Thursday, August 2, 2012


Peace has once again descended.

My little world is quiet once more.

I am able to sit in my favorite spot

with nothing but birdsong and the occasional plane going by.

Ling Ling is enjoying this peace and quiet as much as I.

All of the men with their loud hammers and saws are gone. The dogs are let out.

But don't get me wrong.
I love that there are men (and women) in this world that have these wonderful skills of amazing carpentry.

But it is not a quiet endeavor.

Although, the results are amazing!

I wish I had these skills.

And I appreciate so very much what has been accomplished.

I now have a very fine and sturdy roof over my head. One that will protect me from the storms of life.

Keeping me safe and sound.

And all who dwell or enter here.

I also have an amazing ceiling, hand crafted by the man I love.

I am filled with such gratitude for this man.

Who literally built this home that I am graced to live in, from the ground up.

Truly an Angel.

But with that being said......

I am glad that Peace has once again reigned down on me.

For I am a quiet soul.

Almost to commemorate this day, these beautiful yellow roses have bloomed, peering at me through the rails of the deck.

The very first blooms on a rose I planted for my Dear Mother.

She loved yellow roses and every year on her wedding anniversary, I would send her yellow roses.

These roses have a heavenly scent.

Just yesterday, a letter from her Dear Sister Bette. Aunt Bette, my pen pal for more years than I can remember.

Do you write to someone Dear?
She and my Mother were very close all of their lives.
A wonderful connection for me.

I will savor it, re-reading it, then write her back.

These things take time. Putting a framework around your day to day life with words.

 Sometimes adding a sketch or two, a feather, a couple of photographs, and maybe a quote or a newspaper clipping.

Later I will catch up on some watering and potting. Hubby helped me put together this temporary little potting station right outside my kitchen door.

But you know how elusive Peace can be.
I have so much to do today.
Everything is covered in a fine layer of dust. And grit.
And sawdust.

My floors need to be washed.
My laundry needs catching up.

Everything needs to be put back in place.

And let's not talk about the yard.  

Tonight my sweet daughter 'J' comes for a visit. So I will try and whip up something good to eat.

She is also bringing two of these....Weenie Baby and Peanut.

I will be pet-sitting for a few days.

Like I said, Peace is Elusive.

But who needs Peace when you have this much love!


  1. Dearest Karen,

    What a lovely post! Love your deck with the great view and the special yellow roses... They not only give you their heavenly scent, but the fond memories of your dear Mom. What a nice way to communicate with your aunt, your Mom's sister to whom she was very close. Yes, I too have written letters to my parents till the year 2000, then it became more affordable to make phone calls home to The Netherlands. Pieter's Mother who lived in the nursing home I have written weekly, like my parents. A story about our travels, encounters and adventures across the globe. Mom did store those letters in shoe boxes. I held them when I slept with Pieter in my former bedroom... thinking of taking them with me as I've been asked to write a book about our lives. But I remembered Mom telling me that at times she would go upstairs, sit in my former bedroom and re-read some of the special cards and or letters. So I let her keep them. The sad thing is that my sister (19 months younger) did clean out the entire room and attic and she has literally trashed so many things of Mom and also ALL of my letters, saved for decades inside those shoe boxes. I felt like being mentally killed. All those stories of good times spent together in foreign countries, long trips, special friendships, dangerous adventures had vanished. There is NO way that my little mind will be able to reproduce the many words once again from memory. The more since I had let go, knowing those words would be guarded and waiting for me to read and sort out for writing my book, our lives' story...
    You are a writer yourself and understand this best.
    I got very depressed but how hard it was, I had to let go of it. Life goes on and I often thought of those that lost it all in a wild fire or whatever natural disaster. But I never could comprehend the mere act: WHY? Could she not have asked me first? Was it out of rivalry...?
    Finding PEACE no matter what stage in life we're at, is important for balancing body and soul yet again.
    Enjoy your daughter and the pet sitting. You will have a nice clean home for the weekend.
    Hugs and love to you,

  2. What a peace-filled post.
    Lovely words...a prayer of thanks.

  3. good to have a nice new roof and some quiet. Tonight I gathered a couple big boxes and flattened them and took them to my car along with a printer that's made it's last print. Off to recycling place tomorrow so less to bother with. Just finished painting my last dining room wall last week, so nice. Other ones were done last year, didn't get to other one b4 it got too cold. But it's done now. Then the kitchen. Never an ending process with houses. This is the first coat of paint on these walls, as they have paperboard and it was time to do something after 20+ years. Take care and have a good summer! Enjoy your grand dogs! HA! :0P

  4. Dear Sweet Mariette,
    Thank you for this heartfelt message. I am so sorry for the loss of your treasured letters, and yes, I can completely understand this heart-ache. This is a loss of many, many moments and memories that can never be replaced. Who can understand the actions and motivations of others? We can only move forward with faith and forgiveness. When my Mother died, I too was not able to decide what was kept and what was thrown or given away. So many things and memories. I was given one day after all was nearly gone, to rescue what I could find that wasn't spoken for. It does make you feel depressed when these things happen in life, but we keep the truly important things tucked away in our hearts and find a way to tell our stories in a new way. Yes, finding peace and balance once again. And keeping the love.

    Love and hugs to you,too my sweet friend xx

  5. Sweet Becky, yes a home is a never ending project, but doesn't it feel so good once these things finally get done - no matter how many years they may take! Life does seem to get in the way sometimes. I have waited 19 years for that ceiling! But you have to decide what comes first - life or another project!

    Funny, you called them my 'Grand-dogs'! We do call them that!

    I hope you post pictures for us!


  6. Gorgeous place for marvelous days...
    Best regards from Paris,


  7. Hi Karen,

    I'm so glad peace is among you again. You have such a beautiful view from your deck. I have a college friend I still write to. Isn't it nice to receive a special letter in the mail? I hope you enjoyed dinner with your daughter. Her two dogs are adorable!

  8. Dear Donna, thank you and it is very wonderful to get that special letter in the mail! I guess that is why we write in the first place, instead of a call! xx

  9. The vaulted ceiling is magnificent... you have brought the beauty of Nature inside to admire.
    I hope you enjoyed your daughter's visit and that the pet-sitting is going well.
    Susan x

  10. Truly lovely and peaceful scenes around your home, and the woodwork shows the hands of a master craftsman!

    Love the little dachshund, so sweet! :-)

  11. I am so very glad that the work is over and you're able to have some peace (even with grand-dogs). Here I have been washing a fine covering of sawdust out of cupboards and dishes, but how blessed we are to have had work done on our kitchen. It's not quite finished but enough to put things away in cupboards.

    Re. Mariette's letters, I would have been very traumatised myself!

  12. Your daughter is beautiful. Such a lovely deck you have. You decorated it so nicely.

  13. The house looks beautiful - that, combined with a visit from your daughter...sounds like a peaceful combination, even if she comes with pets in tow. <3


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