Thursday, June 4, 2015

A Country Drive with Good Fences

Hello, Dear Friends, here we are in the 
beautiful month of June! 

I have been enjoying the scenery
on my way back and forth to visit 
my children and to the market, 
so I thought I would take you along! 

We start here, at the top of my little mountain. 

Once we descend from the forest, 
the fields of buttercup open up
to the sky. 

Buttercup is an invasive ground cover, 
but who can deny it's charms
at this time of year? 

Most fencing here is sturdy barbed wire for cattle, 
but there are also farms with lovely rail fencing....

For beauties such as these! 

This green barn has recently been restored.  

Isn't she a beauty? This former dairy 
farm was falling into disrepair 
when a young family took possession,
 built a new home and started
restoring the grounds. 

This is the view.....

Here is another beautiful restoration, 
right down the road. 

For whatever reason, this lovely farmhouse
sits empty. There are no for-sale signs. 

Perhaps a foreclosure....

This is the same property
from another angle. 

Wouldn't you just love to wake up to that view? 

(Pardon the hood of my little Ford Ranger....)

This region was hard hit by the recession
and is still trying to recover. 

The first haying leaves poly-covered rolls in the fields. 

These are not as picturesque as old fashioned hay-bales, 
but I'm sure they are much easier to manage. 

The orange structure is part of a fish ladder
to help protected Salmon spawn upstream. 

My little house-guests, Peanut and Weenie Baby, 
accompany me on a visit to their new home. 

(I have been pet-sitting for my daughter while
she saved for and purchased a new home)

Jennie is not quite ready to keep them permanently,
(lots of painting going on),
so I have been bringing them for visits. 

Whoa! I'd better slow down - I took that 
corner a little fast! 

This is one of the last remaining working dairy farms
in the region. 

Love the old truck <3

More gorgeous white fencing....
These homes are new. 

Cloudy skies. 

Scotch Broom - another yellow invasive, 
but oh, so pretty! 

This sweet little gate always makes me smile. 

I see the elderly gentleman who lives here walking his dog
along the side of the road, sometimes. 

He used to have a little lady by his side, 
but she has been gone a good, long while. 

Now it is just him and his dog. 

He still keeps the little farm neat and tidy. 

Almost home from our journey....
A Horse Chestnut in full flower
against tall Poplar.

This amazing Wisteria blooms among the 
branches of this tall Douglas Fir. 

It has been blooming in this tree
for the 34 years that we have lived here. 

I can't imagine how old it is! 

A favorite farmhouse,
 (another beautiful restoration)
 as we start to climb
the road to home. 

Cattle and horses enjoying the mountain meadows.
This is the same barn as in photo #2. 

Home again...

Just in time!!

Thank you for coming along, Dear Friends! 

I always enjoy your company! 


"There can be no friendship where
there is no freedom. 
Friendship loves a free air,
and will not be fenced up in straight
and narrow enclosures."

William Penn


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  1. Thanks for the ride! Lovely countryside scenes, I love the barns and farm animals. Sad to hear the old man is walking his dog alone now. Lovely photos, enjoy your day!

  2. Wonderful trip. It's so great to see that the homes/barns are being restored. Your area is so very pretty and the view of the mountain is just awesome.

  3. O so many wonderful and beautiful sights and places along the way! Thank you for including us! I love all those farmsteads and I see you have the same buttercup fields as we do!
    Have a lovely day!

  4. I loved the tour, the dogs, all was just a real wonderful day .
    Then it rained. That is okay. Makes flowers strive to fullness till end of summer.

    Have a good night as well.

  5. Thanks for the ride adn the tour but my favourite shot is of Peanut and Weenie Baby looking out of the window. So cute

  6. It is always so lovely to go along on your drives! There are some very pretty barns and houses aren't there. I hope that the doggies enjoyed their visit to see their Mom! xx

  7. Dear Karen
    I love your fence posts. So nice with all that lines fences made!


  8. Dear Karen,

    I enjoyed coming along on the ride with you and seeing all the beautiful countryside, scenery, homes and fences. Loved the photos of the sweet dogs looking out the window.
    Happy weekend

  9. i wondered if peanut and weenie baby had moved yet. :) so cute in the passenger seat. lovely territory you live in, for sure!

  10. Beautiful views, and I love restorations! Love the shot of Peanut and Weenie Baby when you went around the corner. Lol Too cute!!!

  11. Just look at those farm houses! Ahhh a dream to me indeed! I really was drawn into your shots with the bright green foregrounds and cloudy skies....I would never tire of your landscape! And I am always taken when you share stories of the people who live in those houses. Peoples stories are so fascinating to me! Thank you for sharing the beauty with us today friend! Wising you a lovely end to your week! Nicole xoxo

  12. Hello dear one,
    Told Ray that, aside from it already being occupied, and it being in WA, the yellow house in the fourth to the last photo is mine. LOL! Puppy pix were funny!
    Happy Coming Friday, xoxo from m & jb who will not get in a car willingly, end of story.

  13. You can't help but smile at those cute little dogs! You may want to keep them. LOVE your photos! You always show some panoramic scenes....beautiful! Sweet hugs, Diane

  14. Dear Karen, thank you for another wonderful trip arround your area!
    It really is so beautiful, even if it is raining ;O)
    Have a lovely and wonderful weekend, my dear friend,
    sending Love and hugs and blessings,
    Claudia xo

  15. Lovely ride! Cute little co-pilots you have there too! Beautiful photographs and I too loved the old farm truck in front of the dairy! Your part of the world is simply beautiful!!

  16. Dearest Karen,
    What a beautiful June drive. Love the Scotch Broom, fond childhood memories as it grows in my province in The Netherlands. Tried to grow it here in Georgia but it died... belongs to the climate where also heath does thrive.
    Isn't it sad if homes are not being kept up and eventually go to ruins? Love the ones that lovingly got restored!
    Hugs and weekend blessings to you.

  17. Dear Karen ~ This was such a lovely drive through your countryside. You are blessed living where you do. It is nice to seeing old places being restored, they've had new life breathed into them.

    Thank you and have a nice weekend ~ FlowerLady

  18. I'm one of your new followers and I have to say that your blog is exceptional! The photography is stunning and the writing is heart-felt. You definitely have a way of reaching into the heart and souls of your readers. (Can you tell I have been doing a lot of back reading?) :-)

    The car ride today was like a breath of fresh air. Thank you for taking us along.

    Marilyn (in Dallas)

  19. Such Beautiful country side you have to drive through, I bet it is real interesting when you are seeing homes being restored and lived in again. I bet the dogs just love going to their new home and visiting, looks like they enjoy the drive too!

  20. Thanks for another great journey! I love the beauty of these trips together. Such charm in all the farms and fences and fields there. Not to mention that glorious mountain view!!
    Jennie's babies could not be any cuter too. ;) I think you're going to miss them.

    Blessings for a beautiful weekend. xoxo

  21. Just what I needed a trip out, I loved joining you and being able to see all those beautiful houses and restored barns from my armchair, Such lovely views of your mountain you get to see everyday. So different to where

  22. I always love coming along with you on your rides in the country, Karen. The wisteria is so pretty dangling over the tall Douglas Fir. Your dog pictures are so funny. I can see why you and your daughter love them so. And the white fences are very charming. There is a few white fences that I always notice when I take a drive in the country, and I just love them.

    Have a nice weekend, Karen.



  24. Another beautiful drive through your countryside. I alway enjoy them. Your daughter's dogs are so cute watching out the window as you drive along. It's sad to see farms sitting idle but then farm land is being used for new homes. Farming is so expensive today - you have to 'go big or go home' as they say. Enjoy the weekend. Hugs. Pam

  25. Karen, I also wanted to mention to you that the portrait "Young Girl Reading" is a favorite of mine too. In fact, Nel has the picture on a music box of hers. :~)

  26. Your two grand dogs look so funny in those car pictures!

  27. Those Two doggies are so cute, what a painting they would make.
    Those white fences make me think of Kentucky. Yvonne

  28. Dear Karen,
    oh I love it when I have to chance to be on the road with you! What a great company you had - these two little dogs are soooo sweet. Curios!!!
    Happy days and all my best
    Oh plants do definitely love nice conversations!

  29. You have such beautiful country to travel. Beautiful barns and homes, so fortunate that so many have been restored and renovated. Congrats again to your daughter on her new home. Loved the pics of the dogs as you took that corner too quick...reminds me of my kids when I drive. Hugs!

  30. Hi Karen, thanks again for the ride. enjoyed your beautiful countryside. oh and the pups are so cute.

  31. I enjoyed the ride and the pretty views, you certainly have a home sweet home, the dogs are so cute enjoying the drive as much as I have me thinks!! Here in the UK there is a big trend to wildlife gardens which basically means letting the buttercups run wild and enjoy their blooms!
    Have a brill week.
    Wren x

  32. Beautiful scenery Karen. So green and lush. A sweet photo of your two house guests. Hope you had a good time with the two of them :-)

    Happy week!

    Madelief x

  33. You have lovely surroundings to enjoy as you make your way around! I have strip malls, etc. :(

  34. Hi again Karen!
    I just wanted to let you know I nominated you for a Liebster award as I love reading your blog. If you want to get more info and accept go to my blog: xoxo Blessings dear Friend. ;)

  35. Karen...beautiful fences, barns and fields! Especially those fields of buttercups! Beautiful photos. What lovely view you see on your drives. I love that quaint little gate!

  36. Hi I hope the little Weenie dog feels better after the Vet visit. How well I remember my Mom ironing. I still do Ironing, No body I know irons. I do my pillow cases and a few Shirts and
    slacks. Plus Napkins. I wanted to share another Memory. If you can watch PBS or on the internet PBS video's. It's the documentary on the Roosevelt's, by Ken Burns.
    It's wonderful. Meryl streep is Eleanor's voice. Ed Harriman , and Peter Coyote narrates.
    I learned a few new things. Yvonne


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