Wednesday, February 22, 2012

A Gift

I just put together a hand-made gift bag for a very special young lady in my life. She is just learning to knit and I wanted to gift her with a few new supplies to encourage her brand new pastime.

To begin, I found an unbleached homespun bag at my local craft store. I also used some pretty buttons and lace, plain tags, some pretty cotton dish towels, some unbleached cheesecloth, jute and stamps.

I hand stitched the lace and buttons onto the cloth bag on both sides.

This little bag can double as a knitting tote.

I glued lace and a button onto the manila tag and used some sentimental stamps. I used jute twine for the hanger.

I then tied a pair of bamboo knitting needles with lace and a small tea dyed tag written with the size of the needles.

Small muslin bags were also stamped to hold tiny knitting supplies.

Larger supplies were wrapped in double layers of unbleached cheesecloth, and tied up with jute twine and vintage silk flowers.

Books with simple knitting projects are wrapped in dish towels, tied with jute twine and more vintage silk flowers. The bamboo knitting needles were added.

I included some yummy mohair yarn and tucked everything in the cloth bag and tied on the gift tag.

A sweet gift for a very sweet girl.


  1. What a beautiful, beautiful group of presents. Lucky recipient - and thank you for sharing it with us first! I wish her many hours of happy knitting.

  2. Oh Mom, she will absolutely love this!! The best gifts I've ever received are from you. You know how to make a person feel so special and loved. You are my inspiration! XXOO

  3. Hi Christine, thankyou, I hope she becomes as beautiful a knitter as you! xx

  4. Hi Heather, you are sweet to say such lovely things. You are my heart. xx

  5. You're such a thoughtful friend! My bff taught me to knit and sends me care packages, too. It's so hard to be away from her...and I still haven't learned to knit socks!

  6. I absolutely loved this special gift you put together for me. I began to Knitt a lace scarf. It's turning out beautifully because I have all the tools I need. Thank you for making my day extra special.


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