Friday, May 1, 2015

Happy May Day!

Happy May Day, Dear Friends - 
I've picked some posies from 
my garden for you
with five selected poems and quotes.

'I have been in the meadows all the day,
And gathered there the nosegay that you see,
Singing within myself as bird or bee
When such do field-work on a morn of May.'

Elizabeth Barrett Browning

There is lilac for humility, 
Columbine for resolution,
Forget-Me-Not - for true love.

According to the Victorian book, 
'The Language of Flowers'. 

This charming book, reprinted from a hand-made
original, was a gift from my Sis.

The sweet green jar I used today
was also a gift from her. 

She lives 3000 miles away, 
but is always in my heart. 
Do you have loved ones far away? 

I've hung my 'basket' on my front gate. 

Just a sweet reminder of lovely 
days ahead.

'How fair is a garden amid the trials
and passions of existence.'

-Benjamin Disraeli- (1804-1881)

 'I have a garden of my own
But so with roses overgrown,
And lilies, that you would it guess
To be a little wilderness.'

- Andrew Marvell -
'Occasional Poems' (1681)


Every May Day I gathered a basket of flowers
and walked down the lane to slip them
on Mother and Father's door. 

They were my beloved neighbors
for 30 years. 

They loved the sweet, simple
things in life. 

I loved to brighten their day. 

I hope I have brightened yours, Dear Friends. 

'A garden is the interface between the house
and the rest of civilization'. 

-Geoffrey Charlesworth, 
'A Gardener Obsessed' -1994


'Gardens are a form of autobiography.'

- Sydney Eddison -
Horticulture Magazine - Aug.- Sept. 1993

Happy, Happy May Day, Dear Friends! 


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  1. Happy May Day to you too Karen!! I love the simple posie you have on your gate, and that green jar is one of a kind ;) How nice that you had your parents as neighbours in your beautiful area for 30 years! I'll bet they loved having their daughter close by ... I know I would. Everything in your garden is so lush already ... it looks like the tropics with the tall ferns peeking over the fence. Little Whitey looks happy once again. Has he recovered now from his sadness? Do you still have the little daschunds? Take care, and enjoy your weekend!

    1. HI Wendy - thank you for your sweet visit and lovely comments. Yes, Whitey has recovered somewhat and yes, again, we still have our little visitors. <3 They will be moving soon, if all goes well, but I and Whitey will miss them. We will then look for a companion for dear Whitey Bear. He needs a romping buddy....xo Karen.

  2. Beautiful photos, flowers and poems! I loved every petal and word. :0)

    Happy May! Happy Springtime! And Happy Weekend dear Friend! xoxo

  3. Such a beautiful posie on your garden gate! Spending the day in the meadow sounds divine! Happy May Day!

  4. So simple yet so beautiful. Lovely garden

  5. Have a wonderful May Day my lovely! The colours are now in full flow. Have a wonderful weekend xx

  6. Such a wonderful post sharing the joy of May Day!!! So much beauty from your garden with gorgeous flowers and beautiful words and poems too! Thank you so much as always for joining in. I hope that you have a great weekend! xx

  7. love your garden gate. :) yes, all my loved ones are miles away.

  8. Happy May Karen. The gate is so pretty with the flowers. Have a nice day and weekend!
    Julie xo

  9. Some lovely photos you show us!
    Have a happy weekend and take care...

  10. Indeed you have brightened my day with your beautiful posy and quotations. I can't believe how much is in bloom in your garden! A very happy May Day to you, Karen. X

  11. Hi Karen, your beautiful photos are always a joy to behold. I love the book you have; I've seen it but haven't purchased it as of yet. Maybe I will. Your garden is so so pretty in all it's spring colors. It's been hot and windy down here in Southern California. My vegetable garden is really taking off. But, oh, we could use some rain. Have a blessed holiday weekend. Hugs to you, Pat

  12. Karen- What a beautiful, beautiful post! Your photos are just gorgeous and the flowers and fence area is gorgeous! LOVE it!!!! xo diana

  13. Yes indeed you have brightened my day with the sweet flower basket and lovely poems.But I'm now missing your parents, and it makes me miss mine. I do often wish they could stop in one more time.

  14. I love your May Day posies in the jar. What a beautiful post. I have a sister across the other side of Canada in BC. I miss her a lot. Happy May to you. Enjoy the weekend.

  15. Karen, what a lovely idea to bring flowers for your mom and dad every May day and put them on their door. I was wondering, what happened to their old home? I love that they led a sweet and simple life. For me, it's the only way to live. I think you know which poem was my favorite......Yes, the rose one.

    Have a pleasant weekend, Karen.


    1. Hello, Sheri, thank you for visiting! My parent's home.....ah - I cannot go is not the same and although I could walk there, it is at the very end of the lane and I do not pass it going out. It has been sold....but to an investment company and is being remodeled. There is a gate.....I would have to sneak in through the forest and I know the trail....perhaps soon....Yes, the rose poem is a favorite of mine. Hugs xo Karen

  16. I didn't know that you lived down the way from your parents for 30 years! How wonderful to have those memories and I can only imagine how much they adored you and your sweet gifts Karen! This posy is beautiful! And I love how you attached it to the gate!!! Happy May!! If I am thinking correctly....the baby is due in May?!?! So many blessings to look forward to my friend! Wishing you all good things! Nicole xoxo

  17. Your posies are so pretty, especially the one on the gate. What a lovely way to mark May Day!

  18. Happy May Day to you too! This is a beautiful post full of loveliness. I love all the flowers and all the quotes, what a lovely start to May. Have a glorious weekend xx

  19. Karen - what a lovely post. Enjoyed the poems and the flowers.

    Have a lovely weekend

    All the best Jan

  20. Happy May to you! What a lovely post. The gate and flowers are beautiful. Your furbaby is a sweetie.. Have a happy weekend!

  21. What a lovely post in thoughts and photos!

    Have a wonderful May ~ FlowerLady

  22. Hi Karen,
    I just love your flowers ~ you not only grow them, but also set them together in a very beautiful way! And those poems ... I enjoy greatly your garden, not having one of my own .., such a joy it is to witness how the seeds grow to something colorful and pretty!

  23. Dearest Karen, happy May to you too. Your blog is always a joy to visit! I also enjoyed the previous post with all those wonderful, vintage details. Your home is not only beautiful but has a soul and a warm heart.
    God bless you and your family,

  24. Lovely post with lovely pictures. It seems Whitey also loves your flower arrangement.

  25. Love your little May "basket" hanging on your gate. So many years ago remember doing may baskets and dropping them at friends houses. such a sweet idea!

  26. Dear Karen,

    Happy May day to you and love all the sweet posies of flowers from your gorgeous garden.
    Also enjoyed all the lovely quotes and poems - thanks for sharing.
    Hope you are having a happy weekend

  27. Beautiful and beautiful arrangement for the gate, and so welcoming. xoxo Su

  28. You have brightened my day, what a gorgeous post. Yes, I do have loved-ones far away so I know how it is, although now I am with my Parents the rest of my family are far away! Loved the flowers on the gate, warms the heart!
    Happy Sunday
    Wren x

  29. What a lovely post! Beautiful flowers (lilac is my favorite), beautiful words, and a beautiful dog! Happy May!

  30. Beautiful bouquet, it looks great on your fence, my family all live 9 hour drive from us (not sure of the mileage) it's hard to only see them a couple times a year, but I am thankful for the internet that keeps us connected. Your garden looks lovely!

  31. Dear Karen,

    Your post is the better "day" of May.

    Warm greetings from Volos.
    Yannis Politopoulos

  32. What a beautiful post! Your flowers and garden gate are gorgeous. Thank you for sharing such a wonderful tradition with your parents. Great Memories!! Happy May Month!!

  33. A Happy month of May to you as well Karen. You picked some very sweet nosegays! The little posie looks beautiful on your front gate.

    Have a lovely week!

    Madelief x

  34. Good morning, sweet friend! Your post for May Day was simply beautiful and oh so sweet. The flowers in the green Mason jar look so pretty, dear Karen, and would bless anyone's heart.

    Thank you for always making my day more lovely. You are a joy! Hugs!

  35. Hi! I just found your blog and became your newest follower, it is truly lovely and I love your decorating style. These flowers are beautiful! I enjoy placing quotes in my blog as well, so enjoyed reading these. Have a wonderful day!


  36. Thanks Karen! It feels good to help in a small way! Have a nice week! Julie xo

  37. Oh you are truly blessed my friend with family and friends and things to remind you of them. Wonderful pics. Hug B

  38. I love your posies in the jar.

  39. What a neat way to decorate a fence, those flowers in the jar are gorgeus and I loved all your other photos. Wonderful words too.

  40. I loved your jar full of posies and your dear poems that you've shared, Karen. You surely did brighten my day and I loved the memory of you sharing May Day flowers with your sweet parents.

  41. Dear Bea, what a beautiful post and such beautiful flowers. I think the dog is sweet too.
    Been plantings in yard window boxes and Garden, can't stand up today, Oh my back.
    Happy Month of May and everyone in Maine is smiling with the weather. I miss my parents also and so many wonderful friends gone by. yvonne

  42. Happy May Day to you too, very beautiful!! Hope you enjoyed your special day.

  43. I guess I have one oar in the water, It's Karen, not Bea, well sending you a hug, loved the comment. Wishing you the best Mother's Day ever. yvonne

  44. What a delightful May Day post. The flowers on your gate are perfect and I always love seeing your American Eskimo.


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