Friday, February 23, 2018

Northwest Flower and Garden Show

Hello, Dear Friends, as I sit here preparing to show you
the Flower and Garden Show, snow is coming down, 
swirling in the wind. 

It's been freezing cold for a week now, 
and although it is very pretty, 
I am so looking forward to spring. 

While I dream of sunshine and flowers, 
I'll have to be content with the memories for now. 

Every February we attend the 
Northwest Flower and Garden Show
at the Convention Center in Seattle,
which keeps us happy for a few more weeks
while we patiently wait for spring.

So come along with me and I will show you around......

As we enter the lobby, we are nearly overwhelmed 
with the sweet scent of flowers. 

This enchanting scene was the first that we see. 

Another lovely display with a sweet sylvan theme. 

This was an interesting garden feature in a large, 
shallow pot. A tree stump, with woodland flowers, 
mosses, nests and artificial birds and animals. 

At the base.....Can you see the little birds on the nest?
(in the upper right)

Peeking out....

I thought this would be a delightful way to integrate an old
tree stump into the garden. 

Before I take you into the show itself, 
I want to bring you to the sky-bridge I featured 
in my last post, to view more of the 
'apartment balconies'. 

I thought this was a wonderful feature of the show
for those that don't have garden space. 

These are also inspiring spaces for
 a covered deck or patio. 

This is a cozy, warm, 'Boho' space that would be easily achievable 
with a few earthy pillows, throws and rugs. 
I like the stacked vintage suitcases and the spiral plant stand. 

Planters are 'found' objects - baskets, old cooking pots, etc. 
I like the mini greenhouse on the
 window-sill and the wicker chair. 

I love the soft, gray and green color theme of this balcony.  
A large, sectioned box has been hung on the wall
to be used for serving, and old crates 
are stacked on the opposite side. 
The yellow and orange flowers look wonderful 
with the mossy colored pots. 

This mid-century modern balcony uses
 lots of greenery with white flowers in stone colored pots
to achieve serenity. 
Driftwood 'sculptures' remind you that this is near the water.
I especially love the table.  

Aren't the chairs wonderful, too?

This 'front porch' is very simple
 and would even be nice for an open deck. 
I like the thick, concrete pavers, 
and the sophisticated color theme.  

Pink and white flowers - so pretty. 

The wreath on the door is interesting.
Notice the Fed-ex package on the mat for an authentic feel :)

White twinkle lights on the planter tripod
 are a nice way to add extra lighting. 

This garden balcony was 'senior friendly' with its 
table-height planter..... 

although, the 'picnic' on the floor would not 
be easy for someone with creaky knees! :)

I like the small, white, 'grow' planters on the railing and shelf, 
and the strings of patio lights. 

A kitchen-style hook bar holds colorful hanging 'planters'.
A collection of rusty planting trowels hangs above. 

A little corner to sit and rest. 

Picnic anyone? 

I featured this in my last post, but I thought it was 
worth seeing again. It's my favorite....

just because I have the same blue pots and a similar wine rack!

You can see my wine rack (mine is black)
 against the glass door
where I keep it in the summer.

(Photo taken a few summer's ago)

My pots are a little frozen at the moment!


I hope that you enjoyed coming along with me 
to the Northwest Flower and Garden Show! 

Next time I will take you inside to see the amazing displays! 

In the meantime......

Think spring! 


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  1. I'm reminded of several excursions years ago to the spring flower show in Boston. Always a daunting journey to get there, but such a marvelous escape at the end of a long New England winter.

  2. Oh my goodness, it looks freezing in your part of the world, though the photo looking out to the deck from your room is beautiful. What a fabulous garden and flower show. It would be wonderful to wander around all those displays. Keep warm, lovely Karen.

  3. What a fun way to get ready for spring! I am in Portland so it is a bit of a trip to Seattle but maybe next year.

  4. Wonderful insights to spring you show us in the middle of this white & cold winter! Happy weekend.

  5. So pretty, I mean the 'freezing cold'. We have it here too and Im anxiously waiting for springtime...
    So much inspirations for spring on that fair/show <3

    Have a wonderful weekend and keep warm <3

  6. An amazing tour, you have left me wanting more. Quite inspirational.

  7. Hi Karen what an amazing tour ,love it all ,thankyou for sharing with us my friend xx

  8. Your snow pictures are absolutely stunning...Love the Fair/Show and the beautiful and inspiring balconies!Hugs,dear friend!

  9. Oh so much inspiration from the Fair! Snow here too...and cold!
    Have a lovely saturday, take care.

  10. How beautiful thank you for taking us along. Hope your snow, though very pretty doesn't last.

  11. Hello, your snowy yard looks beautiful. I am ready for the spring flowers and warm weather now too. The garden show exhibits and displays are so pretty. I like the cute raccoons. Enjoy your day and weekend!

  12. Whoa! You got a lot more snow than us. Ours is all gone this morning. Loved going to the show with you. I was thinking it would be fun to design these spaces for the show. Love what you've done with your wine rack. You are creative, Karen! Hope you have a nice weekend and yes...I'm thinking Spring.

  13. Oh, how lovely, thank you for taking us along! It's freezing cold here in Finland too and I'm also looking forward to spring. Soon, my friend, soon! :)

  14. Karen, how nice that you visited the flower and garden show. Those are always fun to go to. Love those mischievous raccoons in the tree. The covered decks and patios are a small cozy space for garden lovers. I think my favorite was the simple looking one with the bench and the pink and white flowers. Your blue pots with the frozen plants look beautiful on your deck. And oh, how I loved seeing all your snow! It's always a delight to come over here, Karen, and see your heartwarming posts.

    Have a blessed weekend.


  15. I liked the displays on the skybridge too. So many interesting displays and a wait for food. Glad you had a good time too. We've had a bit of snow here but it quickly disappeared in the morning.

  16. They always do a show in Portland as well. I have not been for about 7 or more years. Maybe this year...

  17. Hi Karen, what a beautiful place to go when the weather is saying something very different outside. Your snow is beautiful though, and I wish I could have just a little of it..Happy Weekend..Judy

  18. Oh! A garden show!! I can spend hours at these events!

    Snow...white stuff...not fir me at all.

  19. It was just under 40c last night here and the humidity almost 80% today it would be lucky to reach 20c and pouring rain all day crazy weather here it looks very cold in your part of the world.

  20. Quite a bit of inspiration there. I love that the show is so high up overlooking the other buildings. Thanks for sharing your trip. x

  21. I long for a beautiful winter scene like you have now, Karen. Although it's cold, the beauty of winter is such to behold. I've enjoyed seeing your lovely photos of Seattle and the garden show. Many, many years ago, I used to work in downtown Seattle. It's still my most favorite City. I'll be thinking spring for you. It's unusually chilly here in SoCal. Have a great Sunday. Pat xx

  22. Thank You Karen .. I was so delighted with the Garden Show... It’s truly inspired me and gave me “hope" that “ SPRING” was just around the corner... I do love the Sylvan theme. There were so many lovely themes to ponder but my favourite is the last one on your balcony’ awaiting the dawn of Spring.... Somehow snow just makes ones heart grow alittle fonder of the coming seasons. ....Big Hugs

  23. I LOVE those home & garden shows, Karen. I didn't get to our local one this year so it is fun to see the pictures of the one there. Ours is in a totally enclosed arena with no outside windows. I think that is one of the things I like best about your show--that the inner gardens are showcased against the outside background. xo Diana

  24. How exciting! Our small town doesn't have a garden show, but in a couple weeks the stores like Home Depot, Lowes and Walmart will start setting up there garden centers . . . I love to just stop and walk around the flowers and plants and dream of May and planting season. That and walking around my yard and seeing the tulips starting to peek out of the ground . . . it brings with it hope of Spring:) Thanks for letting us tour the show with you.
    Connie :)

  25. Fabulous pictures Karen, I have never been to the Home & Garden show. My daffodils started to bloom a few weeks ago when it was warmer and now the poor things have stopped. Looking forward to warmer days and Spring.

    Hugs Diane

  26. My favourite was the tree stump and all that they managed to do with it! I've noticed it takes a little longer before the sun is up here in the morning - our days are becoming shorter as we head towards fall! I'm always amazed by the photos of the snow - all the way up to your porch doorway too!

  27. Karen, what a wonderful taste of spring! Love that first whimsical display! I especially enjoyed the apartment balcony gardens. What great ideas. I think my favorite one is the one with the vintage suitcases. Thank you for sharing your day with us! xo

  28. What fabulous displays! I love each and every one of them, and perhaps what I love most is that every time you look out at that world of white, you can pull up these beautiful photos of flowers and gracious rooms that let the outdoors in, be warm and be happy.

  29. Hi dear Karen ,, que lindo jardin de invierno, se nota mucha serenidad en el ambiente, de ser hermoso estar ahi

  30. Thank you Karen, I really enjoyed seeing everything... and I love your commentary too xx

  31. I saw on the news that you all were getting some snow, hope it melts soon for you and spring will be on it's way! Oh I so enjoyed the pictures of the show, my favorite is the front porch with the bench but I so did enjoy seeing all the interesting items they used as pots. Hope your week is off to a great start!

  32. Lots of inspiring displays at the garden show. It's a good event to visit and get a sense of Springtime during these Winter days. Thank you for sharing your time there and your snow scenes at home.

  33. Thanks so much for the treat, The snow has melted and it will be 40 today. Who knows what's coming next week. The best thing I ever did for myself was go to Ireland walk in my Grandmothers house and beach. There is a beach called coney island just up the coast. I saw Cockles and Mussels, alive alive O" Had lunch in EDonagal and saw the castle.
    Met my Cousins and saw a LEYDEN TOUR BUS. You must take that trip while you can. Hugs yvonne

  34. Interesting garden show. Never tired to be inspired by your cozy nest in the woods.The last photo is my favourite.Thanks for sharing Karen!

  35. Oh what a breath of delicious Springtime I just saw through your post, Karen! Wasn't it fun to see all those great ideas? It was great seeing so much inspiration and creativity. Thanks for sharing with us!

  36. So pretty! I just love the spring time so much! Our flowers and trees are already beginning to bloom here in the South, I love it :-) Just hoping we don't get any more hard frosts in the near future. :-) Have a great week!


  37. Oh Karen that garden show looks so lovely! It's so good for the soul to imagine Spring is coming soon. It's all covered in snow here in ND and more coming next weekend. Thank you for sharing beauty!

  38. Oh my what a wonderful garden show. I haven't be to Chicago's i such a longt time? Each display outdid the one before it. Thanks for sharing such beautiful photos with us!

  39. Oh my gosh Karen. Dreamy, dreamy, dreamy. Your pictures are a treat for the eyes. You've made my day...just gorgeous. Mimi xxx

  40. What a beautiful post!!So many beautiful vignettes!! Tanks so much for taking us along!! I really enjoyed it!!

  41. I am so ready for spring. Love the inspiring photos

  42. Thank you for linking! We have this morning -23 C - so sights of spring are very welcome!

  43. i am filled with joy and hope...i am so happy i did not miss this post. i feel inspired, it is all so beautiful, especially those porches. we can do that...we are creative and able and you have so many pieces to get started. BUT if i remember correctly, your back deck and plant area is already gorgeous!!

    i have not been to a flower and garden show in years, but i remember the smell and it is the best part!!

  44. What a wonderful way to escape the snow! Beautiful spring flowers!

  45. Hello Beatrice, thank you for coming by my blog! Would love to have a covered porch or greenhouse, but alas I spent all my pennies on a 30 x 40 feet studio to paint.
    Since you love flowers, am inviting you to All Seasons, which is about your experience of the (whatever) season.The link is open from Sunday through Wednesday evening 7 pm. It's a wordpress blog, so the photo links are on a new page that opens up when you click on the phrase Click here.
    My url is the same as the one I am using for Floral Passions, artworksfromjeshstg (dot) wordpress (dot) com
    Hope to see you there coming week!

  46. Hi Karen, thanks for stopping by. I laughed when you mentioned your daughter had the same paint color and repainted in a similar color. Obviously the peach was quite popular at one time. The change is refreshing isn't it? I love your gorgeous snowfall photos, very pretty. The garden show displays are beautiful, I need to go check out your later posts. I can't wait for spring!

  47. Yes, snow truly is gorgeous but gets tiring very quickly. What a great way to forget the weather with the flower show! I was looking at your photos of the show and they are just incredible and so creative!


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