Friday, May 20, 2011

A Beautiful Day

I woke up early this morning to the sun shining in my windows. But that is not what really woke me up. See, we have this little bird (early bird?) that wakes us every morning by flinging himself at the window right behind my headboard. He is so cute, black and white with a patch of reddish feathers and speckles on his breast. I think he is a Towhee, according to my bird manual. Anyway, he gets up on the unplanted pots on my window box and scratches away, and then flings himself at the window, tap, tap tap, tap tap tap. Over and over. I can't be sure if he is just digging up bugs in the dirt and catching them against the window, or if he is attacking his reflection (although I can't see how, the window needs a good cleaning).

At first this was really quite charming. But after a couple weeks of this, I am a little annoyed at being awakened so early every day. And I want to plant my pots, but am afraid he will dig up all my flowers.

But really, how can I complain? How else could I ever get so close to this sweet little bird, and see his tiny little feet, the speckles on his tummy, the bright shiny eyes. And so, I will try and enjoy my little interlude with my sweet morning alarm clock. And besides, if he didn't wake me up quite so early, I would never see the gorgeous sunrise these last few gloriously sunny days. I hope you enjoy them, too.

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