Thursday, August 23, 2012

Vintage Cottage Style Embroidered Tea Towel

I've been busy embroidering a new tea towel!
I really fell in love with this sweet vintage design.
It is another Aunt Martha's Embroidery Pattern in 'Kitchen Designs' #400
You can buy this pattern book and many others at
Each booklet contains a dozen or more reusable designs to simply iron on.
You can also buy vintage striped towels, flour sack towels, pillow cases, reusable bags, and napkins, all ready to transfer and embroider.
I used a large flour sack towel, 33"x38".
Slide your transferred design into a medium sized embroidery hoop and tighten.
Choose several complimentary colors of embroidery floss.
Here I have used pastels.
But it would be equally sweet done in bright colors.
These colors match my kitchen.
I used 3 strands of floss. Floss comes in 6 strand skeins. Just separate the threads after cutting your length.
I used a simple back-stitch, shown above, for the entire design.
I love this embroidery because it is portable and easy.
I used a 6 strand blanket stitch around the edge in sweet lavender.
These country cottage dish towels add a special touch to your kitchen.
And can also be used as charming tea cloths for entertaining.
Or a gift for someone special.


  1. I love these charming little touches that I see all over your house. I wish I could head over there to have a cup of tea with you! <3

  2. I just love your kitchen!! I had a friend do some pillowcases for me many years ago.the simplicity is just so beautiful.

  3. Dearest Karen,

    That is such lovely work! Love your tea setting photo. Would enjoy sipping a cup with you together...
    Hugs to you and thanks for your comforting words.

  4. Oh comment c`est jolie!! Vote autcouture!! :O) J`adore sur tout le desin!!! :O)
    Bonne journee!
    xxx Maria xxx

  5. Thank you, Danielle. Pillowcases sound like a lovely gift. I hope your weekend is lovely, too. xx

  6. Dear Stacy lyn, thank you, and I wish you could have tea with me, too. Although, I think I would rather come to you in France. :) xx

  7. Dear Mariette, thank you for your lovely comments. Thinking of you and Peiter. xx Hugs

  8. What a pretty towel, Karen! And I love how you set the table. One of my favorite things is to set the table with colorful dishes, napkins, and a centerpiece. So fun!

  9. This is ultra sweet...and thankyou for showing the size of this makes me think it would make a mighty fine gift! You made something exquisite with the backstitch! Simple and sweet! Lovely!!!!!!!
    Take care...Julie

  10. SO sweet, can I come for tea? Thank you for sharing on WTS#44!

  11. Your new tea towel is adorable! Your kitchen is so full of cozy and charming touches!

  12. I can't believe what you accomplish with a stencil and some thread! Your stitching (both the backstitch and the blanket stitch) is so very even. Absolutely lovely. I echo everyone else's wish to come join you for tea.

  13. Hi Karen,

    Your tea towel is so sweet. I remember the days of doing cross-stitch. Pictures, pillows - you name it. You have set a lovely tea table.

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