all looked wonderful. You are blessed to have another daughter enter your family.

  32. lovely - I especially love those umbrellas - the space looks super inviting and sweet :)

  33. wow! this is such a beautiful bridal shower! i love all the details. congrats to the bride-to-be!

  34. Your roses are romantically rustic and showcase the theme beautifully!

    Visiting via Floral Friday,


  35. Hi Karen,

    Love the beautiful bridal shower you put on - every detail is so lovely and everyone would have enjoyed the special day. The roses with qypsophllia and the carnation garland are very pretty.
    Happy weekend

  36. Wow Karen, that was one beautiful bridal shower. Everything looks perfect and very creative. Your daughters did a good job. And the bride to be looks so happy and blooming.
    Hope you are having a good weekend.


  37. Hello dear Karen

    I'm back again!
    So many lovely floral arrangements in your sweet bridal shower!


  38. Wow, such an amazing party it was - charming and perfect in every detail! Much happiness to your daughter! Am coming over from Flowery friday and am your new follower - come and follow me too?


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