Wednesday, February 8, 2012


Sometimes life just throws you lemons. So what do you do? Make Lemonade of course! Do you like my apron? A very Dear Blogger friend Christine, from Scotland (you can read her wonderful blog, 'Writing from Scotland' by scrolling down my blog list) read about our terrible ice storm and the immense clean up and she sent me this fabulous apron to cheer me up. It is a 'Gillian Kyle' design, using organic fabrics and inks. She has a website

Christine knew I was trying to make lemonade and she sent this perfect little gift to cheer me on.  Christine knows a thing or two about making lemonade, as she has been given some lemons recently, also. That she has taken time to think of me while she herself is dealing with so much, speaks volumes about what a kind, sweet person she is.

Thank you, Christine.

Life is not always a bowl of cherries. Sometimes your spirit can sink very low. You can be riding along just fine, enjoying the view, and then you hit that proverbial bump in the road. It can really knock you down.

But you just have to keep going. Stopping for a while to refuel. To make some minor repairs. Then you have to jump on that bandwagon again.

And maybe instead of a bowl of cherries, you end up with a chair of bowlies. But that's o.k. A chair of bowlies might be just what you need. Maybe life doesn't always work out perfectly, but you can still make it a perfect life.

Even if all you see are gray skies. You have the power to turn those dark clouds into silver linings. All it takes is a little resolve. A little pep talk. And maybe first you need to rest, to sort things out, to gather all of your lemons and put them in order.

Surround yourself with cheerful faces. Even if that means buying them from the flower shop. Make yourself happy.

Thinking of others can do the trick. No matter how bad you think you have it, there is always someone out there that has it worse. And although you don't want to see other's suffer, you can use that knowledge to step outside of your own problems. Feed the birds, donate to the food bank, encourage a child, visit the sick. Your problems don't seem so bad any more.

Buy yourself a little gift. Here I have combined two - a gift for myself, and a gift for my little hummingbird friends. Don't you just love the 'antique' bottle? I couldn't resist.

Simple pleasures can add up to happiness. It's all in how you look at life. Only you know what will make you happy. Take tiny steps and head that way. Soon you will be rolling along, seeking out happiness at every turn.

And turning that bowl full of lemons into sweet, sweet lemonade.


  1. Thank you for your inspiration. It happens to all of us now and then that we get down and we need a little pick me up! I was just out doing some errands and there was a young man standing on the corner with a sign that read "bet you can't hit me with a quarter" I thought that was very sad, but a very catchy sign! At the same time a woman was walking across the street drinking one of those little bottles that alcohol comes in....the liquor store was right there, very sad. I came back to the office thinking I am a pretty lucky girl. We give to the food bank at our church. I tend to give a cash donation because for every $1 you give the food bank can buy $7 worth of food. I have been keeping my eye on some primroses and I think I am going to do a little planting this weekend rain or shine! Thank you I love reading your blog and I have been doing a pretty good job of keeping mine going and here it is the 8th of February! Not bad not bad at all. Cheri

  2. Aww, you look "affa bonny" (awfully pretty) in that apron! And is that a tiara you have on? ;-) Glad you liked it.

    As usual your post is such a tonic for me, thanks Karen.

  3. I love your new apron Mom! Christine is a very sweet person and I do love her blog!
    I want you to know that there have been many lemons thrown my way and you have been the one to turn them into lemonade for me. You always know just what to say to cheer me up and restore my confidence. Today was the perfect day to post this wonderful message. I love you

  4. What a great and very thoughtful present, Karen. This is so true. Not everyone travels down the same path, not everyone handles life's lemons the same way. And its not always how you fall..its how you pick yourself back up that matters. Thanks for the inspiration today!

  5. Heather, You are a very lucky girl to have such a wonderful Mom and your brother Dustin is not so bad either! :)

  6. Hi Cherie, thankyou for sharing today, I love the idea of giving cash to the food bank instead of food, a great tip. Thank you for your kind comments. Primroses are just the thing to keep your spirits up! Happy planting! xx

  7. Hi Christine, I like that little saying, 'Affa Bonny'! Some of the little sayings you write on your blog remind me of my Father, he loved a good 'saying'. The Tiara is actually my calendar hanger. I took the calendar down to take the picture! But the hanger was screwed into the door! I hope your week is going well. xx

  8. Awww! Heather, my reason for it all, I am glad that I have turned your lemons into lemonade, and you have done that in return for me so many times. I love you, sweet one. xx

  9. Hi Sarah, Thank you for sharing and I love that is not how you fall, it is how you pick yourself back up that matters! So true. xx


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