Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Seattle Storm Women's Basketball Game

Key Arena as we arrive for Seattle Storm Game

Last Thursday evening we went to see Seattle's 'Storm' Women's Basketball play Phoenix 'Mercury' at Key Arena.

Our group, 'Tim's Cascade Snacks' (Hubby's employer), is a sponsor.

On the hottest day of the year, we were treated to a private, air conditioned suite, fully catered.

There is nothing quite so special as getting your game hot dog from a heated, silver serving dish!

Of course, the highlight of the game was seeing Sue Bird play! Here she is getting a personal welcome before the game and a congratulations on her most recent gold medal at the London Olympics.

Sue Bird has won Gold Medals at the last three Olympics, including the 2008 Beijing games and the 2004 Athens games for Women's Basketball, representing the United States.

She has been with the Seattle Storm since 2002.

Before that, she was a 3 time winner of the prestigious Nancy Lieberman Award as the Top Point Guard in the Nation in college at the University of Connecticut.

These ladies don't mess around! The game was very exciting as our team (in white) kept the lead, but in a very close game.

Fans filled the stadium with yellow batons which they shook in the air whenever we scored.

At every break in the game, the mascot would run onto the court and form a conga line with all the children.

Whoever was last in line would get carried sideways back to their seat.

So much fun for the little ones!

Of course we won, and as the last of the fans left the stadium, we lingered for some ice cream sandwiches and a little 'catching up' with friends and colleagues.

We walked out into the balmy Seattle night, with our iconic Space Needle lighting the skyline above us.
(You can see our little group with Hubby in the khaki's and red shirt)



  1. looks to me -- you super blessed and have tons of fun - lucky you..
    What an enjoyable night with friends and your sweetheart!
    love the photos...

  2. How fun! Years ago when the Sonics were here, my company sponsored them as well. The suite life was amazing and on occasion we had courtside tickets. I remember leaving the games having to pick Husband's jaw up off the floor, being the HUGE sports fan that he is.
    Happy you were spoiled for the night Karen! You deserve it

  3. What a great place to watch the game from...you could see it all!

  4. Looks like such a great time!

  5. How fun to go to a live game!!! I love the excitement and the energy.

  6. Everyone likes a bit of a VIP treatment now and then. Looks like you had a great night out.

  7. one more thing I want to tell you I like your header..

  8. It's so good that women's sports are getting more attention these days. (Maybe it's been happening for a while in the States and I just wasn't aware.) I love the photo of the Space Needle lit up!

  9. Dear Karen,

    What a great event to be part of! We don't basketball events like this in Holland. I can imagine it must be very exciting.

    Just read your comment on my blog. So sorry to hear your mother passed away recently. I hope one day you will be able to use her teacups and they will bring a smile to your face.

    Have a lovely day!

    Madelief x

  10. What a great experience - and to see an Olympian play, too! <3


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