Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Cottage Style

I recently updated my living room by buying a new chair. Well, it was actually called a settee' in the catalog. I made a half hearted effort to shop in an actual brick and mortar store, but after seeing the selection at our local shop, I decided to go with the catalog offering, hoping it was just as nice in person. I was pleasantly surprised and I think it goes well with the rest of my eclectic furniture. The chair I had  before was very comfy, but not very attractive. So I went for beauty above comfort this time. My living room is very small and narrow with more doors and windows than wall space, so it is a challenge to find just the right piece. I don't really adhere to one particular style, the rustic atmosphere lends itself to Vintage Cottage Style. Anyway, I just buy what I like and it seems to work. My walls are rustic pine, with pine ceilings. There is so much pine that I decided to paint my floors a colonial red. My primary colors are gold, green and red. I fashioned a wine bar and liquor cabinet out of an antique buffet with a black iron wine and glass rack on top. I love how the colored glass shines in the window.


  1. I've always admired how you turn your home into a "home". A level of comfort when you walk in that not very many people are able to achieve. Nice work, I love your new living room addition!


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