Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Small Town Living/ My Tacoma News Tribune Article

Read my latest installment of 'Life on the Edge', in The Tacoma News Tribune.


  1. Wonderful article Karen! I live in a small town and still do not know my neighbors. I couldn't even tell you their names - how said is that?

  2. Dearest Karen,

    Once more I will state it here: You are a keen observer and therefore an excellent writer!
    Love to you,


  3. That made me laugh out loud! That's a great piece. I've never lived in a really small town. I once lived in a medium-sized town and to my disappointment I didn't find it to be a friendly place.

    Cellphones do introduce a fair number of social traps, you're right!

  4. Having grown up in a small town and now living in one again I can easily relate to your article.

    I too have answered questions that turned out to be cell phone calls. It's the sneaky bluetooth that got me last time around. I try to only use mine when I'm driving so I don't do that to someone myself.

  5. Yes, I can SO relate - and I love the Deep South because it is this way everywhere you go! Great article, Karen - thanks. <3

  6. Thank you, for your kind comments regarding my writing and also for sharing your experiences of small town living and phantom conversations with cell phone users! I hope you all find a friendly face next time you go to town. xx


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