Thursday, May 19, 2011

Potting up

We are having a good stretch of warm and sunny weather and of course I am way behind on all of my gardening chores. I had bought several flats of flowers at a bargain price and some bags of potting soil and they were sitting there on my picnic table/ potting bench waiting for me through the cold and the rain. Finally, the sun came out and I went to work. I save all of my old hanging pots from year to year, (the 'kids' and Hubby replenish me every Mother's Day), and I have a good supply. So I washed them all out and lined them up and worked all day.

 Well, most of the day. I did take a few breaks to wander around aimlessly, go inside and rummage for some snacks, make some tea, throw a load of laundry in....... Anyway, I ended up with quite a good start on potting up, and filled all the hanging baskets. Mmmmm, I think Hubby will have to put up  more hanging hooks someplace.

My faithful companion, Whitey Boy supervised all day.
The baskets don't look like much right now, but I have high hopes. I planted red, blue and white petunias, along with trailing blue lobelia around the edges.
 Now it is on to filling up any and all remaining random pots I can round up. I will keep you posted on how that comes along.

My Mother's commemorative garden is in full bloom now, with it's blue Forget Me Nots, Columbine, and sweet scented white Candytuft. I thought that the Forget Me Nots were particularly appropriate for the garden.

 The Apple Trees are just now starting to bloom and I took this picture of the very first blossom.

You can see just how wet our Spring has been by the little clump of moss growing along the branch!
The pink 'Herb Robert' or what is commonly called 'Stinky Bob' around here for it's pungent scent, is also starting to bloom. It is a delicate wildflower that looks especially nice mixed up with the Forget Me Nots.

Most gardeners here consider it an invasive weed, but I love it and encourage it. Anything that wants to grow and bloom here is welcome, and I don't even have to take care of it!

I will leave you with this picture of another common beauty we all know, the Dandelion! I hope this makes you smile!

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