Friday, July 20, 2012


I love these long summer evenings when the sun seems to hover on the horizon casting rosy rays across the landscape.

Everything seems to be in suspended animation, languidly drifting into the soft filtered light.

Sounds ordinarily drowned out by daytime clatter are now sharp and distinct.


The little brown wren sings her song of life in the underbrush, while the creek in the valley below suddenly rises in crescendo in the hush of lengthening shadows.

As the forest air cools at the end of the day, a breeze picks up the scent of fading flowers, of damp mossy earth beneath lush undergrowth so thick it remains in perpetual gloom.

A single drop of nectar clings to vivid waxy flowers, a favorite of the tiny iridescent hummingbirds that visit during the heat of the summer day, glowing like jewels in the sunlight.

Colors take on a rich, velvety hue in the saturated atmosphere.

Shadows deepen, highlighting the sculptural quality of simple forms.

I stop and enjoy the quiet interlude between day and night, while warm breezes play.

Magical light.

Magical Twilight.


  1. Yes, I agree - twilight is magical light. (I love the cat in one of the pictures, too!) <3

  2. Dearest Karen,
    Twilight is a magical time bridge and comes with its own color-palette.
    Enjoy your weekend!
    Love to you,

  3. How beautiful the photos are...
    Is that a Siamese I see peeking around the chair?
    Have a wonderful weekend!

  4. Wow, what an evocative post. I love the photo of that deep red geranium in the falling light. Here we have a long twilight in summer, and there's still light in the sky at 11 pm at the moment. All the white flowers in the garden (lots of foxglove) seem to glow in the twilight - but I've not yet been able to get a photograph that captures that nearly so well as yours, Karen.

    I think of you on Saturdays now, knowing that your routine has changed. I hope you're having a good Saturday today. x

  5. Twilight is magical, isn't it? A very comforting time of day, indeed. <3

  6. To my Dear Blogger Friends, thank you for your comments on my post, 'Twilight'. The kitty in the photo is sweet Ling ling, my Dear Mother's cat that I adopted. She loves her picture taken! Finding your blog, Susan, named after your own sweet Ling ling was happy fate.
    Christine, that is a very long Twilight for you, and most likely makes up for your long winters there in Scotland. And thank you, Dear for your thoughtfulness concerning my change in routine now that visiting my Dad is not part of my Saturdays.

    Mariette, your comments are always so poetic and Stacy Lyn, I do hope you come home soon to your own Louisiana Twilight. Although, Paris Twilight must be the most magical of all!


  7. Lovely, lovely shots! The single raindrop is awesome. I long for long, summer evenings!

  8. Beautiful photos! Twilight casts such gorgeous shadow and wonderful light.

  9. Beautiful photos- love your porch, so peaceful!

  10. Twilight is magic, isn't it. Do I see a kitty in one of those?

  11. Such beautiful pictures Karen! Yes, I soak in the twilight also! Love to sit on my front porch to watch! Love all the colors and that pink, oh my! Heaven. Love your mountain range and gardens!


  12. Wonderful, wonderful words to accompany your photos!

  13. Just pure poetry, Karen...and the pics are wonderful. Thanks for sharing.

  14. Beautiful photos and poetic words, Karen. You're very sweet and talented :)

  15. Wow, the time has flown by, I can't believe it's Wednesday already... I've been outside painting the house everyday, all day! Love your entry, thank you for sharing on Weekly Top Shot #40!

  16. many beautiful shots in this post. :)


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