Friday, February 24, 2012

Recipe for Happiness


Take 2 heaping cups of Patience,

1 heartful of Love,

2 hands of Generosity,

A dash of Laughter,

1 headful of Understanding.

Sprinkle generously with Kindness,

Add plenty of Faith and mix well.

Spread over a period of a lifetime

And serve everybody you meet.


  1. I needed this today! I can't believe I have let the stress of life get in my way once again! I have not blogged since the 8th of February and how did it get to be the 24th already! I need to print this recipe and hang it on my wall, so I don't lose focus on what is important. Cheri

  2. Excellent recipe. My only change would be to include more than a dash of laughter, where possible! In our house, when someone's about to go somewhere and wondering, "Do I have everything?" we often add "Have you remembered your sense of humor?"

    (I realise a sense of humor isn't just about having a laugh, it's also about having a wider perspective. Why is it that so often a wider perspective reveals that things are actually absurd?)

  3. You are welcome, Cheri, and yes, time does run away sometimes, but at least you are working on catching it again! xx

  4. Hi Christine, I love your parting words to one another, that is priceless! And yes, things do look absurd when you step back and really notice. One of the best ways to find humor is in irony, I think! There is plenty of that in this life, don't you think? We should all be laughing all the time! xx

  5. The best recipe I've come across in a long time. I'm going to write it down and put it in my recipe box just in case I forget it. Thanks for sharing it!


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