Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Dramatic Lighting

These long summer evenings have been so wonderful.
Over the weekend we had very hot temperatures.
For us anyway.

In the 90's!

We broke records.
Don't laugh.

We are sooooo grateful for a few warm, sunny days in a row.

I keep finding excuses to hang out on the deck.

Watering the plants could take all day.
You never know.

Every evening, I am here until the sun goes down. And the moon starts to rise.  

When the sun starts to sink lower on the horizon, we get a little 'Light Show'.
It could be cloudy and rainy all day.
But when the sun sinks below the clouds, miraculously the skies will sometimes clear.
The light show can be very dramatic.

This little guy was hanging out, staying cool underneath the umbrella! He is nice and fat from eating bugs around the porch light.

This is The Pacific Northwest Tree Frog.
Isn't he a handsome fellow with his bright black and white racing stripe?

He is going to join us as we sit together and enjoy the evening sights.

As the sun sinks lower, the hills start to glow a golden yellow.

At first it is light, bright.

And then the color deepens.

The sun's rays cast long shadows between the hills and trees.

Illuminating the terrain in golden detail.

Including the electrical lines, a dramatic sight amongst the backdrop of wilderness.

And if we are lucky and we have a clear night.....

Mt. Rainier will reflect the brilliant skies of the West.

We cannot see this beautiful sunset.

We can only see it's reflection.

This time of year, when the sunset lasts the longest, we are always in for a treat.

Mt. Rainier's many glaciers are exposed to the light.

Thousands of feet high.

We look with our binoculars at eagles soaring in the late evening skies.

And on very special nights, we can see the full moon rising over the Mountain.

We stand in awe that we found this beautiful place to build our home.

Two young people, searching for
a place to raise our family.

A place to call Home.  


  1. It's funny, I used to love how the light would hit the mountains in the evenings where I grew up in BC, but I hadn't thought of that until now. The lines of the shadows would travel up the side of the mountains on the one side of the valley and you could almost tell the time by their location. Thanks for reminding me!

  2. Hi Courtenay, Western Sunsets are so beautiful. It must have been wonderful growing up in BC. So amazingly beautiful. I grew up in New England, so the Eastern Sunrise was the most dramatic time of day. I remember getting up before dawn and driving with 'Blue Eyes' to the beach to see the Sunrise. Back when we were dating. So Romantic. xx

  3. You are so blessed to live in such a beautiful place. I would stay out on the deck all day if I had that view!! Sigh!

  4. You do live in a spectacular natural area.
    And the best thing?
    You know it and appreciate it!
    You are blessed.

  5. Vous êtes donc la chance de vivre dans un si bel endroit. Je resterais sur le pont toute la journée si j'ai eu ce point de vue!
    Bonne journee!!
    xxx Maria xxx

  6. What beautiful part of the country, such splendour when the sun sets in high summer!

    Love the little tree frog, hiding under the umbrella. A bit precarious, someone could close it. It probably is fast enough to get away in time.

    Many more great summer days to you,

  7. Dearest Karen,

    You do live in a beautiful place indeed. So peaceful and with great summer evenings it starts to look like paradise.
    Clever tree frogs that always find the 'modern' bug finders of electric light!
    Hugs to you,

  8. Mt. Rainier's sunset breathtaking. You do indeed have a part of heaven in your life and to have such beauty around you every day is a gift..!

  9. So nice to have Mt. Rainier so close that you can photograph it and see it almost every day. From your house? Thanks for sharing. We can see Mt. Hood here in town where we live. Even better if it's out when the tulips are in bloom in the field! Take care!

  10. I'd say you found a perfect place to raise a family. It is truly an amazing place! <3

  11. What a gorgeous view!!


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