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Repurposed Soda Crate

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I had an old soda crate in the shed that I had completely forgotten about until Hubby brought it in to me, covered in dust and cobwebs, and said, 'Uh - hey, can I use this for my nails?'

'Not on your life', I said, as I grabbed it out of his greedy hands and clutched it to me, cobwebs and all.

Hubby rarely argues with me when he sees that glazed look in my eye as I mentally envision a make-over.

After a little cleaning, this is what it looked like. Stained a dark brown, it looked worthy of only the dark recesses of the tool shed, but I had a plan.

Do they still make Schweppes Soda any more?

I began by giving it a thin coat of latex primer.
I used KILZ Premium - Interior/Exterior- water-base Sealer - Primer - Stainblocker

It is very thick, almost like white glue.

As I lightly brushed it on, leaving some of the dark stain to show through, I decided that I liked it that way.

It was just enough to give it that 'left out to weather on the side of a building for decades' look that I was after.

Using very light strokes and brushing against the grain brought out the variations in the rough sawn wood.

The primer dried with the chalky, dull look of old weathered paint.

I have used primer mixed with enough wall paint for color, to give furniture that same chalky,weathered look.

I used a very light touch over the stamped label.

Primer is not as easy as paint to wipe off.

It dries very fast.

So the brush strokes need to be light.  

 This crate came from Oregon where we lived in the late 70's. A little memento of that special time in our lives when we were starting a family.

Crates were 'furniture' back then.

We were so poor and didn't even know it.

It was such a happy time.

And now, once more this little reminder of those lovely family times
 can again be put to good use.

For serving up some love and lemonaide.


  1. Oh quelle jolie fotos et une bonne idee!!!!!!!! De fair cette jolie et originale bote!!! :O)
    Bonne journee!!!
    xxx Maria xxx

  2. I have a soft spot for old things too. This crate is so pretty and practical and since it also has a sentimental value for you and your husband, it will bring the wave of the happy memories every time you use it. Have a great weekend, Karen.

  3. That sounds like a scene from our house for sure! I like your primer tip. So smart!

  4. I love it, Karen! What a great idea for serving lemonade, and you arranged it so beautifully with flowers and pretty napkins. Love the pink straws, too, that match the color of the flowers. Plus what makes it special is that it carries loving memories along with the lemonade xx

  5. That's brilliant! I have some American wooden crates that came here with us and I love them. That one with dividers looks so practical for carrying things! And yes, crates used to be part of our furniture as well. We still have some plastic milk crates that we used to make bookshelves out of. Happy times!

  6. Dearest Karen,

    You really did repurpose that old soda krate. Like caressing sweet family memories, the way you describe those days past... Caressing yet again this crate with brush strokes, to revive it and make use of it.
    Hugs and love to you,

  7. So much better than using it for nails! Karen, you are so creative. I can't wait to use your ideas when I get a house!! <3

  8. Hi Karen,

    I can just see you grabbing the crate from your darling husband's hands :-) A wonderful shabby chic makeover! This will be great to hold lots of items. Now, don't you wish you had done this sooner?

  9. super super idea here in how you are using it..Thanks for sharing!

  10. This is a wonderful re-purposing project.
    And, your home shown in the first photo...oooh...lovely.
    May I stop in for a visit and some lemonade?

  11. Oh I so wish I had the patience for these types of projects....they are just my style...but I am sooooo not creative with paint and wood. I still love Schweppes soda....we still have it here.

  12. That is just incredibly innovative of you, the refurbished Schweppes crate.
    And yes, they still do make it -- although when it comes to ginger-ale, I prefer Canada Dry.
    As bubbly as Niagara Falls -- on the Canada side!

  13. I like it! Lovely post as always! I wanted to tell you that My Southern Heart is closing within the next day or so...sad times within my life right now. I'll be starting a new blog within a few weeks. My Southern Heart...the Stories will remain of course.

    Blessings to you!

  14. I love how you're using your old crate! Your glasses of lemonade look so good!

  15. Oh how I love this post - such a fun idea - and such pretty photos.


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