Friday, May 8, 2015

Wild World

Here in the foothills of the Cascade mountains
in Western Washington State, 
we have a lot of wildlife. 

Today I would like to share with you
some photos I took of five common inhabitants. 

One of the most thrilling to observe
is the American Bald Eagle. 

These magnificent birds are frequent visitors
to our little mountain and the valleys
around Mt.Rainier. 

This beauty was part of a pair. 

Seeing them soar against the face of Mt. Rainier
is an amazing sight.  

When the eagle flies, 
everything goes undercover. 

Especially this little guy that was sneaking into
the back garden. 

Our native Douglas Squirrel munches on the flower
pannicles of the Big Leaf Maple tree. 

These are very large trees with 6-8 inch pannicles. 
The leaves can be a foot across. 

These little guys are small - a bit larger than a chipmunk. 
Their primary source of food are the cones
of the Douglas Fir tree.

This watchful fellow is a Wood Pigeon. Every year I have
a returning flock who nest in my trees. 

They are large birds, about the size of a small chicken. 

They have lovely markings with a white neck band and dark wing tips. 

They, along with the Mourning Doves, 
fill the surrounding forest with their cooing. 

Here you can see it in flight with the dark
wing tips. 
These are prized prey for Eagles and Hawks, 
and this one was watching an Eagle until it flew
out of sight. 

Near the top of the food chain, 
 is Wiley Coyote.

This healthy looking Coyote has 
lovely markings with an unusual
band of light coloring across its back. 

I took this photo on my front lawn recently. 
This fellow has an intense stare!

Needless to say, I have been very
cautious when allowing the pets

Seeing this visitor made me decide 
to stop feeding the birds. 

It was a smorgasbord for predators. 

Now I will feed the birds the natural way, 
by planting and preserving native food sources. 

I hope you enjoyed seeing a few
of the wild things that live in my world, 
Dear Friends! 

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  1. Beautiful Karen!!! Every bit of what surrounds your home is magical!!! That coyote shot is stunning....though a predator he is so striking! Wishing you an amazing weekend! Happy Mother's Day!!! Nicole xo

  2. I love to see plants and animals from different places around the world, I always see and learn new things which is fantastic isn't it! Another great benefit of blogging!! Thank you so much for joining in - as always! I hope that you have a great weekend! xx

  3. Wow, lovely views and awesome wildlife sightings.. The eagle is always awesome to see. I would be worried about a coyote hanging around.. the bunny and squirrel are cute.Great captures. Happy Friday, have a great weekend!

  4. Karen I love your pics...they're always so beautiful
    Have a nice weekend

  5. these are awesome sightings! beautiful area you live in!

  6. What a wonderful wildlife post! I love your awesome photos of the eagle, the coyote...all your wild visitors! I understand why you have given up on feeding the birds, but I hope you are still putting out nectar for the hummers. Have a beautiful weekend!

  7. Coyote .. to close for comfort - wink! But I would NOT trade living in the mountain for city life..
    Beautiful photos..

  8. Gorgeous photos. Good thing you bring the pets in. They are a problem in packs. Coyotes like cats too. There were no stray cats where I use to live, but tons here, because there is a busy street separating us from the mountain. I can't believe the size of the Bald Eagles' nest. I've seen a pair by the lake north of here, but I mostly remember them from Wyoming and Florida, because there were tall trees, and it was easy to spot the nest. It's an amazing bird. Happy Mother's Day xoxo Su

  9. This is amazing! We so hope to see an American Bald Eagle every time we come to America but have yet to. The rabbit is so cute too. You are so lucky to have all this on your doorstep. Have a great weekend x

  10. Wow, I love this window on your world, Karen! Cute little squirrel :-) do the coyotes attack people or stick to creatures smaller than themselves?

    1. Hi Alison - Thank you for stopping by! The coyotes here do not attack people and when I went out to shoo him away, he/she ran like a bolt of lightning! Their main food source are rabbits and small rodents, although they will take a small pet if given the opportunity. Usually I have two large dogs to patrol, but we recently lost my beloved 'Champ' a border collie, and my other dog is grieving and won't go outside alone. I will be looking for a companion for him soon..... A large dog to be companion and guardian. Take that - Wiley coyote! xo Karen

  11. Another wonderful post, Karen!
    I just adore these majestic views.
    Happy weekend!

  12. Hi Karen, Such an abundance of beautiful wildlife on your doorstep, the photos are fabulous Love the Bald Eagle...Hugs May x x

  13. The pictures are amazing! Eagles are very impressive when they fly! I kind of miss seeing them in the sky here. I've never seen one in Brittany.

  14. Oh wow- you live in an awesome place! Great shots and I am so envious of your eagle sightings...and of course the beautiful backdrop of the mountain. Have a wonderful weekend!

  15. You have captured some wonderful wildlife. Oh my that coyote would scare me being so close to the house, let my dachshund out back all the time by herself, she would be bummed if she couldn't lay out in the sun in the summer time.

  16. Love all of your photos Karen! That's what I love about where we live too - the beautiful wildlife. When we looked at our house for the first time and went down to the dock a bald eagle flew right over us. I thought maybe the person wanting us to buy the house set it up ("ok cue the eagle" - Lol) as it was just so beautiful and perfect. ;)

    I have not liked when we had a coyote issue though that became so troublesome it had to be trapped for the sake of my poor Ruby.

    Happy Mother's Day to you my dear sweet Friend! I hope your beautiful family spoils you well. xoxo

  17. Hello Karen, just stopping back to say thank you for linking up! Great post! Have a happy weekend!

  18. Karen that was just incredible!!! You must have an excellent camera to get such good photos of the eagles, and other creatures. Thanks very much for sharing that.

  19. Karen you always take my breath away with the beauty of where you live and the stunning scenery. The coyote however would have me quaking in my boots! Be careful my friend! xx

  20. It is so wonderful to be able to take photographs of nature and animals and all the gifts from our Lord,

  21. You are so lucky to be surrounded by so much of nature's beauty. wonderful selection of furry and feathered critters and full of information, too! happy critter day!

  22. Beautiful! I love the mountains and all the critters.

  23. You always amaze me with these wildlife sightings Karen. Great shots of the eagle, and I could watch these magnificent birds soar all day long. Whenever the red-tail hawks or turkey vultures soar overhead here, I just stop and watch until they're out of sight. The coyotes are so daring aren't they? We have them living here in town beside a local pond. People that are careless (or ignorant of their ways) lose their small dogs and cats to them. Enjoy your day!

  24. Fantastic shots of the critters and scenery. Have a great week.

  25. Wonderful pics, Beatrice!

    I am surprised to see Wile Coyote isn't carrying around dynamite or some such for his battles with the Roadrunner.

  26. Dearest Karen,
    Incredilbe insights you give us here into your piece of paradise but it can turn into a merciless wild place indeed.
    Finally able to read some blogs; got so way behind but I certainly enjoyed the visit of my dear friend from The Netherlands!

  27. You live in a beautiful part of the world! How amazing to have such wonderful wildlife at your doorstep.

  28. And a very beautiful world too...The nature around you is amazing! Thanks for sharing this with us...
    Have a happy week!

  29. Oh, I enjoyed seeing a bit of your wildlife around your area, Karen. I love nature, and it's one place I can always find peace. That coyote is a sly one, be careful of it. Your little squirrel friend is funny. There is a squirrel at the park that I go to, and he pops his head out from the dirt underground, and he startles me sometimes. I think he just wants to see what's happening around him. Your soaring eagle picture is delightful. Thanks for sharing the wildlife around your neck of the woods.

    I hope you had a very nice Mother's Day.


  30. Hello Beatrice,
    This is great. And what a fantastic area do you live. Nice view with all nature.
    You got your own Zoo...hihi..!!
    Nice shots of that squirrel and great to see the passing wolf.

    Many greetings,

  31. Awesome Eagle sightings and I love the sweet little bunny. I would enjoy seeing a coyote in the wild like that too.

  32. I did enjoy seeing the wildlife around you. Eagles are magnificent and there are a lot along the river here and apparently a pair nesting not far from our house but I've not seen them myself. We have coyotes in the area as we hear them at night when we have our windows open (it's too cold at night to do that yet!). They creep me out though.


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