Monday, July 25, 2011

Collecting Straw Bags

It all started with this little beauty that I found at a garage sale. I couldn't resist the blue flowers with the sparkly jewels, the blue calico lining, the sweet leather handles, the diminutive size (6x8"). I just had to have it. I thought it would be so precious holding tall bottles of lotions and potions in my bathroom. So I brought it home.

Then I found this one. Again; sweet little flowers, calico lining, leather handles. I stuffed it full of old men's neckties (I use them to make sachets), and hung it on a peg in my sewing room.

Oh my!, I was hooked. When I found this one with it's straw embroidered seascape and it's wrapped round handles, I knew just what I would use it for....My crochet projects. It is just the right size to hold my yarn and supplies. And with it's flat bottom, it would stand on it's own. I couldn't get it home fast enough!

Soon, I was searching for them everywhere I went. This little darling came from the Thrift and Gift. It is fully lined in luscious pink fabric and is just the right size to hold all of my supplies for garage sale shopping. Maps, magnifying glass, measuring tape, sunglasses, a little scarf for those windswept days, pad and paper, and of course a pocket for all those dollar bills.

This large zippered bag with the long handles is great for weekend trips to the beach. In between, I use it to hold craft projects. The long scarf comes in handy to wrap around a wind blown waist or neck.

These long slender beauties are so handy for throwing a pair of jeans and some tops into for a weekend getaway. I have also taken them with me empty, to use for gathering seashells, pine cones, or other interesting finds when walking the beach or in the woods.

This little trio are used as purses. They have zippers and are fully lined with pockets. The middle one has been used as a carry on bag when flying, as it is just the right size for carrying magazines, some snacks and my camera and sunglasses. I love it's polished nut button.

My latest addition is this large and very sturdy bag that I use to hold my sketching supplies.

You can see that the lining has slotted pockets to hold my pencils and brushes, and it is big enough for a large sketch pad and even an easel. The inside liner cinches tight with a drawstring that has round woven straw bobbles.

I am completely smitten with straw bags.

They are useful for so many things and are as lovely as can be with their intricate weavings so beautifully hand made. I hope this inspires you to start a little straw bag collection of your own! Happy Hunting! 


  1. Loving your guilty pleasure Karen. My favorite is the latest addition to your collection! Good choice!

  2. Oh such pleasures - my daughter loves straw bags too and it is fun to discover them from time to time.


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