Friday, May 29, 2015

A Busy Week, Continued....

Our busy week included a special journey. 

We traveled through fields of gold

along the foothills of the Cascade Mountains. 

The skies finally opened up to beautiful sunshine
after days of gloom. 

Everywhere, buttercups cover the pastures. 

Such a beautiful sight! 
Mt. Rainier still hidden in the clouds....

Lovely farms under beautiful skies. 

We arrived at Tahoma National Cemetery
to see the flags of Memorial Day still decorating
the headstones. 

My Dear Father was in the 
Army-Airforce back when 
it was one branch of the
Armed Forces. 

My Mother arrived here first, 
in 2011 and waited 
a year for her beloved to 
join her. 

They were married 58 years. 

We told them that now, 
we are Grandparents! 

We paid our loving respects 
and continued on our way.....

To see this little guy! 

We got to hold baby Ethan
 and snuggle him 
all afternoon! 

We even got to take a walk around
the neighborhood with him! 

It was a most wonderful day! 

I took this photo of my son holding him. 

He is a good baby, but a bit of a night owl, 
and his devoted parents are a bit tired out. 

I promised that things will get better.....

We reluctantly said goodbye, 
but before heading for home, 
we stopped in to see my youngest son
and wife who live close by. 

Here are the brothers together,
Dustin on the left, and new Father, Gabe. 

They fought like cats and dogs
growing up, but now they are 
best friends. 

I wanted to send them both to 
boarding school to get some peace! :) 

We had a lovely visit, but 
soon had to hit the road. 

We had an hour and a half drive home. 

The shadows were getting long......

We skirted along the foothills
with the setting sun. 

Finally, the forests opened up
and we caught a glimpse 
of Mt. Rainier. 

We passed the old lumber mill 
as the sun dipped behind the hills. 

We were leaving the forest....

To come upon this....

Almost home.
 A beautiful ending to a 
beautiful journey filled with love. 


Wishing you sweet journey's home, 
my friends. 



  1. Absolutely poignant and lovely post, Karen. Spanning the beloved family generations. What beautiful scenery. Congratulations on the brothers becoming friends as grown ups.I wasn't sure our two youngest boys would survive childhood, for they were always trying to kill one another. Amazingly, they too are friends now. Sweet little Ethan, tying the generations together.

  2. Oh Karen I never get tired of looking at your beautiful photos of where you live! It must be wonderful to go for a nice walk or drive. The baby is so adorable. Have a nice weekend.
    Julie xo

  3. Oh Karen, I love traveling along the roads with you. What gorgeous countryside you live in. Your little Ethan is adorable and I know that drive was so worth it!
    Happy weekend to you!

  4. wonderful roadtrip and for the best of reasons. :)

  5. A wonderful journey is so many ways. I hope that you have a great and relaxing weekend! xx

  6. You take such amazing photos...every one could be a postcard! And what a sweet baby boy. I know you loved spending time with him. Your sons are both very handsome, too. I have four grown sons and they are all best friends still. Enjoy your weekend! Hugs, Diane

  7. Love the picture of your two handsome boys together. They both look like happy guys! That baby is just precious. Couldn't you just eat him up? BUT DON'T!
    Glad you were able to see then all and enjoy the drive home.
    BEAUTIFUL photos- xo Diana

  8. now that is what I call a wonderful week! The views are breath taking, but I know snuggling that little cutie beats it all! He's adorable.

  9. Your precious Ethan is so sweet. Beautiful photos and how nice that the clouds lifted from Mount Ranier at sunset. Have a nice weekend.

  10. Baby Ethan is a sweetheart! It is wonderful that you can see him often. Our son is graduating and looking for a job. I sure hope they don't have to go too far. I'd miss my babies!

  11. Beautiful post! I am always delighted to see loved ones shared with us here. Baby Ethan is precious and all your photos from the trip are wonderfully shared. Thank you and please enjoy a great weekend!

  12. Ah this post just warmed my heart my friend....the shot of that sweet little bean sleeping and his little feet with your son! Just too perfect for words! I am so glad you had this time friend! And the trip out there was stunning! You gave me a chuckle when you mentioned you wanted to send them both to boarding school...ha! My little guy is 4 and is jumping off of everything. I wish he had a brother to romp around with! Wishing you more loveliness this weekend Karen! Nicole xoxo

  13. Dearest Karen,
    You almost have come full circle... with a visit to the grave of your dear Parents and than visiting your own grandson.
    Dustin looks so much like his Dad in this photo! Precious moments for having captured in time.
    Baby looks already quite different from the first photo; they keep changing so fast. Glad you had this special time with him.
    Sending you hugs for a happy weekend.

  14. Happiness in this post really! Love to follow you on this trip and your always so beautiful pictures...and baby Ethan is so cute!
    Have a great weekend, take care...

  15. So many many congratulations flying over from across the pond to you and yours on the birth of your grandson! Baby Ethan is adorable. Six weeks was my magic time when both of my two settled and the new routines were well rehearsed and things become easier! So very happy for you all xxxxx


  17. I never tire of your beautiful scenery Karen! I feel like you folks there probably say what many in my area say here: that we live in God's country. So lovely!!

    And quality time with Ethan. ::sigh: Does it get any better than that?? I bet your folks are smiling down from heaven on you all. True circle of life kind of post. Love that. You have such a beautiful family.

    There truly is not better blessing, in my book. than family. Happy weekend and thanks for sharing dear Friend. xo

  18. What an amazing trip, filled with old memories and also making new memories. That grandbaby is just precious. I know that part of the trip was a favorite thing. They just grow up so fast.

  19. Looks like a gorgeous drive and to end up at your grandson tops it off perfectly, he is such a cutie. Love the shot of the sun setting on the mountain!

  20. Such lovely photos! Your grandson is so adorable! I enjoyed seeing your daughter's sweet cottage on your last post, too. Happy times!

  21. Dear Karen,

    Beautiful post spanning the circle of life - from the visit to your dear parents grave to the most precious new darling baby - love the little feet.
    Thanks for taking us along and I enjoyed the wonderful scenery
    happy new week and thanks for the kind visit to my blog

  22. That was a wonderful trip covering the generations. Good looking Sons you have.
    Thanks for letting me tag along, beautiful drive.
    God Bless you and family,

  23. Dear Karen,

    Your trip is a warm look to the land and the memory of your family.
    Your personality is a "sea" full of love.
    All your family is a legend of today.

    Yannis Politopoulos

  24. Visiting you is always a pleasure!

  25. You do a wonderful job of sharing your journeys. Really gives one a sense of your place on the planet. Glad you are getting sunshine. And what a ray of sunshine your darling little grandbaby is! So hard to be away from them for long at that age. We are in the 90's. Summer is here. Happy days ahead!

  26. What a beautiful day you had....the landscape and the family. Congrats on the birth of that precious child, he is adorable and what handsome sons you have. A sweet circle of love.

  27. Beautiful post and beautiful pictures, especially your little cuddle-bug, Ethan. So glad I stopped by.

  28. Congrats to you and the family on the new grandson. He is a cutie! Your sons are handsome, great shot of the two of them! Love the views of Mt. Rainier! An awesome roadtrip! Enjoy your week ahead!

  29. Breathtaking photos - I can't believe what an amazingly beautiful setting you live in. I love the photo of your two grown-up sons being friends - I wonder if that day will ever come for my boys? At the moment all they seem to do is compete with each other and mock each other's achievements! Thank you for showing us those lovely views and that gorgeous little boy. Judy.

  30. Loved spending the day with you and always love your narratives and photos. What a precious little fellow ethan is and know this is a little life that is going to bring you much joy!

  31. Very sweet post! Thanks for taking us inside your wonderful journey!

  32. Good day, my sweet friend! Oh my, baby Ethan is simply precious! Congratulations to you and the parents....what a joy!

    I always enjoy coming along with you on your drives and I appreciate you sharing your lovely pictures with us. Enjoy the upcoming weekend. Hugs!

  33. Oh what a beautiful day, Karen! Beautiful scenery! Beautiful time spent with loved ones. Visiting your parents graves, and then your sweet grandbaby, Ethan! He is SUCH a cutie! Visiting with your parents where they are buried had to be special, but bitter-sweet. I have lost my Dad, but thankfully still have my Mom, though I don't get to visit Dad's grave anymore or see Mom anymore, since we are so far away.

    Your sons look so sweet together. I am glad to hear that though they fought like cats & dogs as children they are very close now. We have a unique situation here...our daughter & sil have taken their nephew into their home because of problems in his home, have gone through foster care classes and are raising him now. The nephew is two months younger than our grandson, who was an only child for thirteen years. Now he has a "brother" his exact age, one with a different upbringing, and a totally different personality. It's stressful at times. The nephew is a great kid and now that he feels loved and cared about, I think he will come out fine. This has been a good thing in so many ways. And good for our grandson too but it's also stressful for him, sharing his life with sibling when he never had to do that before. He feels some resentment. They fight, and the nephew who is smaller sometimes gets the brunt end of things physically. Keep them in prayer...that's all I can say. :-) Perhaps one day years from now there will be much more love between the two boys as young men.

    I see that your maiden name is Lincoln! Does your line go back in any way to Abraham? On Ancestry I discovered that our grandson and gr-nephew are the gr-gr-gr-gr grandsons of Abraham's first cousin(brother of Abr. son)! This is through our sil, so no relation to our daughter or us, but I thought it was pretty cool for our sil and the boys.

    Have a great week. Sorry I got so behind with your posts! All my best---Marie

  34. Congrats, Granny! What a sweet little guy, bet you had the best visit. Your sons are very handsome.


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