Thursday, February 15, 2018

Valentine's Day Memories

Hello, my Dear Friends, I want to thank you
for all of your sweet comments and congratulations 
on my last post. I can't tell you how wonderful it is
to have all of you to share life's happy little 
moments, and sometimes the not-so-happy ones. 

Your kindness and support reminds me of why I occupy 
this little corner of cyber-space. 

The twins are doing well, but their older brother - who 
is really not that much older (15 mos) - has come down 
with a cold, which he has shared with me, so I have 
been hanging out on the couch under the quilts
and staying warm with hot liquids and my two American 
Eskimo dogs, Whitey Bear and Kai, and Maggie the cat. 

My grandson is on the mend, so I am happy about that. 
Poor little guy. Luckily they have two floors, and 
the twins are in quarantine in their parent's bedroom
 upstairs, for the time being. 

Valentine's Day is such a bittersweet little holiday, 
and can be filled with memories of those who are no
longer by our sides. 

I always tried to make it a special day for my dear Mother, 
by bringing her a card, flowers and a little gift.
 Most were hand-made and I found several in her things,
 which touched my heart. 

One was a valentine card that I made as a child.

I just found the sweet little cherubs Here
at Cathy's blog, 'My 1929 Charmer'.

I also found this darling individual creamer and saucer
at Cathy's shop.

I now have 3 little creamers, but I need 3 more. 

Valentine's cards are such sweet tokens......

I save all of my cards and have pretty, floral boxes full
to the brim with every one. 

Someday they will probably end up in a flea market 
or antique shop and will leave the buyer with 
sentimental questions......

Like this one.....

with a postmark of 1909!

It must have been from someone very special for
 'Miss Mary' to have kept it all those years. 

Cards can sometimes say those sweet things that 
are so hard to put into words......

Ramblin' Man is one who finds it hard to express 
those things, and I am always surprised 
at the sometimes heartfelt sentiments 
expressed in the cards he gives to me. 

Often, I think - is this the same man of few words 
that I live with on a day to day basis? 

These little tokens remind me that maybe 
there is a sentimental soul deep down inside 
that gruff exterior. 

He knows I love roses.....

I saw the very sweetest thing when I was at the grocery 
store last week. 

I was walking down the long aisle to the exit
when I noticed the young man
 that was walking in front of me. 

He was dressed in the 'uniform' of our local loggers.....
Red suspenders holding up heavy denim pants, 
cut above the ankles to prevent the chain-saw from 
grabbing them, well-worn leather boots, heavy knit jersey, 
and a brimmed, oiled canvas hat to protect 
from the always-wet weather. 

His broad shoulders looked tired and he was covered in smudges, 
but he had a brisk gate as he held one thing in his 
work-calloused hands. 

A bunch of red roses. 


I'd like to think they were for someone who loved him very much. 

When I was a child in school, we exchanged Valentine's cards 
with classmates. 

I can remember one particular year.....5th grade......
mostly for the pretty boxes that we made for the cards. 

We had to bring in an empty tissue box and decorate 
it with pink and red construction and crepe paper. 

My box turned out so pretty - I was very proud of it, 
but those were the days when classmates weren't 
required to give to everyone. 

I was the quiet, shy girl, who sat in the back and had 
very few friends. Usually, I only had one or two.......
but I had a little crush on a cute, popular boy.....

I received 3 cards that year. 
From both of my friends, and one from that cute boy. 


He never acknowledged giving me that card, but 
the following year he wrote me a love letter :)

Unfortunately, I moved away shortly afterwards, 
but I still remember his name.....

Sweet puppy love :)

I know that the key to Ramblin' Man's heart 
is candy......especially white chocolate. 

Even better if they are on top of his favorite treat -
Luckily, I made these ahead of time, because 
I was feeling pretty awful by Valentine's Day. 

These freeze beautifully. 

I had a few of the candies left over, too. 

He always checks the domed cake plate for treats, 
and he was very happy to see these at the end 
of a long day.

We've had many Valentine's Days together, 
some years were good and some, well, you could 
say that Valentine's Day was especially important during those times.
But these happy golden years are some of the best. 


An Irish Blessing:

May you always have walls for the winds,
a roof for the rain, tea beside the fire,
laughter to cheer you, those who love near you,
and all that your heart might desire.



  1. Hello, dear Karen,
    it looks like you had a lovely Valentines Day :O)
    Thank you for all those wonderful pictures!
    Wishng you a happy weekend, my sweet friend,
    sending Love and hugs, Claudia xo

  2. Dearest Karen,
    I so love your Valentine cards and memories, ... and your chocolate Cupcakes looks truly delicious!

    Wishing you a most lovely day, today,
    and weekend ahead

    XOXO Dany

  3. Hi Karen I really enjoyed your post ,love the story about the logger,great post my friend xx

  4. Oh my!How romantic and sweet!!!Love your posts,Karen!Hugs!

  5. Such sweet memories, love the 5th grade story. I'm always overwhelmed by the view from your living room. The creamer and saucer are adorable.
    Sorry your grandson's been sick and you too, hope you're both on the mend soon.

  6. Your sweet memories and sentiments made me cry... I too remember decorating the Valentines boxes, and the puppy love.... I was reminiscing about it this your lovely post did indeed pull the strings of my heart. Your home and dishes are beautiful ..I think they are Lady Carlyle ...I love the soft pink overtones of your living room
    ...and I felt quite at home waiting for my cup of tea. ..Thank You for the ‘ Rambling Man’ story too... I thoroughly ENJOYED myself...xoxooxx

  7. I enjoyed reading about your Valentine memories Karen. I also liked the picture of you and your husband. Valentines do get sweeter as the years go by. Hope you feel better soon.
    xx Beca

  8. I loved your Valentine post. I collect the vintage valentines too and it's such fun to bring them out at this time of year. And I know what you mean about the bittersweet. How I wish I could give my mom -- and dad -- a valentine again.

    Well, I'm sorry you're dealing with the cold. No fun at a holiday or anytime. But I'm so glad you posted. Rambling man sounds pretty nifty!

  9. What a romantic Valentine post!

    My dear husband would buy me cards that spoke to my heart, making me cry. Those cards from V-Day, bdays, anniversaries etc. are very precious to me now. They speak volumes of the love we shared for 43 years. My very favorite is one he hand made. Like a little booklet, using rose petals for heart decorations and placed in spots with glue then writing thoughts from his heart.

    Your cupcakes look yummy and I think it is wonderful that you put these together under the domed cover where Ramblin' Man would find them, while you were feeling sick. I pray you'll soon be well. Keep those love fires burning. :-)

    Love & hugs ~ FlowerLady

  10. How beautiful you both are! Yes, any marriage is a lifetime decision, and a daily decision too. Your pale pink and cream decorations are so soothingly pretty

  11. My husband used to write poems for me and give me cards and flowers and candy. Ultimate romanticist. Miss him.

  12. Great post dear. ♥
    If you want you can check out my blog. Maybe we can follow each other and be great blogger friends. :)

  13. Happy Valentines Day to you and your family Karen. Love the pictures, stories and post. Glad you are feeling better.

    Hugs Diane

  14. Such a sweet post. I do hope you are feeling much better today. Sorry you got the bug. Glad grandson is feeling better, too. Hope the twins are spared. Blessings...

  15. I hope you are feeling much better! You made the sweetest Valentines Day. I can't get over that young picture of you! Oh my! You certainly have lots of wee ones to love on these days. Take care and get well!

  16. Glad you are feeling better, Karen, though I wouldn't mind at all resting on that gorgeous couch, covered with those pretty quilts, looking out at your lovely view, if I wasn't feeling my best. You have the sweetest cards in your collection. Such a beautiful and heartfelt post, Karen. Thank you for sharing a snippet of your memories with us.

  17. Hope you are feeling better. It was a joy to visit and read about your Valentines and see some of those stunning cards, a wonderful reflection. I am with you on the Golden years, wonderful years indeed.

  18. Gosh poor you, feeling under the weather on Valentine's Day, good job you'd planned ahead with the baking! You have such sweet childhood Valentine's Day school memories, but I can see even then in America it was a bigger deal than in the UK!
    Hope you are on the mend.
    Wren x

  19. I'm sorry that you and your grandson have been under the weather. However, it looks like you still had a nice Valentine's Day. I'm sure Ramblin' Man loved his favorite cupcakes. I loved the pic of young love! ❤

  20. I'm sorry that you have been ill. I've had bronchitis for over a week and it was miserable. Your house is beautifully decorated and I know your husband is one lucky guy to have those yummy treats waiting for him. Mine can't eat sugar because of his diabetes and I try not to eat anything sweet (but it's hard!) Feel better soon.

  21. What a sweet Valentine's post! The logger with the roses in his hands actually made me get a lump in my throat! That was so incredibly sweet, Karen! We don't ever celebrate Valentine's Day...I remember the childhood Valentine's boxes with fondness. And I loved seeing my daughter and then my grandson follow that tradition. But I seldom do anything for the holiday. I'm more of a "show me you love me when I least expect it" kind of person. But, I do love seeing vintage Valentines and hearing stories like the ones you shared in this post! So sweet! And I especially love pretty know me! :-)

  22. Karen, I love seeing the picture of you and ramblin' man in your earlier years. So sweet! And oh no! I see that your ceramic rose is broken and I tried to pack it so carefully. Oh bother. Such is life! xo

  23. I've been visiting ... catching up. It was a real treat to see all your Valentine's heart/love themes in your photos. Some lovely shots and lots of special memories wrapped in them.

    Although it was all lovely, I wanted to tell you I was especially smitten with that little bowl of handmade hearts you have on your coffee table. What a simple gesture but so, so charming.

    I wish you a beautiful weekend, Karen, with many glimpses of heaven in unexpected places. Brenda xox

  24. Nice valentines day post. A favorite day as it's also my birthday. This year Phil gave me a hilarious Valentine's day card with my necklace. I drove thru Olympia to Lacey last Friday. Not too bad. Kerri drove to Seattle on Sat...good idea. I thought about you and wondered if you were going to the show. Week days was probably less crowded? I don't have your email addy . Happy weekend.

  25. I'm sorry you are under the weather, Karen, and your grandson--hopefully its all over by now. My father-in-law, who is 87, and my little grandson, who is just a year old, were both hospitalized. Papa had the flu, Brooks turned out to have had an asthma episode. Both are well, but Papa is under a bit of a quarantine. He has had lung cancer for over 8 years. He never smoked, but was a life long firefighter. We worry when he gets anything that involves his breathing.

    Your home is just perfect for romantic Valentine's decorations. The soft colors and old pieces like that pretty hutch I so envy!

    I hear you on the Valentine's Day angst. I remember making the boxes, sometimes paper bags, and worrying I wouldn't get many. I was also super quiet and sensitive. I was always the last chosen for sports teams in P.E. Its a shame that our teachers didn't think back then to change these practices. When my kids did the Valentines thing, they were to make (or buy) one for each child in their class.

    I love seeing the picture of you and your husband. I love when any blogger posts those. You both look young, happy and expectant!! I'll have to dig around for some early pics. I was the one always holding the camera, so I'm rarely in any photos!!

    The roses story is touching. I've often commented to a man with flowers in the grocery, "Someone is going to be a very lucky lady today!" Makes them blush!

    Thanks for visiting today--you are such a great blog friend!


  26. Dearest Karen,
    Well, my husband is good with words and even better in writing and I prefer that anytime over a card with someone else's borrowed words printed on it.
    Coming to my breakfast table and finding a vase filled with highly fragrant daffodils from our own garden with a note written meant a lot more than any card or roses!
    Valentine has only a commercial value and it ought to have meaning over the entire 365 days...
    No at school we never exchanged Valentines cards, guess the Dutch are too sober about that. And still it is by far not as commercial as here in the U.S.A. where it is over-commercialized.
    The flu is a tough thing this winter. Our state has had over 50 death and ranked the highest in the nation... SAD. The elderly and the infants are the most vulnerable.
    Sending you hugs,

    1. That is so lovely, dear Mariette, that your husband can be so poetic and creative for you! Unfortunately, mine is a man of few words, but his actions always speak louder than words.......Even though Valentine's Day is over-commercialized, I am still very happy, after 45 years of marriage, that my dear husband still finds it important to bring me a card and roses for Valentine's Day. Yes, the flu is very serious this year and I worry about my little grandchildren every day. Thank you for your always interesting visits, my dear! xo Karen

  27. I love some sentimentalism, it always brings a smile to the face. The nasty colds have struck here too, let’s hope we both feel better next week xx

  28. The Valentines you kept all the years are treasures, Karen. And the roses are beautiful. There's nothing like a bouquet of red roses on Valentine's Day. What Yummy Boston cream pie cupcakes. And such a cute picture of the two of you.


  29. Awe such a sweet post, sorry to hear you caught a cold, sure glad the twins can stay away so that they don't catch it either. So nice to have your furbabies close by when you aren't feeling well. Bet your hubby was glad you backed a nice treat for him before you became ill. Loved the picture of you two at the end. Love all the vintage valentine's.

  30. A beautifully uplifting post! I too have had a cold - but getting better - hope you feel well soon!

  31. This was such pretty post, Karen. I enjoyed it very much. Your charming home looks like a painting on a Valentine's Day card. The visual of the young man in the grocery store is epic..Hope your day was grand and thank you so much for your visits..Judy

  32. what a delightful post dear Karen!

    i feel refreshed when i read your delicate serene writings which carry beauty and wisdom along so elegantly!

    congratulations for the twins my friend ,felt sorry for little angle to suffer with fever but this is such a pleasure that you both are doing fine now:)

    THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR SHARING THIS TREASURED PHOTO of both of you Karen ,i stared at your lovely face which follow your description for yourself perfectly as shy and quiet girl!!!

    i was same as you so shy and quiet ,had few friends which i still have . just like you either i have collection of cards that we been exchanging since years and each time looking at them is revival of love

    your candies looks so sweet !

    this is lovely that your man says you through these cards which he doesn't speak often ,loved is feeling and words are just words lost in the wind but care and love as feeling stay in your heart forever and give you reason for life and for being happy each breath!

  33. Hello Karen, I loved reading about your Valentine's Days and seeing that gorgeous photo of you and your dear man xx

  34. I hope by now everyone is feeling much better. This was such a beautiful post whenever sweet memories are shared. I also remember exchanging Valentine cards..but I remember there to be a single card placed in envelopes and everyone exchanged. Its was so much fun and the cards back there were simply adorable. My Mom loved holidays and I miss her spirit during them. I'm so sorry I wasn't here earlier. I went through some major blog server issues last week and was done for a few days. Thank you so much for sharing the treaures you purchased and happy you enjoyed them. It was so sweet of you to share!

  35. I really love your Valentine Memories :) When I was a kid we also sent some small cards each other, I still have some of them in my papers :)
    And you look so beautiful in this photo! I feel that love between you both!


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