Monday, August 6, 2012

Vintage Style Thrifting

Over the weekend I was able to slip away for some shopping therapy.

Of course that included a trip to my favorite vintage store.

I just love browsing through all of the assorted 'this and that' to find a few little treasures.

I always seem to find something special to bring home.

This time I found quite a few 'little somethings'.

I am always on the look-out for bits of fabric, lace and linens that can be re-purposed into something pretty. Old patterns are also on my list.

I will be re-decorating my new loft bedroom and these little bits and pieces will be transformed into pretty pillows for my bed.

Patterns are so spendy these days and I am always on the lookout for vintage styles which are hard to find new.

I really like the collar and sleeves on the dress to the right. I collect vintage sheets and fabric and this winter I will be doing a little sewing again, refashioning these things into pretty vintage style dresses. So cute with boots, and don't you just love the little beret?

I also found the sweetest vintage style blouses. This one really caught my eye.

I just love the tiny pleats and ruffles on the bodice.

Here is another one with sweet vintage details. Love the round collar and the little pleats down the front, giving it a little shape.

Look at the little ruffles on the sleeves!

Both of these blouses can be worn dressy or casual. Perfect either with jeans, khaki's, dress slacks or a pencil skirt and pearls. Perhaps belted around the waist.

This little charmer is fitted and tucked. Made of heavier cotton, it is perfect for every day.

Notice the stretch gathers on the sleeves and the little brown fabric inserts at the side along the hem.

Little details that add a special touch.

Can you believe I only payed $4 for each of these?

And the linens were only $1-2 each.

I have been shopping vintage and thrift for many years now.

At first I was out of my element.

I didn't know how to search or what to look for.

But now I can go through a whole store in a very short time, scanning with my eyes to 'see' the hidden treasures among the junk.

It is like going on a treasure hunt!

And you never have to feel guilty about the money you spend, because you spend so little.

Tomorrow I will show you the rest of my treasures.

Do you shop for vintage treasures, too?

What do you look for?


  1. Hi Karen! You found some really nice things. I love the shirts you bought.

  2. Dearest Karen,

    You found some lovely items and by the way you write about them you seem quite happy with them. Do I go vintage shopping?
    Years ago I would do that more, especially when my sister came over for a vacation. We would check the antique sales and one never knows what hidden treasures you find. One time, with me Dutch friend, I came upon a French Baccarat decanter. It was in perfect condition. The friend and her husband wanted to gift it to me. I said, let me pay for it, using my business card and getting on top of the bargain price also my dealers discount. They laughed and were very happy with it. If people don't know the piece, they certainly can under rate its value.
    I always ponder when holding it into my hands, after cleaning up and really adopting it... who did it once belong too? Things could tell loving stories and I always feel like, some elderly lady is nodding down from the heavens and smiling that someone will continue loving her favorite things...
    Hugs to you,

  3. Love that vintage pattern... I'd wear that dress!

  4. I just look for whatever catches my eye. Maybe not a good plan, but I love it. You have some great finds.

  5. I enjoy finding chairs - or tables big or small.. such fun or even dressers..I do hope to come across linens.. which brightens up my day.. can;r wait to see the rest of your finds..

  6. Hi Karen,

    You sure have the art of thrifting down. I wish I could sew and always say it is never too late to learn, but I don't have a sewing machine ... lol. I can't wait to see what you create with your new treasures. I love to look for linens, antique bottles and of course a teacup if it catches my eye.

  7. Wow - you've got some real treasures there. And you have the "vision" to see something new. When I vintage shop, I never go looking for something specific. If I see "it," I just know. <3

  8. Good afternoon, Karen,
    Oh my goodness, this brings back memories. My mother was a dressmaker and we had zillions of these old patterns. I remember as a child sitting on the floor in my mother's sewing room going through them one by one, imagining what I would look like in them.

  9. I have so loved reading all of your sweet comments! Brandi, thank you for visiting! Mariette, Your little stories are always so wonderful, and I know the feeling of finding that special 'treasure' and getting it for a bargain. You almost feel bad for paying so little for such a find! Like you, I do wonder who this treasure belonged to, and how it came to be mine, with reverence for whoever loved it once! I think that is why I like vintage, rather than new! Madge, I am glad you like my pattern and Maureen, I love your story of sitting on the floor with all of your patterns spread out! Michelle and Stacy Lyn, shopping with your 'heart' is always best, and Donna, I can picture a beautiful tablescape with what you like to collect. Travel...finding that special piece of furniture is the best find of all!

  10. What beautiful finds! I love how they're all in the same "champagne" colour family. And thanks for showing us the beautiful detail. We don't have vintage stores in Scotland, but I regularly haunt the charity shops (thrift stores). I, too, think of the people that owned things before. I agree with Mariette, sometimes you feel that someone is glad you're getting use out of an object they loved and cared for.


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