Sunday, August 5, 2012

Peaceable Kingdom

Now that all the construction is over, I am enjoying my peaceful days.
Even the dogs have been peacefully co-existing! You can see Peanut here in the front 'posing' for the camera. She is our little Diva. This little half-pint rules the roost.

When my daughter brought them to me this weekend to pet-sit, the kingdom was not so peaceable at first. My new dog, Champ was not willing to share his domain with the likes of these two little Diva's. I had to keep them separated.

When they came face to face between the fence, there was lots of snapping and growling and opinions being told.
But I knew they would eventually get along.

They had to establish who was 'top dog' first.

And guess who that would be?

Yes, that would be Miss Peanut, with her little sister Weenie Baby coming in as the running mate!

Champ didn't have a chance!

So like any good mannered Gentleman, he deferred to the Ladies.

This is a very big step for Champ. This poor fellow was locked in an isolated pen, alone and neglected for most of his life until he was rescued by the Pacific Northwest Border Collie Rescue.

He was never properly socialized to get along with other dogs or people.

When you do that to a dog, keep him in isolation, and never give him any attention, he becomes very aggressive due to fear.

But his foster 'Mom', Joy knew there was a loving dog deep inside and she worked hard with him for nearly a year to train him and socialize him. She said it was one of her most difficult cases.

She didn't think there would ever be hope of adopting him out.

But as you can see, all of her hard work has payed off.

Just yesterday I received this heartfelt card from her, expressing her happiness that Champ has found his 'forever' home.

She said she was so afraid she would get 'that call' telling her she had to come and get him.

But instead, I have written to tell her how well he has done, what a wonderful job she did with him, and that we have fallen completely in love with this remarkable, courageous and loving dog.


He really has captured our hearts.

I think the feeling is mutual.


  1. I love the ladies! So glad that Champ is adjusting and happy...and that he has taken your heart and helped it heal. <3

  2. Dearest Karen,

    That is almost a canine love story! Very well told to all of us. So glad the entire family of canines, small and large finally got along so well. That gave you really PEACE!
    But for them knowing that they're loved will mean the world to them. Enjoy them and also your quiet time.
    Hugs and love to you,

  3. Hi Karen,

    It is nice to see the "troops" out and about together. Champ has found the perfect home and I'm glad to hear you still keep in touch with Joy. Enjoy the babysitting ...

  4. What a great post! Champ was clearly meant to be with you. And how funny that Miss Peanut is top dog. I don't know that much about dogs, and really enjoy reading about them on your blog. I do know about adopted children, though, and there is quite a lot that is similar: you have to see through the behaviour to the true spirit of the child underneath. And you have to set a lot of boundaries and be as clear and consistent as possible so the child will feel as safe as possible. Our adopted son recently thanked us for what we've done for him - something I've never expected or even hoped for. It looks like Champ is thanking you too.

    It will be interesting to see how he develops in the months and years to come. Our little cat was very distant (although interested) when we first adopted her. Now she comes on our laps and meows for attention. It's so nice to see her keep changing and responding to the love we give her.

    Well done, Karen!

  5. He's a Champ indeed. You picked a perfect name. What a lovely story of pet rescuing. Great pictures xx

  6. Karen, that shot of Champ and the roses is just the bee's knees! I burst out in the closest thing I could to a delighted laugh considering I was only half way through my first cup of coffee.
    And thank-you for your kind comments about my quilts. We live in a small condo, so a quilt-in-progress sort of takes over the entire house. Haven't made one in a while, but I'm starting to get an itch...

  7. I am touched by Champ's story - and Enjoying your blog..Hugs, for a happy Aug..

  8. I am so glad to hear that Champ is doing well and meeting new friends.


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