Monday, August 27, 2012

Another Installment of Life on the Edge!

My latest News Tribune Column....

Life in the slow lane.


  1. Dearest Karen,

    Yes, we very well know about that kind of life.
    Hugs to you,

  2. I enjoyed the article very much. We all dream of making an idyllic choice such as you describe without taking into account the sacrifices that will me wanting to live on the water and my husband reminding me of the hordes of no-see ums and mosquitoes that would be a daily evening challenge. It is wonderful however that you were able to provide your children with a firm foundation and a perspective on what is truly important. Great writing.

  3. So true.
    It's 15 minutes to even a small town for us.
    We've always had an "errand" day.
    You miss that, your request waited a week for the next trip.
    Play pickup basketball? on the gravel drive.
    No massive driving for us though as we homeschooled.
    We finally got on the internet 15 years ago (wow) via dial-up.
    We now have a faster tower-to-tower transmission service,
    but DSL people would laugh at the speeds.
    DSL is still miles away for us.
    And there aren't any plans to get it near us anytime soon.
    But, all the positive points are so true.
    We had the sledding hills, the woods, treehouses, dirtbike trails,
    campouts, creeks, and the freedom to enjoy it all.
    The kids' friends were here because of that freedom to just be outside and use their imaginations.

  4. I used to dream of a rural existence - I grew up in the heart of New Orleans, and would sit on our little patch of grass and pretend I was Laura Ingalls.

    I'm still dreaming, but looks like that dream will become a reality soon. Better late than never!

    Loved the article, Karen, as always. <3

  5. Thank you for sharing and for your sweet comments! I love hearing about your special experiences! xoxo

  6. Hi Mom! You're right, we did nothing but complain about being so far away from our friends or civilization. Now, I would give anything to be able to raise my family in the countryside like I was. I have such vivid memories of riding the ponies, building forts deep in the woods, seeing cougars and bear run across the road. I could go on and on. You and Dad did make the right decision to raise us on the countryside!

  7. Karen, I enjoyed your article alot. I grew up in the country and enjoyed it for the most part. It was part of me. 20 min. to a small town, almost 45 min to school on the bus. No shopping malls around. We live close to country and enjoy the quiet, unless there's unruly drivers through the neighborhood with loud music. That's rare. So glad you have your place in the country. It would be fun to live that way too. We could have but didn't have the money when we moved. But loving our home anyway! Hugs. Maybe I'll look you up one of these days when I visit my sister and come get lost in your neck of the woods. :0)

  8. I loved your article! I really like how you bring out both sides of the coin, as it were. So honest, and you paint such a vivid picture. When's the next one coming out?!


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