Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Strawberry Pots

Yesterday we had a semi-sunny day and feeling the need for some fresh air, I decided to plant the flat of strawberries I just bought at my local department store. This store sells groceries, clothing, home goods, tools, furniture, electronics, you name it. It also has a beautiful covered nursery. Naturally it is my favorite store! So when I spotted these little pots of strawberries, three for a dollar, I snapped them up. They have the prettiest rose colored flowers and small red berries already forming.

Last fall I bought two strawberry pots. I had my eye on them all summer, wanting to buy, but the price tag was too steep at almost $40 each, so I waited to see if they would go on clearance at the end of the season. Sure enough, there were two left, one a little larger than the other and one with a chip in the rim, but the $10 price tag for each was right up my alley. I don't dare plant strawberries in the ground, as I know they will be gobbled up, so I thought if I kept them up on my deck, which is regularly patrolled by my three cats and Whitey the dog, I might have a chance of harvesting.

The little pots of strawberries were 2 inches, so just the right size to fit into the little planting pockets. With a little bit of nudging, they popped right in. I used a nice light fluffy potting mix and after each layer, packed it down at that level. Then I watered it all thoroughly and admired my work. Now if we could just get some sun......

I am so excited to think that I might have a few fresh strawberries. The berries in the supermarkets are so tasteless and bitter these days. Maybe if the birds don't eat them first........... I am hoping for success, and if so, will look for more pots for next year. Mmmmm, strawberry shortcake anyone? 

'Ling-Ling', my Mother's Siamese that I adopted, is doing her job already!
Now, as soon as I have a nice stretch of sunny weather I have to stain my deck; a yearly chore........sigh......

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