Tuesday, February 20, 2018

A Trip to Seattle

Hello, Dear Friends, come along with me as 
we take a late winter drive into the 
beautiful city of Seattle, Washington - just 
50 miles from my foothills home. 

You can see the two sports stadiums - Safeco Field, 
home of  Mariners baseball, and Century Link Field, home of
the Seahawks, and Sounders soccer. 

The Space Needle peeks over Safeco Field on the far left. 

Seattle sits along the banks of beautiful Puget Sound.
On a clear day you can see the snow-capped Olympic mountains,
 with ferries, ships, sailboats
 and sea-planes coming and going.

Interstate I-5 passes through Seattle and runs 
from California to the Canadian border, 
about 135 miles north. 

The tallest building is the Columbia Center tower. 
I've been to the top, to attend the retirement party
of the founder of the company Ramblin' Man works for. 

There were 360 degree views of the city. 
We watched the sunset over the Olympics. 
It was quite memorable. 

We approach our exit....

This building has mirror windows which reflect 
the two buildings across from it. 

Once down into the city, my driver (Ramblin' Man), must
be mindful of pedestrians and one-way streets. 

Sometimes I like to imagine that I am young again, 
and living and working in the city. 

Of course, in my daydreams I work at the art museum :)
and have a beautiful little apartment downtown. 
It would be so wonderful to have everything 
right within walking distance. 

Museums, theaters, restaurants.......

I've only lived in one city - Tucson, Arizona,
which is a very different and 'laid back' city.

I will tell you about my Arizona adventures
someday soon. 

My eldest daughter went to college in Seattle
and lived here while going to school. 
It was always so much fun to come and spend
the day with her. She knew all the best places.....

These wonderful signs caught my eye.

But this is the sign we are looking for......

We drive beneath the Convention Center 
sky bridge as we find the parking garage. 

Once inside the Convention Center, we ride the escalator
up to the lobby with its wonderful windows 
overlooking the city.

Another view of the Columbia Tower with the highway below.
Wouldn't you love to be inside the top
of the building beside it, with the glass roof?

So fun to watch the activity from above. 

I zoom in to see Puget Sound at the end of the street. 
A container ship leaves the Port of Seattle. 

The houses on the other side of the water lie on a peninsula 
known as 'West Seattle'. 
Can you imagine the view they must have? 

Photo from 'Sea Cargo' website

The Port of Seattle is a government agency 
that runs Seattle's seaport and airport. 
The Port has its own police dept., fire dept., 
and portfolio of industrial and commercial real estate, 
including the World Trade Center, Seattle. 
The port employs 1800 people with an annual 
budget of $650 million. 

Some buildings are works of art!

Art Deco meets Neoclassical. 

All are beautiful in their own way. 

We walk over the Convention Center sky-bridge.......

And here we are at my imaginary apartment balcony! 

Won't you have a seat? 
May I offer you some wine? 

Are you enjoying the view?

We are within walking distance of Seattle's iconic
'Pike Street Market'. 

I can dream, can't I ?........

Actually, we are at the Northwest Flower and Garden Show! 

The 'Apartment Balcony' is one of the displays. 
Next time I will take you on a little tour! 

I hope that you will join me  :)


Thank you, Dear Friends, for your very sweet, and
often touching, comments.

I so enjoy these wonderful insights into your hearts
and minds.

In this sometimes cold and unfriendly world,
it is nice to know that there are kindred spirits
on this journey we call life.



  1. That's always a great show. Wonderful photos of downtown, Karen. It reminds me that we are long overdue for lunch at "The Met". Looking forward to hear what inspirations you gleaned from the show!

  2. Hi Karen what wonderful pics gee it's such a big town so many buildings ,I think I would get lost and yes I will have a glass of wine with you on your balcony,lol,it's important to dream lovely post my friend,thankyou for sharing xx

  3. Seattle is a fun city to visit. We get there every so often. I'd love to have tea with you on your balcony overlooking the city!

  4. Thanks so much for a pictorial tour of Seattle. It's beautiful, and I love how it really is a catalyst for green living.

    We've been once, just a brief few days before driving up to Vancouver. I would absolutely love to visit again, and can I dare say, live there. Heck, our weather in Chicago has made me tough!


  5. Thanks for taking us with you on this beautiful tour. We lived right across the sound from Seattle (in Poulsbo and Silverdale) for 7 years. I do miss the wonderful weather and the fun days on the ferry to Seattle shopping.

  6. Karen, thanks for sharing this beautiful City!
    Have a nice week

  7. It is lovely to visit with you to a very unknown city. It must seem very strange to you after your country home. I would love to visit there one of these days. B x

  8. What a joy to have this wonderful tour. This is the beauty of blogging, visiting places that I may never visit through someone else's eyes. I am so looking forward to the tour of the garden show.

  9. The trip to Seattle (thanks to your husband's driving and your photos and observations) has been very enjoyable. It looks like an interesting city. I think that a city that has an important port must be a fascinating one to visit. I look forward to seeing the flower and garden show.

  10. You've captured the grandeur of the place beautifully!

  11. Thank you for the tour of Seattle, a lovely city we've never visited. Also thank you for the kine comment you left on my blog, it means a lot.

  12. My dear Karen, what beautiful and delightful pictures! I'm so glad you took us along on your adventure :)

    Thinking of you, lovely lady, and wishing you a wonderful day! Hugs

  13. Wonderful narration and pictures Karen. You also captured the many gray days we have.

    Hugs Diane

  14. I saw those bldgs too Karen. I'm glad my sister was driving 🚗! Thanks for sharing!

  15. What a stunning city Seattle is, thank you for sharing such a gorgeous post today, darling Karen!

    Wishing you a most lovely remainder of your week,
    I'm sending blessings across the many miles

    XOXO Dany

  16. A city I've not been -- and a lovely one too! Thanks for sharing these and I look forward to photos from the show!

  17. Hi Karen, oh you and Rambling Man sound like you really enjoyed yourselves. You took such nice photos of your outting. Thanks for taking us along with you.
    Julie xo

  18. Did you visit the Chihuly Garden and and Glass ? https://www.chihulygardenandglass.com/
    When I do make it to Seattle I plan to go!!!!

  19. What great photos of a beautiful city. How neat that you got to go to this flower show.

    Thanks for sharing your trip.


  20. Seattle is on my list of places to visit. I need to make my way west a little farther than Ohio! Lovely pictures. Not sure my sinuses would survive the weather there for long though!

  21. I think it would be fun to visit but I don't think I'd like to live somewhere so busy. All those lanes would make me really nervous though I suppose they have a good transport system (hopefully!) Thanks for sharing the photos!

  22. I saw Sleepless in Seattle years and years ago and have wanted to visit ever since. Haven't managed it quite yet but I've enjoyed seeing it through your eyes. Great photos, Karen.

  23. Hello, wonderful tour of Seattle. I have only been to the part of Seattle where the ferry goes over to Bainbridge and once to the port for our Alaska cruise. Driving in big cities spooks me. I am sure the Flower and Garden show was fantastic. Wonderful series of photos. I wish you Have a happy Thursday!

  24. Wow, Karen, such beautiful and interesting photos of a big city!
    One of the first things that come to my mind about Seattle is that it's where Frasier Crane lives. :)
    Thank you for the tour! Have a happy Thursday! xx

  25. I always enjoy seeing things through your eyes, Karen...it is like being there. Thank you for sharing lovely Seattle!

  26. Wow it looks like a very busy place, the older I get the more I don't especially care for the big cities, and even more so since our trip this past weekend we were side swiped by a semi. That balcony is quite beautiful isn't it, as I feel your deck is, I bet you did capture a lot of good ideas at the garden show and I look forward to seeing it :)

  27. How exciting! It looks overcast but I'm sure with rain or no rain you had a nice time enjoying the big city.
    xx Beca

  28. I have no memories of Seattle but I did live there as a very small child. I don't know if you have heard of the Seafair, but I looked it up...it still happens! And when I was small I was one of the Seafair angels! My Mom made me this wonderful little seaquined costume with wings and four other little girls and myself were photographed for the paper. We got to stay up late at the Seafair Ball and watch the queen and her escort dance. I have no recollection if we were in the parade, but I imagine we were on a float. My baby sister was born in Seattle while we were there. So, I do have a tenuous connection to the Northwest! :-) Perhaps we will get up that way at some point now that we live in neighboring Oregon! Right now it is snowing. It has snowed an inch every night for the last three nights, at first mostly melting by the end of day, but now there is a little accumulation, and it is still snowing in the morning...my husband left with a friend to take care of an errand in Madras about 30 minutes to the north of us. Not the best day for it, but I'm sure the highway is clear. hope you have a great week dear sweet Karen!

  29. This is a city I know very little about so I've enjoyed seeing your photos. I'm sure it would make me nervous to get in a big city like that but I would love to visit! And I appreciate what you said at the end of your post. I agree...we've met some kindred spirits here and it makes ALL the difference, doesn't it? Hugs!

  30. I always feel like I'm right there sightseeing with you. I've never been there yet i feel as though I've seen it through your eyes. I worked in downtown Chicago for many years. For two years I worked at the Art Institute of Chicago. But I'm not a city girl at all. I haven't been downtown in years. It is a beautiful city and thank you again for a lovely tour.

  31. I feel like I have driven through Seattle, Karen; gorgeous photos. I too can imagine living in an apartment on the top floor of one of those buildings within a short walk to the many museums that must be there....heaven!

  32. Seattle looks so crowded and totally urbanized. No greens, no nature views :( Even the bay view is so grey and concrete.
    I think I wouldn't be able to live there :P

    1. Yea, it's a city in winter under gray skies. Beautiful in the summer, though!

  33. Seattle looks so different to your cosy woodland home but it's always fun to see how the other half live! x

  34. Nice pictures,thanks for the tour!The balcony is inspiring!Hugs.

  35. When back in Boca, Fl it was culture shock. Heavy traffic, so much to see.
    Been in Rockland Maine too long. This Spring back to NYC. I had been to Seattle once 1989, wow what a change. I then went to BC. loved Victora.
    I think your end of America and Maine are the most beautiful of America.

  36. thank you so much for this virtual trip to seattle dear Karen!
    you shared some MAGNIFICENT views of the city and i can see the rush and high buildings of the city which are striking to eyes though but beside all the beauty a city can offer i love to live in village ,town or small city like i am living in.

    Seattle is very beautiful city and this is wonderful that your daughter lived here and already knew the best places to visit.
    hope you don't feel sad that you lived in cities Less as i love the natural surroundings where your pretty sweet home is


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