Friday, July 22, 2011

Bedroom Decorating

I just finished 'redecorating' my bedroom. I wanted to give it a brighter, lighter look. Of course I chose my favorite colors, soft robin's egg blue and pale green.

I made up a duvet cover for my thin 'summer' down comforter .
I chose two vintage sheets, one of them re purposed from a collection of Laura Ashley sheets I had used for curtains at one time.
I had taken my Dear Mother into Seattle. She wanted to eat lunch at the famed 'Olympic Hotel' and then go to the Laura Ashley store.
We had a wonderful lunch in the garden tea room. Then we walked down to the Laura Ashley store. We each spent way too much money. She bought beautiful bed linens for her bedroom, along with wallpaper to match, and I bought fabric to make slipcovers for my living room sofas, along with sheets to coordinate for curtains and a slip cover for my chair.

The money was well spent, as the fabric and sheets have lasted for years. And now I am re purposing them yet again.

The finished duvet cover with coordinating pillows from vintage pillow slips. The little blue box at the end of the bed has the sentiment, 'Always Look on the Bright Side of Life' and was a gift from my daughter, 'H'. I use it for keepsakes.

This is the little chair I slip covered all those years ago from the Laura Ashley sheets. It still looks fresh and new. The rug is Rachel Ashwell, 'Shabby Chic'. It is made from braided cloth strips.

I made up some curtains from more vintage sheets and a lace panel, all from thrift shops.

My bedside table. The lavender is from my future daughter in law's family. Every year they send me the cuttings from their gardens and I use it for sachets and potpourri.

I found this sweet little dresser scarf at a flea market, along with the vintage brush and keep them on my vanity.

I love vintage photo's. This one is Hubby when he was a ring bearer in a long ago wedding. He doesn't remember who the little girl was. Aren't they just precious? I like to drape my jewelry from the frame.

A lovely vintage sheet.

This is my little dish of 'bling'. The rhinestone belt buckle was my Mother's. It held a black velvet belt around a black velvet sleeveless top. The velvet faded away, but I kept the buckle.

My stash of coordinating vintage sheets and cases. I love the faded old fashioned flowers.

This little crocheted pansy 'candle cozy' is a vintage pot holder.

I have two little matching vanity lamps with night light bulbs inside. I use the shades to hang my earring collection. The lamps were a gift from daughter 'H'. They came from a Victoria Secret store and were used as props. 'H' worked there and when they were going to be replaced, she bought them and gave them to me.

I hope my bedroom 'redecorating' gives you inspiration to do some redecorating of your own. It is very inexpensive to do if you take the time to gather over time and use your imagination to re purpose. Vintage sheets are wonderful sources of fabric and can be found at yard sales, thrift shops and even your own linen closet. Even if you don't sew, you can hang sheets as curtains and use vintage pillow slips to change your look. It is always nice to have a little change and even better if you can do it in a thrifty manner.


  1. I absolutely adore how each piece has it's own story behind it. Something very peaceful about that room. Looks wonderful!

  2. You have the best taste and are so creative! I can see how your darling Jennie is so much like you!!


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