Tuesday, May 26, 2015

A Busy Week

Hello, Dear Friends, we have had a busy week
helping our daughter, Jennie, get ready for her move. 

Here is her 'new' dream cottage, built in 1910. 
This photo was the real estate advertisement. 

It is in a sweet neighborhood of charming
little cottages, not far from a lovely, historic, 
 town center with a farmer's market. 

Here it is now, with the beautiful, and very old,
rhododendrons in full bloom. 

The little sun room on the side....

Her parking area, complete with vintage garage. 

Inside the back fence, looking towards the garage. 

Her deck needs repainting....
Her Father told her that now she has
a use for all of her 'spare change'.
She said, "Spare change is all I'm left with!"

Her Father, (Ramblin' Man) mowed the lawn. 
It was a foot high in places! 
The lawn hadn't been mowed since it went on the market. 

He also secured all areas of the fence where 
her little companions, Peanut and Weenie Baby, 
could squeeze under or through. 

They are tiny escape artists! 
Here they are at my front gate. 

When they are all settled into their new home, 
I will show you some photos of the inside. 

Jennie has many lovely ideas to make 
this little cottage her own.

Lots of painting, new floors,
 and garden plans. 

The view of the sunset from her back deck. 

She has a view of Mt. Rainier
 from her bedroom window on a clear day,
which we have not had many of, lately.

Her stairway is very narrow with a corner and low ceiling. 
Ramblin' Man had to cut her box spring in half
to get it into her bedroom! 

He bracketed it back together, good as new :), 

Here it is all set up against her newly painted walls.
Everything else was in storage. 

This is what it looked like before painting. 

We all had cravings for orange creamsicles
 whenever we were there :) 

The photos don't do justice - the color 
was hideous! 
Now they are a soft, warm linen. 

She has two of these little rooms upstairs, 
both painted the same color. 
She has been working long into the nights
to finish painting them before moving day. 

She has been staying with Heather and Eric,
(sister and sister's husband)
since January, to save
for a down payment. 

This is the entry of Heather and Eric's new home. 
Jennie has been living with them
since the day they moved in. 

I will show you both of their new homes inside, 
once they finish decorating. 

Now all of my children are homeowners! 
They have worked hard, saved and sacrificed
to own their own homes. 

I am very blessed that they all live 
close by. I know how difficult it is to have 
loved ones far away. 

I can't imagine having them away at war,
like so many parent's experience. 

I am so humbly grateful to our men and women
in uniform, past and present. 

Without them, we would not have the privilege
of owning our own homes, perhaps.

We would not have the freedoms
that we take, so often, for granted. 

Just thinking about that word, 'Freedom', 
and how many privileges we have 
because of their sacrifice,
makes me feel very humbled and grateful. 


Baby Ethan, newly born

Tomorrow we are going to visit my 
new little dumpling grandson - baby Ethan. 
I get to hold and snuggle him 
the whole afternoon! 

'Home' themed paintings on mantel. 

Here on the home front, I am still working on
redecorating my sewing room, but I 
am almost done. 
Just one more sewing project to finish
then I will share. 

I also need to find time to do some potting
for my deck. Hopefully, later this week. 

It has been cool and overcast for two weeks,
but I can't complain. 
So many are suffering from disasters right now. 
Our thoughts and prayers are with them. 


Oh, and remember that I thought the Grosbeak's 
hadn't returned when I stopped feeding the birds? 

Well, I was wrong, and here is proof! 
I kept hearing this amazingly beautiful 
bird song in the trees around the back of the house
and being half blind, of course I couldn't see who 
was singing! 

I put out the binoculars and my camera
for the next time I heard the singing, 
and this is what I captured.

I was so happy to see that it was the Grosbeak. 
This variety is called, 'Black-Headed Grosbeak', 
which is such a plain and simple name. 

He should be called, Pavarotti Grosbeak
for his beautiful voice! 

These colorful birds have consistently nested
here over the years, but I have never
been able to link the song with the bird. 

I love when that happens :)  

Salmon Berry bush - food for the Grosbeaks

Here is wishing you beautiful bird song, Dear Friends, 
to brighten your day! 

Thank you for your sweet visit! 



  1. I'm not sure if I got to say congratulations on the birth of Ethan, so in case not, CONGRATULATIONS!!!! Congratulations too to your daughter on her new home, it is beautiful!!! I am sure that it will be even lovelier when she has cast her decorating hand over it all! xx

  2. What a darling, darling "cottage" home. I just love it. The tree outside is just beautiful and the setting is just lovely, too. What fun those kids are going to have with their new home.
    Have fun yourself holding Baby Ethan! Make sure you get a couple of new pictures of him. Have a great night, Karen! xo Diana

  3. Have to tell you first that your new little precious grandson is so adorable and know he is lucky to have you for a grandma! also your daughters new cottage is just adorable and know it is going to be an amazing place with you as an example of learning to decorate. It is already very charming. How great of her dad to secure the fences for her little dogs... those little ones can really be escape artists. Best to you and enjoy that precious little boy and the time you have with him. CONGRATULATIONS TO YOU!!!!

  4. I love that cottage! Being a new homeowner is so exciting!

  5. a sweet looking place! love those trees! congrats to all your kids.

  6. It's an adorable home. You are lucky to have all your children and grandchild nearby. xoxo Su

  7. Your daughter's new home is so cute! And those trees and backyard are icing on the cake, I'm sure. I can remember the fun of decorating my first home years ago. You are so lucky to have all of your children close by. Have fun cuddling your grandbaby!

  8. Tell your daughter that her cottage is adorable!!! I love everything about it!!! Oh my!! And how exciting that your sweeties are all close by Karen! You enjoy cuddling that sweet baby up there my friend! And have a lovely week!! Nicole xoxo

  9. Oh, what a sweet baby boy!!! Congratulations to your grand sun. Sure you'll have a lot of fun with him. And the cottage!!! An absolutely adorable place with, as you mentioned a beautiful neighbourhood Fantastic!!!
    All my best to you and yours

  10. Dear Karen,
    what a lovely Cottage, what a lovely new home for your Daughter!
    A beautiful place to live, to love, to laugh..... comngratulations to this beautiful home!
    Thank you for the wonderful pictures, even about Baby E ....Ethan is such a sweet baby :O)
    Wishing you all a wonderful rest of the week, sending much Love and hugs and blessings, my dear friend!
    Claudia xo

  11. Your little grandson is such a sweet baby ,I love this cottage.is adorable..and looks so wonderfully cozy!
    Have a nice day!! Vicky

  12. Sweet little baby and congratulations for all these wonderful blessings.

  13. What and adorable cottage and very cute grandson - how you will enjoy having a cuddle with him soon. All the best, Judy.

  14. Wow, Karen! Is that the epitome of Cottage, or what? It's so endearing listening to the list of things dad has done already after telling her she's going to have to spend her pennies now. Baby Ethan = epitome of adorable. I'm longing to cuddle my own three even as I write this. Have same issue as you: hear song for years without knowing what bird it comes from. So enjoy all your pix as always. If you get a chance, come see my Wordless Wednesday series. Yes! Series! Four pix in a row! I know, amazing for me.
    Love to you sweet friend, from m & jb who throws in an extra sniff :)

  15. Hi Karen, congratulations on your new grandson. He is so adorable! I can see your garden is in full swing, love looking at those scented bulbs. Oh how I miss them. Love Jennie's cottage too and that old rhododendron is so impressive. Haven't seen anything like it. Thank you for sharing. Enjoy your week


  16. I love Jennie's cottage! When she gets ready to paint her deck, have her check out the stencilled deck at www.whitelacecottage.com. It's a bit of work, but oh so beautiful...

  17. Jennie's cottage is just adorable, Karen! I can't wait to see more of it when she's all moved in. I'm sure you enjoy all that snuggle time with baby Ethan!

  18. So happy for your daughter, it is so nice to own your own home, such a lovely sunset you captured there. How wonderful to have the kids so close, our daughter is a 13 hour drive away but hopefully this time next year they will be moving closer to us. Enjoy that grandbaby :)

  19. A mountain view! Wow! That is so great! I am sure her little place will be adorable when all done.

  20. What a gorgeous home! And that adorable dumpling! It's a huge blessing to be so close to family. Enjoy that baby!

  21. A busy time indeed! Many, many blessings. Your daughter's cottage reminds me of a little house my husband and I owned in Illinois. I always had such a feeling of peace when I walked into that house. It seemed to have the peace of a simpler time built into it. Enjoy holding your grandson, and the lovely call of the grosbeak. X

  22. Oh he is so adorable! Lots of exciting things going on in your world. Congrats to your kids for becoming homeowners, and super news that they are close by. Mine are both out in my back field- all 10 of them- that's 6 grands and 4 adults!
    Have a wonderful rest of the week.

  23. Hi Karen, your daughter's new home is so cute. I'm sure she will have it painted and decorated soon and will have fun doing it too. I love the sunset photo on the mountain - so beautiful. Enjoy your sweet and precious grandson. Blessings. Pam

  24. Your daughter's cottage is wonderful. I can't wait to see the inside. She has quite a large yard. Will we see flowers and gardens in the future? I know she will make it what it needs to be.

  25. Congrats to your dear daughter, Karen. What a lovely little cottage she has. I love the beautiful setting with the yard and garden. And, little Ethan is adorable. Grandchildren are the most precious gift. My best to you. Hugs, Pat

  26. A whole afternoon of cuddling that little bundle sounds like time well spent ;) Your daughter's new home is just adorable ... congratulations to her! Love those enormous rhododendrons ... wow! It reminds me of a house that was once for sale in our village, and it was listed as a "doll house". I think the name for it was perfect with the sweet upstairs rooms with slanted ceilings the same as your daughter's home. Such fun to be decorating a first home. What a beautiful sunset view she has too. I'm so glad for you that your family all lives close to you ... something I hope for when my kids find their own homes.

  27. Your daughter's cottage is so charming, Karen. I like so many things about it - the big back yard, the ceiling in the bedroom, the gorgeous pink blossom tree in front. So happy to hear all your kids are homeowners. Jess finally moved into a town house, but not a home owner yet. California housing is a bit expensive where Nel lives. That was nice of your husband to mow that BIG yard and to fix this and that.

    This is good news, and I hope your daughter has many wonderful years to come in her new cottage.


  28. Jennie's new home is so charming! Such a beautiful spot and I love the changes she has made already. I bet it will be so fun for her to see the transformation as she makes the changes she wants in the future.

    It's so wonderful that you have your family close by - and I can see why they'd stick around. You live in such a beautiful area....not to mention you can tell what wonderful parents you guys are, and now can be the most fun grandparents!! Love these peeks into your wonderful family.

    Such beautiful words about the military and our freedom Karen. It goes straight to my heart as a sister of someone in the special forces in the army. I agree with every word you shared!

    And yay for the lovely grosbeaks and their beautiful song! xoxo

  29. PS: Have fun snuggling that new baby Boy! Ethan is so adorable - can't wait to see more pics in the future! xoxo

  30. Dearest Karen,
    Well, Jennie found herself a cottage with a fenced in garden for the Dachshunds; how incredible! Buying a home is only the beginning as it takes time, money and lots of love to create room by room our own touch. You as parents can indeed be mighty proud for having four children being all a home owner. Sweet sisters too for living together like that.

  31. What a darling home for your daughter! That rhododendron is amazing, and how lovely she has such a pretty view. Those little "escape artists" are adorable.
    And oh, snuggling with a new grand baby. Must be the definition of bliss! Enjoy.
    Oh, and to have all your children living around you, how wonderful. Our youngest is moving out of state in July. Sniff.
    xo Deborah

  32. This is an adorable cottage and I can't wait to see more of it. Your daughter seems to have very good taste!

  33. Congrats to Jennie! A truly lovely cottage home. Enjoy!

  34. OK....the cottage is ADORABLE!!!! At least she has that great garage, too. And, that lovely tree. And, well, 1910....that means it's Arts & Crafts, and that's my FAVORITE style!! I admit I am very much looking forward to seeing inside once she gets moved in and it's decorated. If I was on my own, I might opt for this very house! You are indeed so fortunate to have all your children closeby! And that sweet little grandbaby! I bet that little one got lots of hugs and kisses. Oh, how I loved it when ours was tiny, but I've loved every stage all the way to his 13 years now. Give your daughter my best wishes...and the parents of that new grandbaby all my best too.

  35. well my mouth is still hitting the floor. I saw those two trees and wanted to ask what kind. They cant be Rhododendrons? I have never seen any thing like it. I have those Grosbeak birds
    and they take my breath away. That's not good as I have COPD. Haha

  36. I love the sweet little house your daughter bought...what fun. I can't believe that Rhododendron...it must be a million years old.


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