Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Reflections of Change

As I sit here tonight, this is what I see.

So peaceful and serene.

So soothing to my soul.

It has been a soul searching month.

I'm trying to regain my footing.

Things have been in a turmoil.

First losing my Dad.

And all the emotions that go along with such a loss.

And then some long planned for remodeling.

A new wood ceiling in an unused space.

Soon to be a new bedroom for Hubby and I.

Adding a new high energy pet to the family.

And for the last two days, having our roof re-shingled.

This is the old roof.

The noise and the mess is beyond insane.

My landscape is a shambles.

My pets are traumatized.

My nerves are completely fried.

And I have one more day of it.

So, as I say goodbye to July, I am glad it is over.

I am looking forward to the slow, peaceful days of August.

To the quiet times of ordinary days.

To putting things back in order.

And reflecting upon how life continuously changes.

With gratitude for all of my blessings.

And the legacy of my Father's life to pass on.


  1. What beautiful imagery..and words we can all relate to. Here's to wishing you a more peaceful August!

  2. My heart goes out to you - we are having our kitchen redone at the moment. I'm thrilled to be getting a new kitchen (a first for me!) but I'm also dealing with household upheaval. It will all be worth it, though.

    Isn't it odd how when our lives are turned upside down in some way - especially in unplanned ways - we end up focusing on what is unchanging? Love, family, friendship - and I include pets in that too. Creativity, beauty... soon you will have peace and quiet and time to sift through your thoughts and feelings a bit better.

    Hang in there, Karen! xox

  3. Dearest Karen,
    Indeed, let's hope that there will be better days ahead for you in August. Grieving and at the same time having to deal with so many other things is tough. But who knows, it might have been better this way, for getting you over the hump of it without too much time to ponder. Soon things will be back in order and you can find a quiet time for your soul...
    Hugs and love to you,

  4. I so know how you feel - change. Sometimes you welcome it, as I am welcoming my move back to Louisiana. Other times, you wonder why things can't always remain as they are.

    *sigh* There's nothing we can do to stop a flowing river. <3

  5. It shall pass. There will be quiet and calm days. I read somewhere that we wouldn't be able to appreciate happiness without knowing pain.
    Sending warm hugs across the miles.


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