Friday, February 3, 2012

Signs of Spring

Look what I found blooming today! One little dandelion poking it's head up out of the dry leaves. It's been warm and sunny every day this week and I have been going outside.

To face this. As far as the eye can see. Tree limbs and fallen trees. But I am putting on my blinders and tackling one small area at a time.

Trying my best to put some order into a landscape of total chaos.

Making neat piles. We are going to rent a chipper and turn them all into mulch. Nothing goes to waste.

Anything too big for the chipper gets turned into firewood. Hubby loves to fire up his chain saw. Now he has a good excuse.

This is the front page of The News Tribune today. I guess we are not alone. Our recent ice storm caused a lot of damage.

It is hard work and I am feeling it. But I wanted to get in shape this year. Be careful what you wish for!

Look at what else is coming up! Daffodils! This was the first place I cleared because I knew my early Daffy's would be blooming soon.

Something to look forward to!

I lost a big section of my plum tree. But I gathered up some of the branches to bring inside. They have just started blooming. A small consolation.

I also found these moss covered twigs and put them in my rustic handmade pottery vase. It's really a coffee cup that my sweet sister-in-law sent out from New Hampshire for Hubby. You put your hand in the open flap to keep warm. I borrowed it from Hubby. I don't think he will mind.

Here's a better view. The twigs came off another plum tree, one I have had since my children were very small. Part of it broke, too. I try not to think of all the damage. I am trying to look forward.

I bring things in to cheer me up. To cozy up the nest. Remember the terra cotta planters I painted before Christmas? I brought in some pine cones for them. The big one is from my 'Monkey Puzzle Tree'. Don't ask me the Latin name, I couldn't tell you. All I know is that it comes from Chili. And it is an ancient form of evergreen. It's completely covered in spines. So I planted it next to my Holly tree.

The heart shaped rock is from Hubby.

After my work out every day, I have been sewing my applique' wall hanging in the evening. Here is a peek. I am almost done.

I promise to show you as soon as I am finished. With a tutorial.

I hope you have a wonderful weekend! Spring is just around the corner! What are you working on?


  1. hi sis...hard work yes but whats growing under makes it seem worth it tiny little blooms we have had hardly any snowthank god for small im making a valentine basket for the VFW meat raffle today choc covered strawberries and all... mom asked me how could i say no.made some beautiful cards this week my crafty side is waking up lots of ideas up my sleeve another great story...xoxo

  2. That is a lot of cleanup! But you are right to take just one spot at a time and you made it sound enjoyable to me with each treasure you found! Again you have inspired me to get outside and do a little cleanup myself! Thank you! I was sure hoping that I would be seeing more bulbs popping up all over my yard but I have this fear that our beloved chickens (the girls as we call them) may have scratched some of them up. I think my next post will be about them! Enjoy your weekend and my prayers go out for Dustin's friend.

  3. To be perfectly honest, I have been working on catching up on my sleep all day today! I got to Friday night and was felled by great fatigue. But I am going to stay awake for a bit now, and will be knitting on my "hopeful stripey cardigan".

  4. Hi sis, You are right, what is growing underneath makes it all worthwhile. You will have to post your creations on your blog! Chocolate covered strawberries sound so good! You are so sweet to make the basket for raffle. Someone is going to be very lucky! xx

  5. Hi Cherie, I am glad to inspire you, but this weather is probably the real inspiration! My temp gage reads 64 degrees today! I should be outside myself, but taking a little break to do some much needed housework. I will look forward to seeing 'the girls'. I love chickens, but can't have them. Too many predators :( Enjoy your weekend! xx

  6. Hi Christine, rest is just as important as any other activity. I am looking forward to seeing your 'hopeful stripey cardigan'. I always love the beautiful colors you use. Like rainbows. xx

  7. Hi Karen,
    Your applique is looking so lovely, cannot wait to see the finished item!
    A sign of Spring, how lovely, here in Scarborough North Yorkshire we awoke to a lovely blanket of snow! I love it, yet I doubt it will be here for long! I am looking forward to the bright blooms of Spring.
    I am working on Valentines Cards galore at the moment for my little shop so it is hearts all round! I also have a stack of Lighthouse, Boat and Beach Hut things to make!
    Have a happy week,
    Andrea x

  8. Hi Andrea, I hope to have something to show you by the end of the week if all goes well. We are having a little taste of Spring, but I have no doubt that Winter is not done with us yet! I see you have a bit of Spring Fever and busy crafting up a storm. I can't wait to see.... Stay cozy xx


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