Monday, May 18, 2015

A New Arrival

Hello, Dear Friends, I want to introduce you to
 the newest member of the family, 

'Baby E' ! 

We are truly blessed. 

Our first Grandson.

Mother, Erica, and child are doing well. 

Father, too! 

Son, Gabe shows off 
Baby E to proud grandparents, 
Jeff and Jayne. 
Their expressions are priceless! 

8 lbs. 10 oz.

Strong and healthy. 

Holding my first Grandchild! 

So incredibly happy! 

Baby E holds Ramblin' Man, Grandpa's finger <3

Aunt Heather says 'Hello' !

Aunt Jennie gets a turn.

Uncle Dustin, too. 

Check out that contemplative gaze,
with hand on chin :) 

He knows he is going to have some fun
with Uncle Dustin!

Some chubby cheeks for 'Gramma K' to kiss!

Baby E is welcomed home.

The nursery.

Where the 'dirty work' takes place :)

So sweet xo

A very happy place!

Tiny shoes....

Tiny clothes....

For a tiny bundle of joy!

Sweet dreams, little one.

We are so blessed that you are here!



  1. awwww....what a beautiful baby Karen, congratulations on becoming a first time grandmother xxxx

  2. Congratulations, Karen! He is so adorable! Grandchildren are the best! :-)

  3. tiny little boy! congratulations to all of you!

  4. How wonderful for you and your whole family! Congratulations to you. There are few greater joys!

  5. Aww Karen congrats to you and everyone on the arrival of baby E! How precious and beautiful the baby is and everyone looks so happy! Enjoy!
    Julie xo

  6. Congratulations Karen!! What a wonderful, beautiful miracle! Thanks for sharing the good news. I'm so happy for you!

  7. Comgratulations to everyone on the birth of your darling grandson! Thanks for sharing the photos and all the happiness of the family...priceless!

  8. Welcome to the world, Baby E. I am so happy for you, Karen. What a blessing this is. The nursery is cute, and I had the same bassinet for my own kids. You must be floating on the clouds having a baby to touch, to sing to, to love. Congratulations. This is special, indeed.


  9. awwww...Karen. He is just precious. There is just something about that FIRST grandchild, one can ever take their place-that is a special spot in your heart...and you realize, of course, that your heart is NO LONGER your own. Beautiful baby boy and you look beautiful holding the precious child! xo Diana

  10. OH MY he is beautiful, Karen...such a wonderful blessing for your family! Congratulations! Welcome to the world, little one!

  11. He is a darling! I couldn't stop smiling at the happy pictures! It is such a blessing to have grandchildren. Congratulations to you all! xo

  12. Congratulations, Grandma! When is this cutie getting a name?

  13. Congratulations to everyone! Adorable. xoxo Su

  14. Congratulations and welcome to the best role you'll ever play. Being a grandmother is wonderful! Your little E is so very sweet!

  15. Oh Karen, I am so happy for you and your family! You are going to love being a grandma:)

  16. AHHHHHH!!!! I have so been waiting for this one friend! I am so happy for all of you!!! What a complete joy this is and he is beautiful!!!!! A big congrats to your son and daughter and law! What a sweet little family they have! And his room as absolutely adorable! Loving those stuffed animals and the soft color palette she used in there! Tell her she did a stunning job! Enjoy him Karen! Your family looks so very happy!!!! LIFE IS GOOD!!!! Here is to may exciting memories to come! Nicole xoxo

  17. WElcome Baby E :O)))
    Dear Karen, my friend, this is such a wodnerful news! I am so happy for you all, congratulations to your Grandson and congratulations to the proud parents too! Glad, they all are well!
    Thank you for those lovely Photos!
    Blessings to you all!
    Sending Love and hugs too,
    Claudia xoxoxoxo

  18. CONGRATULATIONS Karen on being a grandma. Little E is so adorable and how lucky to have such a beautiful family. The fun is just beginning. I love my job as a grandma. It's the best. Hugs to you, Pat

  19. Congrats, he's so cute!!!!

  20. Oh Karen, Baby E looks so incredibly cute! Children and grandchildren are the biggest blessing in life. His new room looks a happy and serene place.
    Congratulations and good wishes to all the family!
    PS Thank you for your interesting comment on my post. The black-throated loon, as many aquatic birds, has indeed a fascinating call.

  21. Awwww. congratulations! He's absolutely gorgeous and perfect! I love his nursery, it's so clean and simple. Little man is blessed to be born into such a wonderful and loving family:)

  22. Congratulations on this little bundle of joy! The happiness radiates through the photos.

    Love his little nursery.


  23. OOOooohh - he's here!!! Congrats Karen!! (& to All). He's SO beautiful and so alert...look at those eyes just checking everything out. And grabbing Grandpa's finger -be still my heart. Now the Grandma fun begins. ;)

    And what a precious nursery. So happy for all of you. Thanks so much for sharing him with us. xoxo

  24. Congratulations to you all!! I can only imagine the feeling of holding your first grandchild, he is just the sweetest!

  25. Karen love
    What a miracle. Such a sweet baby.
    I wish you all the best on your first grandchild.
    And parents all the luck in the world.
    Best Wishes

  26. Grandkids are something else, entirely. I am having a wonderful second childhood with mine! Hope you do, too, dear Karen. Blessings upon all of you!
    :) :) :) m & jb who was very interested in pictures of your "new E kitten"

  27. Dearest Karen,
    What a bundle of joy you all are holding!
    Congratulations to all of you. Happy that all went well and now the joy of seeing him grow up and learn is beginning. Lots of photos will be made.

  28. Congratulations! Welcome to baby E! He seems to be surrounded by lots of love.

  29. Congratulatons Grandma Karen!! I look forward to seeing more photos in the years to come. Being a grandparent is great!!!

  30. Dear Karen,

    Congratulations on your sweet little grand baby and how thrilled all the family must be.
    Lots of wonderful photos of the proud family.

  31. So tiny and ADORABLE!!!! One of the cutest photos I ever saw was one of a fathers hand with mothers in it and baby's in hers! You gotta do that!!!

  32. How wonderful! I just found out that I will be a great-grandma in October to an Abigail Rose. That makes me feel so old. (but, I'm only 58!) This will make my mom a great-great-grandma at 79! Goodness! 5 generations! Enjoy your new addition.

  33. Just absolutely wonderful. Nothing like a baby to put the most important things in life into firm perspective! So happy for you all - lucky boy to be born into such a close and loving family.

  34. Oh congratulations to you! and how precious is this new little life. Know this will open an wonderful new chapter in your lives, and one that is very special. Blessings to this new little one!


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