Thursday, February 23, 2012

A Happy Journey

( I took these pictures traveling 40 mph from the car with my Kodak Easy Share camera. I love that camera and so sad that Kodak is not going to make cameras anymore)

We went to see a house that my eldest son and his new bride are hoping to buy. (I can't show you pictures yet, until the final documents are signed) We are so happy for them. They currently own a townhouse near the city, but this new home is in the country and close to my son's job. It is 40 miles from us, but as luck would have it, the road from here to there can be taken 'the back way'. It is nearly a straight line as the crow flies.

Past beautiful old farms.

With mountain views.

My son is a senior program manager for a world wide computer company. How that happened from growing up in this tiny mountain town, I'll never know.

But back in the 80's when computers were just beginning to be a house-hold item, we went out and bought a Mac. With so many bells and whistles, it was the only Christmas gift we had under the tree that year.

I guess it payed off because both of my sons are computer 'geniuses' now. The youngest one owns his own Computer Consulting company.

You never know what will influence a child.

They spent their childhoods roaming the woods, building forts, and on rainy, cold days like today, on the computer. They used to fight over it.

Hubby and I didn't even know how to use it.

But we took classes so we could keep up.

You are never quite prepared for when your children know more than you do. But that's a good thing. Unless they remind you all the time when they are 14. But what 14 year old doesn't think he knows more than his parents? Well, that is what Hubby and I told ourselves, anyway.

This beautiful countryside is what we get to see on our way to visit. Forty miles might seem like a long distance, but here in the West, it is what you would call a 'Hop, Jump and a Skip Away'. Through that whole journey, there are only two small towns that we drive through.

One has the best bakery in the world, and the other has the best restaurants. So when we go to visit, we can bring dessert and maybe even dinner!

All we'll have to say is 'Got Milk?'


  1. What a gorgeous drive! I'm so excited to see their new home. While we were on our ski trip in Bend we got to see pictures and hear all about their future plans. What an exciting time in their lives! I remember when E and I bought our home - it seems like so long ago......

  2. Hi Honey, yes, time does fly by, but it has been a wonderful time and so fulfilling to see our children making beautiful plans. xx

  3. Oh I really enjoyed your drive - thank you! Beautiful scenery. It's funny what you say about 14-year-olds. Ours is still at the stage, when asked her opinion about decisions concerning her, of often saying, "I don't know - you're the adults!" There's some quotation (Mark Twain perhaps?) along the lines of "when I was 14 I thought my father was stupid about things; when I was 18 he had learned a bit more; and when I was 21 suddenly I realised how wise he was".

    You have obviously done a great job of encouraging your children to fulfil their dreams and pursue their interests.

  4. Beautiful pictures. I love what you said in your bio, too, "home and family."

  5. Hi Christine, Thank you for your sweet comments! I do think Mark Twain said that quote, a very humorous, but true insight into the teenage mind! It goes to show that some things transcend time... and here you are in the thick of things yourself! It does help to keep a sense of humor, though! Thank you for sharing that. xx

  6. Thank you, Stacy for stopping by and for your nice comments. xx

  7. Ha ha, I just commented on your more recent post about the need for a sense of humor! Yes indeed.


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