Monday, May 9, 2011

Mother's Day Weekend

A beautiful time spent with friends and family this weekend. Saturday, Hubby and I drove over to the cemetery to place flowers for my Mom. She is in such a peaceful place now. On the way we stopped at an historic little Bakery and had a late brunch of delicious pastries with coffee, and purchased a few to take home. It is located in a tiny coal mining town with a restaurant, a book store, and a few little shops, along with a museum. We didn't have time to explore, but want to have Sunday breakfast there soon and will take the time to do that.
We were meeting friends for dinner later, in another equally historic and lovely little town nestled in the foothills. So we took the back roads to enjoy the beautiful spring scenery of  pink and white blooming cherry trees and blue forget me not's carpeting the valley floor. The route we took meanders along a small narrow valley that is populated with little red barns and white rail fences. Charming. Once there, we stopped at a small market and took a little walk about. There was a book sale at the local library and we went to take a look. Outside was a little bronze statue, of a raven reading a book, set on a long stone bench where we took a little rest. The town had lovely old historic buildings and I took a few pictures.
We then drove all over town looking for the restaurant, which we had never been to, but had excellent reviews. We ended up going back to the market where we originally started, and there it was, right across the street the whole time! But we did get a nice tour of the town!
We spent the next few hours having happy conversation with old friends, sharing delicious food and wine and lots of laughs. It was over too soon and we said our goodbyes with promises of meeting again soon, and we took the long drive home along the dark country roads.

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