Wednesday, May 18, 2011

The Way We Are

Lately I have been thinking about all the wonderful women in my life. I come from a family of Sisters (no Brothers), and my Mother came from a large family of Sisters (six Sisters and one Brother,-the baby). My Dad had four Sisters. I also have one Mother in Law, three Sister-in laws, two Daughters, one Daughter in Law to be, and one very close girlfriend of my Son. That doesn't include all of my beautiful Nieces, and of course the many cousins, friends, and aquaintances.

This little army of women keep in touch regularly. I have at least 4-5, hour long telephone conversations each week, not to mention the visits and the holidays, etc. This means that there is a lot of communication going on.

And what I have found as the common thread among all of these wonderful women, is the caring and compassion they have for each other, their families and everyone around them. These conversations do not focus on themselves. They are focused on being there for others, helping out in any way they can, taking charge in trying situations, comforting, stepping up, listening, doing whatever it takes.

One is dealing with a husbands' serious health issue while simultaneously being there for the birth of a baby in the family, and planning a baby shower for a co-worker. One just took over the planning and arranging of a memorial service for a young family members' untimely death, so her sister and her husband could grieve, while also helping launch her only daughter out into the world and give comfort to a friend who also lost a young son. One is dealing with loss in a big way, losing her Mother and planning a move, and being there for her young daughter who has to suffer all the upheaval. I could go on and on, as each one of these caring and devoted women weave the golden thread of love and caring into the tapestries of their lives, intertwined with each other and forming a strong and resilient cloak of love, understanding, and compassion. These women keep things together, yet do it as second nature, without a second thought.

I am sure that all of you are the same, giving of yourselves, helping wherever needed, willing to put an arm around a shoulder or listen to a grieving friend or family member. And we do all of these things without being asked. Because that is The Way We Are.

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