Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Vintage Finds

Yesterday I showed you a few little things I found at the Vintage Store.
I don't go very often, so when I do, I give myself some latitude.
In other words, I go a little crazy!
But I couldn't pass up this  Sweet Vintage Apron.
Not only does it have two big roomy pockets and sweet little tie closures on the side,

but it's also reversible!  I am a little confused about that. Does that mean that when you get one side dirty, you can turn it inside out and wear it?
That doesn't seem right.
It is nice to have a choice of which side to wear, though.
 I do love how it goes so well with my Painted Cupboard. And it will be just right to wear during those messy pie baking sessions.
Oh, I am craving a pie.

Blackberry pie.
But the blackberries are not quite ripe yet.

What's your favorite pie?

I also found this woven, striped table runner.

Finding table runners for my long, slender table in the right style and tone is difficult. I like subdued. I like handcrafted. I really like woven.

I need a new centerpiece, though. I think I might have something perfect. I will let you see next time.

I just started collecting glazed pots. I really love these colors and can't wait to find the perfect plants for them. When I do, I will show you my little collection so far.

This beautiful straw bag was calling my name. I have a small collection of them, and this is already a favorite. I even found the perfect scarf to keep tied to the handle.... Because you never know when you might need to deal with a windy day. This one has sunflowers on it. Perfect for late summer walks in the woods and fields, gathering flowers, pine cones and mosses for decorating. A dog leash hangs at the ready.

Of course books would be on my list! I found some really great ones this time around.

I have always wanted to read Maeve Binchy.

And then when I heard of her recent death, I decided it was time.

This book has been on my reading list since it was first published in 1999. It is written by Joan Anderson who took a year to live by herself in the family cottage by the sea to reassess, after years of devoting her life to her family. Now that the family was grown and her husband had accepted a promotion and increased responsibility with his job, she found herself at loose ends.

This story rings a bell with me.

This little treasure is part travel journal, part tutorial on keeping a travel journal. It gives you wonderful ideas on how to scrapbook your journeys with room at the back to begin. There are even  dividers to protect pressed flowers and plants. I will be bringing this on my next little adventure.

And lastly, this will come in handy for my adventures in dog training! I will have dogs jumping through hoops in no time. Don't believe me? O.k. But never say never. I'll just have to convince Peanut to wear a tutu.


  1. You got some great finds! I love that striped table runner!

  2. Great finds, Karen! I'd color coordinate the reversable apron with my outfit, but that's just me :) Happy reading!

  3. Dearest Karen,

    Maybe, just maybe that apron's function was to hide the 'TIPS' on the inside?...
    It remains a puzzle indeed!
    You got home with quite a loot of things; enjoy them.
    Hugs and love,

  4. hot find indeed =(Apron) - I love aprons and the book style (flea market) I had that book once upon time..grin

  5. You are not going to believe this...I have had Year by the Sea on my bookcase for over a year...and just a few days ago I moved it to my nightstand to start reading...I too feel as though I can relate.


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