Thursday, February 16, 2012

In Between Time

This is the time of year I call the 'In Between Time'. Winter is coming to a close, but it's not quite Spring yet.

These last few weeks of Winter can really drag on.

It's also an in between time for me, as I have no projects going on at the moment except the never ending clean up from the ice storm. But that is going slowly, as the weather has been rainy and very cool.

We have had fresh snow in the higher foothills. The day before yesterday we had a hail storm. It pockmarked my new Primroses that I had just set out. But it can't dull their bright cheerful faces.

I seem to want to fill every available pot with flowers inside and out this time of year. A cheerful and inexpensive way to keep the spirits up.

My sweet daughter J came to visit me last night and brought me these. Roses for Valentine's Day. You can't have too many roses, I say.

How wonderful is it to have two vases full of roses?

The roses Hubby gave me for Valentine's Day are fully opened and just as lovely as can be.

I guess those 30 plus years of wifery and mothering is paying off!

Speaking of Hubby, he is my Rambling Man this week, traveling to Spokane to stay on top of things for business.

So I offered to have a sleep over with these two little sweetie pies to keep me company.

My daughter J's mini dachshunds, Peanut and Weenie Baby. Weenie Baby is recovering from a serious illness. We almost lost her. She is just as sweet as can be.

The vet put her on Prednisone for a serious blood disorder, among other drugs. It caused her to gain a lot of weight. She is so chubby and cuddly now. But her last visit to the vet is this week and they will take her off the steroids and she can get back to her girlish figure once more.

Peanut is happy to have her sister to play with once again. And steal dog treats from. They are inseparable and it would have been tragic if Weenie Baby hadn't recovered.

So all is right in the pup dog world once more.

We are hanging out together for a few days. They get along great with my dogs. But not my cats.

Maggie calls them the 'evil twins'. But I keep them well separated. The cats get to hang out in my bedroom and go out the side door. They know the routine. They also get to sleep with mama. I woke up this morning to Ling Ling purring loudly in my ear. Yea, she was sharing my pillow.

The picnic table is free from it's fallen tree. Hubby and I worked one whole afternoon cleaning up the aftermath.

The whole top of my very large cherry tree broke and fell from the recent ice storm, crushing the metal gazebo. It spared my picnic table, though. You can see the large white gash of bare wood that used to be the cherry tree in the background.

Once upon a time it looked like this. But that is o.k. It is easy to replace. And even though we lost the cherry tree, it will open up the space to more light.

Isn't that what life is all about - change? When one door closes, another one opens.

Every experience leaves the door open for change.

Change is good.

It keeps us moving forward.

So excuse me while I finish my morning cuppa while I contemplate my next project. Mmmm, let's see, I think I will do some baking.

Dog treats anyone?

I have a great recipe......I'll share that next time.


  1. Those roses are lovely, and what sweet wee doggies. I'm so glad to hear the one who was ill is now getting better. It sounds like although you are without your other half, you are hardly alone!

    P.S. When I left my comment on your Tribute to Dogs post, I thought the acknowledgement said, "...and will be published after dog owner approval"!

  2. Hi Christine, I may have to change the acknowledgement, I like that! xx


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