Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Life's a Bowl of Cherries

I just finished a new embroidered tea towel. With ripe cherries in all the markets right now, I was inspired by this vintage design.


It was one of the many very sweet designs in Aunt Martha's Embroidery Patterns book.
You can find these vintage style design books at http://www.acmenotions.com/aumahotirtr.html

You can also buy pretty dish towels for your embroidery here.

You simply iron on the transfer to your dish towel!
I love 'simple'.

I embroidered the whole design using a simple back stitch, using 6 strand floss.

Then I edged the towel all around using a blanket stitch using 3 strands of floss. (Floss comes in skeins of 6 strands. Just separate the floss to create 3 strands.)

I used a large sized blank dish towel that can also be used as a small tablecloth.

It only took a few hours, working in the evenings while relaxing with Hubby.

So, I have a question for you.

Would you say that Life is Bowl of Cherries?

Or would you say that Life is Chair of Bowlies?

Or perhaps a little of both!


  1. Dearest Karen,

    That was a very 'sweet' project!
    For me, life is a bowl of cherries and as a matter of fact, I just ate my Greek yogurt with pitted cherries... Can't get enough of them!
    Enjoy yours and if you want to fill all those bowls, wow that's a lot of cherries!


  2. Considering how we have to constantly balance things in our lives I'm leaning toward the chair of bowls, which is very pretty by the way. The cherries I would rather nibble on.

    That is a cute design. I haven't done any embroidery in years. Wonder if I remember how?

  3. Cherries - in a bowl, in a basket, on a plate - I just like them, like life :-)

  4. I think, as you said, it's a little of both, which is a good thing. How would you know how good the bowl of cherries was if you didn't have a chair of (empty) bowls for comparison? <3

  5. Love your work on the tea towel. Cute!

  6. Definitely a bit of both!

    Your teatowel is utterly charming. Seeing the photographs of your embroidery in progress has made me LONG to embroider again!

    Oh and also, Karen, I've nominated you for a Sunshine Award! See my blog for more details: (http://christinelaennec.co.uk/2012/07/25/award-ceremonies-of-the-blog-world/) This post is the perfect illustration of why you deserve it! x

  7. Good afternoon Karen,
    Now, you see, if that was me, the lovely tea towel would have indelible tea stains already. And at least one on the bowls would have fallen off the chair. Sigh. P.S. Take a look at my horsey post over at my blog. I bet it'll make you smile a little. :) m

  8. That looks like my collection of bowls... love your embroidery.. I used to do that but gave all my floss away to a friend who still does.. only so much time for crafts...

  9. Loved the embroidery! I would love to do that again. Did you find your tea towel online? The bowls are also a neat idea!

  10. Loved all your comments! Maureen, I had to give this towel away because I was afraid the same thing would happen to it if I kept it! Dianne, you can find tea towels at Ben Franklin Craft Store or sometimes in the supermarket! Also, the link I posted has them for sale.
    SQ, loved your comment about balance! Christine, thank you for the nomination!

    Thanks to everyone who takes the time to read my blog! xx

  11. Oh how funny! You brought back some great memories...I first learned to embroider with kits such as these...and then I graduated to cross-stitching and did that for a few decades....my favorite stitch has always been the french knot. I love the look of embroidery better than cross-stitching.


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